Alex O’Loughlin to Leave Hawaii Five O


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There have been a few rumors spreading lately that Alex O’Loughlin would be leaving Hawaii Five O soon and everything from his character will leave with Catherine in the 150th (which of course we know is not true ) to this is his last season. Well this news that was just released by the Australian AP with a short interview with Alex clarifies exactly how long he will be staying on the show.

Here is an excerpt from the article and the answer of how long he will stay can be found in the rest of the interview.

Hint: It is good news and bad news for Alex fans.


“I’ve taken so many physical hits on this show, my back is pretty bad and I’ve got a lot of fixing I’ve got to do. I’ve got to fix my body.” 

The actor appears to kick off season seven with a chase scene involving some serious parkour moves over buildings through Hawaii.

Looks can be deceiving, however, as most of the action work is done by stunt professionals. 

“Maybe 15 years ago I’d say `yeah I want to jump off that building’ but I was 40 a couple of weeks ago so I kind of know my place. There are certain things you don’t try to start doing at 40,” he said. 

The show is not all about the action, the heart of the show is the relationship between O’Loughlin’s character and his partner Danny Williams, played by Scott Caan.

“Steve and Danny have been in therapy for a couple of years so they’re making leaps and bounds,” O’Loughlin said.


Read more on the AP Release here 


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  1. Alex looks horrible. He looks like he is very sick. Is he? This is the first time I HAVE ASKED THIS

  2. Nope no lie, he is going to leave. Headlines are just that- headlines to get you to read the rest. This is news to many. There have been some other rumors he was actually leaving this year on other sites, which he isn’t and we did not even touch those as it was clear he wasn’t. However, this comes from his own lips so we shared it.

    As for providing an excerpt only, when you share others work on your website, it is not acceptable to share the whole article and to provide a link so a reader can get it all.

    Hope that clarifies. Thank you for your comment.

  3. So you lied in the headline to grab an audience?

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