Hawaii Five-0 1.13 Ke Kinohi Recap

First episode of the new year! And it was a good one!

The episode began when Steve is woke up in the night by three ninja guys going through his stuff and they have a particular interest in the infamous Champ box. Loved how Steve anticipated the second guy and took him down by doing some impressive acrobatics but was so intent on seeing the guy’s face that he ended up getting tazed by another one. He is darn lucky they didn’t just shoot him. Why didn’t they anyway? Maybe it would draw too much attention to whatever it is they are trying to cover up.

Steve calls in his team but they know that it will be hard to crack this one since it was a very professional job. Steve remembers though that the only person who knew about the Champ box besides the 5-0 team was his sister Mary. She also had a key. Steve goes over to her home when she doesn’t answer the phone. They find evidence of an abduction and struggle.

They run her called numbers and find an old acquaintance from when they were kids, a surf instructor. The guy tells Steve that Mary came to see him and that he told her the truth of what happened to their mother, death by car bombing. He also tells Steve that he had seen an Asian cop snooping around the car before the explosion. Steve’s dad wanted to keep that secret. Steve is worried that this information is what lead to Mary being kidnapped.

Mary calls Steve from the trunk of a car and they are able to guess on her location. Steve wastes no time and gets a helicopter to take he and Danno up to try and find her. They spot the car and manage to get it to stop. Steve shoots both people in the car and rescues his sister (so heroic and sweet!).

Later on Mary tells Steve that she was bugging HPD to get a police report and get a list of all the cops who were working when her mom was killed. Steve is impressed by her tenacity but fears that the mole inside HPD may have been alerted to her inquiries and told the wrong person. Mary shares with him that she took photos of all the stuff from the Champ box with her phone camera.

With a lead from the autopsy of the two thugs who were driving around with Mary, the team goes after a gang. Steve finds the third guy who abducted his sister (the one missing a tooth). They find the name of a prominent business man (Hiro) on his phone and Steve determines that it was his name that was in the box, written in code. Steve finds him and commences with the threatening only to find Hiro is a good friend of the Governor. They exchange some words later and Steve tells her that Hiro is the head of the Japanese gang terrorizing Hawaii and that when his father uncovered this many years previous they rigged a car bomb to take him out but got Steve’s mother on accident. When Steve tells the Governor about Mary, she starts to believe but she warns Steve that taking Hiro down will be almost impossible.

They immediately begin some stings on the gang operations and Chin Ho finds out that Hiro’s brother was on the force when Steve’s mom was killed. They go to the beach to show his picture to Steve’s surfer friend but while they are there a hit team tries to kill Steve AND his friend cannot make a definitive ID.

Steve ends up arresting Hiro when they find prints on the recovered Champ box but it is doubtful anything will stick. Steve believes he has identified Hiro’s brother but he finds something rather odd about him and the man playing golf with  with them, Wo Fat. Of course the implication is that this isn’t over by a long shot.

The episode ends with Steve sending his sister away for her protection and with Steve finding out that Hiro’s “brother” was found dead after a car accident.

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  1. Please can you tell me which car use in the series, Alex Loughlin?

  2. Love all the shows Alex is in and such a hot babe. :love: :heart: :whistle: :kiss:

  3. Tiffany, Congrats to you & the crew of H-50 on winning People’s Choice. I know I personally voted a lot !! Love H-50 & all the cast members & have told CBS “we” the public WANT MORE 5-0 !!!! Thx for bring us Alex…. 🙂

  4. well what a great show but all the shows are great i just love the show a lot

  5. ok.. just for fun as to see …
    “Sunday Jan 23rd Hawaii Five-0 will be on right after NFL AFC game, episode called….”
    KAl E’ E” check it out..http://www.hawaiifive0.net/.. look for…
    “”JO JO to guest star in Jan 23rd Hawaii Five-0″…

    also um, if u check w/ tvguide.com as to this listings for jan 23rd… u may find they have it listed as a “repeat”

  6. What a great episode!! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Speaking of bring in new characters I wish they could find a spot for Amber (Alex’s girlfriend). She is a very good actress and beautiful also. I can’t wait to see what happens to the Chinese. Hope they don’t wait to long to bring Mary back. Alex so handsome as usual. Just can’t enough of him. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  7. The Show was great,loved it. Hated to see Mary go, Taryn Manning is a very good actress. I am looking forward to the n ext Hawaii Five-O. Congrats to the cast of Hawaii Five-O Alex, Scott,Daniel and Grace on winning a People’s Choice for Best New Show. :heart:

  8. Just another comment about this episode. I was glad to see Al Harrington on the show!! He was another heart throb in Hawaii during the 70’s when Jack Lord was McGarrett. Too bad Don Ho is gone. I guess I’m dating myself 😆

    1. Cheri, I was wondering if Don Ho was going to make an appearance ? But you said he was gone.. Didn’t remember that. Just remember “Tiny Bubbles” !! Thx

  9. I do not see anything negative about any post that was made. I see people have different opinions and comments about a show that they like. Just because everyone does not agree about the same thing, does not make anyone comments negatvie.

