Criminal Minds Update and TV Guide

Photograph by Rodelio Astudillo

Just a heads up…TV by the Numbers is reporting that President Obama is trying to get airtime for a speech on April 29th…which is Criminal Minds night!! No confirmation on if this is a done deal yet but if it is I am still hopeful it will only last an hour or less and will not interfere with Criminal Minds. Although Criminal Minds could be on later in the evening if they decide to show Rules of Engagement and The New Adventures of Old Christine after the speech. Let’s hope not.

Also check out some hot new photos at TV Guide.

Photograph by Rodelio Astudillo

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  1. I’ll be taping tonight’s Criminal Minds as my favorite show LOST is on opposite – wouldn’t you know. But … I will be peaking in from time to time during the hour to get a glimpse of Alex. I’m so happy for him that his career is taking off in so many positive ways. Moonlight was great but Alex, you have moved on to bigger and better things and so will your many fans with you – the very best to you always.

  2. he is so dam sexy, they have to wet him achhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  3. Good, I thought for a minute I was in the wrong place.
    I have to agree with Tish about the new format. I liked it better when we were able to keep in touch with each other by just going to the comment section. Guess it will take some time getting used to but as long as we all can still talk about our favorite subject -ALEX – then everything else will fall into place.

  4. Hi Moonlight Lovers, Alex looks great as always.

  5. Sorry, trying to get accusomed to the new layout, so forgot to check the notify…

  6. I like the mellow aqua, Tiffany. It is certainly easier on the eyes than the red had been… However, I miss seeing recent posts semi-posted, now we must click into the thread itself… And I prefered that the thread recognized me instead of having to fill in my name and email address for each comment…too time consuming…

  7. Just got tired of the old look…decided to try a more colorful theme.

  8. Has anyone else noticed a change for this website? Why has it been changed? Just curious

  9. Great Pics! Alex is so sexy!Thank you!

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