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  1. I hope the show contnues for a long time to come :)There are plenty great story lines to come out of this show.!

  2. What a sunnyboy. I´d definitely flirt with him, would he pass by on the beach heh

  3. I’m sad at present:(Waiting for it to come back on in oz?Or have i missed it!!uh oh!

  4. I love Moonlight, Alex O’loughlin is a awsome actor. Ep13 was just what we needed. I loved when Mick grapped Beth and kissed her. It was about time. We need more of that Hot!

  5. I second that Twimoonlight!We keep hanging out for those kisses.:)

  6. I have to say ep#13 was great. I loved the smile on Beth’s face when he told her he was going to fix her dinner. Then the kiss at the end…it’s about time!!!

  7. Drooling….hmmmmm.Can’t wait for the 25th April.He certainly gets the blood heating up!Wow What a man.

  8. It was so nice to finally see the show back on the TV again…I was getting bored with watching it on my ‘puter via amazon download

  9. I Saw Moon light on Friday Night

  10. I Love Alex o Loughiln He Is sexy Hey If He Is Not Married Tell Him GIRL wANT hIM


    i can’t wait to see more episodes of him

    plus i like the fact he enjoys scottish people cos i am scottish as well.

  12. new clips on you tube of alex ep 13 x x

  13. oh my god he is so cute, he looks great in that picture… the first season just finished the last week here in mexico.. i hope to see the new season soon because i can`t wait to see alex again.

  14. I was just watching the beginning of Ghost Whisperer and they had one of the first trailers for Moonlight’s new episode…YEAH!!!

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