  10. · Edit

    Don’t agree withany of the negative comments. I think the chemistrybetween Steveand Danny is excellent and perfect the way it’s written and theway they play against eash other. I also think the episodes have given plenty of attention to Alex…each one getting better and better. I am so proud and deliriously happy that they won the People’s Choice. I thank each and every one of Alex’s fans for their diehard voting skills! CONGRATULATIONS ALEX AND SCOTT, GRACE AND DANIEL…and all the crew of Hawaii Five-0.

    1. First off, I was really thrilled to see Hawaii Five-O win the People’s Choice award.

      Secondly, please realize I am not trying to be negative to the actors at all in my comments. It is the writers/producers I am more negative to. A big reason why I don’t like to honestly mention how I feel is because of reactions like this. I enjoy the series but sometimes the direction storylines take don’t make sense.

  11. YEAH……We did it ladies…..our many hours of combined voting for H50 worked. I am so happy for Alex, Scott, Daniel and Grace. They work so hard and were very deserving of this award.

  12. This eppy was terrific. I was on the edge of my seat! Hope they bring back Taryn. She and Alex work great together. Doesn’t make since to me. Scott already has a daughter and an ex-wife and now they are bringing in a brother? Why? Also, I agree with some of the comments from Shirley and cylb. Scott has the best role. He gets to show emotions while Alex is the straight man. Alex is multi-talented. I would like to see McGarrett fooling around and cracking jokes like Danno. He would have gotten nominated too! Great recap Tiffany again! Thanks!

  13. Shirley and cylb
    I agree a little bit to what you are saying about Danny role, but you can only get some many jabbs in and then you get tired. I mean, what cop has that many wise cracks and really one liners. 😉
    Sometimes I think as a detective they downplay is role and make him sound like he does not know a lot, that is my opinion. Then they would flip it and make him sound like a real cop. But, for me, I am getting a little tired and annoyed with the one line jabbs.

  14. I read they will add a new character to the show on the 17th episode. Do not know if the person will be man or women, but according to the website, this person took a bullet for McGarrett’s character (something like ex-CIA and who will have a something to settle up with Wo Fat). I had hoped they would at least wait until S2 to add new people, but I guest they are going to introduce the new character and see what the fans think.

    1. The one who takes the bullet is the guy I think tvguide wrote about – they do keep pumping this series with new characters which I think will detract from the main characters.

  15. This was a very super episode of Hawaii 5-0 and Alex O’Loughlin just
    gets ULTRA hotter and sexier with each and every episode and this show just
    rocks by every mill a second. I hope to meet Alex some day and be on the show!!!!!!!!! 🙂 :heart:

  16. This was a great episode!! I almost fainted when they tazed Steve–BOO! The moments between Steve and Mary were very sweet. Alex has a lot of emotion in him and it’s good that the writers are allowing Steve to show his vulnerability. He’s such a SEAL-man in action but nice to see his sweetness too. Can’t wait for tonite’s People’s Choice even if Alex is only Skyped. Maybe he’ll still wear a tux–you never know :woot:

  17. The next show is a repeat, he 17th is the begining of new ones.
    I enjoyed the show immensely. Plenty of action, Alex style.
    I tried to vote last night on People’s choice, becuae I thought you could vote even on the date. Being Australia I thought well we are ahead so only just very early morning of the 5th states side. No, it said voting closed. So I wonder when we get to know the winners. Alex is back in Hawaii. Where is the ceremony taking place, and I wonder if Alex will be there to collect? Assumning H50 won. I know I voted 10 times at least every day.

  18. Actually, I think Alex is at his best when he shows tender emotions, such as when he assured Mary that he loved her and he was sorry for what happened to her. He’s been criticized for the scowling. My fear is that, since they are adding a new character, Danny’s brother, the focus will definitely be on Danny and not Steve. I don’t think that Scott Caan is a better actor, but the writers are giving him the better lines, hence his nomination. Usually the straight man vs. the funny guy is overlooked but isn’t that why they hired Alex–because he is so good looking and, of course, talented? So why not focus on his character and give him more to do–and more than just car chases, etc. Let him use his whole range of acting skills–humor, emotion, etc. I hate to say this, but I keep noticing that Alex tends to look away to either side a lot, even when it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Scott Caan has a few of these kind of things, too, and I guess all actors do–I remember years ago the squint of Robert Redford. But this looking to the side is distracting. I never noticed it in his films or in Moonlight, so unsure where he picked it up. Long and short–CBS: Give Alex more to do!

    1. I agree with a lot of what you have written, Shirley. A lot of the backstories seem to be going to Scott Caan and with the new brother coming in it will just increase his storyline along with the backstories of the ex-wife, daughter and being from New Jersey. (In the original series, Danny was an only child and came from Hawaii. It was McGarrett was from the Mainland).

      Also, Chin Ho is supposed to be meeting up with his ex-fiance soon while Kono is supposed to get a gal pal to run around with…..Alex is losing a lot of the personal touches with Mary Ann being removed. I read that the writers didn’t know what to do with the character of Mary Ann so they sent the sister away but they could come up with a story for Danny and a new brother.

      I read on tv guide.com that another male is coming into the series that the writers hope women will like. He’ll be someone who know Steve. Why would they do that?? Alex is great…we don’t need more competition for stories.

      Alex isn’t going to have anyone to relate to if this keeps going.

  19. If Hawaii Five 0 doesn’t win tonight something is fishy. I voted every night for a solid three hours while I watched TV. I’m hoping that my votes added to everyone else’s will be enough to ensure the win. I’m wondering if anyone out there has any idea when CBS will announce if there is to be a second season? Anyone with that answer?????

  20. This was a great episode! Loved Alex going up the stairs on a bike!!!! I do hope that H50 wins tonight and I will also be disappointed if Alex isn’t there in a tux to accept!!!! He could rock a suit (and anything else for that matter) Congrats, again, to Scott Caan on his Golden Globe Nomination. He is soooooo good! He doesn’t have the beauty of Alex but his humor gets me everytime! The exchanges between Steve and Danny are a BIG part of the appeal of the show and I wish them all Good Luck. 😉

  21. Wow! This was a terrific episode. I liked the character development between Steve (Alex) and Mary (Taryn Manning).

  22. This was the best episode ever. So happy to see Steve being front and centre, finally. The emotion shown when he found his sister in the trunk of the car was true to form. As we all know Steve has these feeling deep in his soul and only come out when the ones he loves are put in harm’s way, remember the look on his face when he knew his father had been killed.
    Looking forward to what is to come about the investigations Steve’s father was working on and of course….Wo Fat.

  23. Thanks for doing this review. I was a bit confused about who was who and was hoping someone would give a review. Such a good show this one! They are all good but getting better and I love when Steve is shown reacting emotionally. That scene with the Govenor was CHOICE! He really performed in that. More scenes like that writers! I like that Steve is getting more “meat” in his lines. It seemed they were focusing on Scott so much and Alex was getting some bad reviews for his part. Not fair but it happens. Scott is a good actor too but come on writers we are fixated on Alex and want this to work for him! HE should be the one getting the awards but I do think that Scott deserves his supporting nomination. I love the banter between Steve and Danno but my heart is with Alex/Steve. Great action on the bike! ;D

  24. January 9th show will be a rerun but I just read that H50 will follow the championship game on Jan. 23rd. They said last year that game drew 49 million viewers so they move 50 to that spot hoping the lead in will bring even more viewers to H50. I loved this week’s episode. Alex just gets better and better if that is possible. I would watch him doing anything, just love that guy.

  25. Tonight is the BIG NIGHT!!! unfortunately we have to see Alex accepting the Hawaii Five 0 award from Hawaii as I understand he’s back there filming again!!! Darn!!! I wanted to see him in his gorgeousness of his tux!!!!! Darn……I am so proud of that whole organization…they have had such a terrific show for us fans and Tiffany deserves a BIG HUG for bringing this to us! I’m praying the “spirits” of the Island are with them tonight….Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan :woot: 😆 :love:

  26. What a great episode! I’m so glad they didn’t kill off Mary. This leaves the door open for maybe an appearance in a future episode. I loved the beginning with Steve fighting with the intruders. Great action scene!

    Mondays seem to take so long to get here. There is no such thing as too much Alex. I could watch him all day long…..wait……I DO watch him all day. LOVE HIM!

  27. The show is getting better by the episodes. Love this show, can’t wait for the next one. I notice they did not show the next weeks preview. Do anyone know if a new episode will be aired next week on 1/9/11?

    1. This show was one of the best. I did feel depressed to see Mary Ann (Taryn Manning) leave the show that night. At least, there may be an option for her to return as a guest star in Season 2 (which I’m sure there will be.)
      The next episode looks to be a rerun.

      1. cylb, I’m w/ you. Hope they bring her back, to work on side of Steve.

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