Hawaii Five-0 Wins PCA!

Hawaii Five-0 Wins 2011 People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Drama!

Congrats to all and seriously congrats to the Alex fans who.. for the second time.. banded together to ensure that Alex’s show gets the PCA. His fans are die hard, that’s for sure.

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  1. any word on as to Hawaii Five -0 2nd season? ;-(

    1. just posted today http://www.hawaiifive0.net/ just posted …
      the words … “no, not yet.”

      check it out. let CBS know 2nd season for Hawaii Five-0 ..
      for this ride is not over yet, not by a very long mile.

    2. Hi rosemary. I wish there’s a 2nd season of our favorite Hawaii Five – 0.
      If I heard a good news about it, I am happy letting you know. We are always a great fans of Hawaii Five – 0. Best mention is Alex, he’s my good idol of leading man in any tv show and movie shows. I looking forward……. :heart:

  2. Love H50 & Alex O’Loughlin!! Did you know that you can order Hawaii 5-0 police badges online? Check it out! http://www.epolicesupply.com/new-products/hawaii-5-0-from-the-tv-show.html

    So cool!

  3. hey suzanne … yup for sure i know… its just well that of post it just incase someone of well… might niot of heard or seen about it… for sure there are more than enough cell phones w/ web to that of internet connections… to which still for many that of are on wish-list.. thats all.

    other than that… thanks for letting me know. ..

    1. ok.. tvguide listing for episode for Sunday Jan 23/after NFL-AFC game.. that of “repeat” , and yet …they do have of to what the episode is about right. … so their’ve got it 1/2 right… and yup.. i did of elt them know and yes.. nice way too! :angel: :whistle: :angel: .. no joke.. nice…i

  4. Hi again Audrey! So YOUR the one who has met and talked to our Alex. I think I remember the story about the wine glass…how lucky can you get! You must live in L. A. certainly not here in the frozen north. AS the old question goes, is he as cute and nice as he seems?? :love: Obviously yes would be the answer to that question! 😀 Have a great day Love from Suzanne His Forever Fan

    1. Hey Suzanne, I live just outside of Toronto in Canada and today it is really cold. Alex is better looking in person and sooooo tall. I’m 5’7″ and he towered over me. I just remember looking into his beautiful eyes and thinking WOW, I’m actually here. Believe it or not I was as cool as a cucumber, I didn’t gush I just spoke quietly to him and only briefly and then he was off. If you go into Facebook and put my name (Audrey Manasterski) in you’ll see the photos, I think you have to friend me first. I’m the blonde in the white hat, either in a red or purple blouse.

  5. HI, AUDREY D!!! We sure do think alike…….it seems like CBS LOVES Alex but “plays games” with what he’s doing , going, about to do….whatever : 👿 =] : All the reallly good shows are on at past 10 a.m. also…..The Defenders, Castle (change to another night!!!) The Mentalist, Bluelbloods, Brothers and Sisters, etc etc. Put the good shows on earlier and the losers on late so we can go to bed and get a good night’s sleep! I’m sure deep down that Alex will be a bigger and well known actor as tune goes on but its frustrating..:woot: (1/2 the people I ask about him where I live here in Youngstown OH don’t even know his name!!!! :woot: What’s up with that? Have a good day all, hope this endless winter will leave us and we can all enjoy some sunshine. Love Alex’;s Forever Fan :love: :heart: :heart:

    1. Suzanne, I know what you mean about people not knowing who Alex is. DUH, hello I say, then I ask if they remember Moonlight, they say you mean Moonlighting, I just give up. ;-( Hey if I can keep Alex to myself that’s fine with me. At least I have you, my good friend Mary and all the fans to support him.
      He is soooo nice. After seeing him in Hawaii and getting his autograph, I saw him again in LA as Mary and myself knew he was being interviewed at The Grove, so we had lunch at La Piazza. Before he arrived, I made arrangements with our server to offer him and his guest a glass of wine, courtesy of moi. When he arrived and was going up the stairs directly in front of us, Mary whispered ALEX and he looked down and smiled. Our server went up as I had requested and came down with a huge smile on her face 😀 apparently Alex had said I remember those 2 ladies from Hawaii, that just made our day., he also couldn’t have the wine because of the interview, but Amber had a glass. When he came down, he came over to see us and I told him the wine was on me and he thanked me personally by saying Amber really appreciated her glass. We had our photo taken and he was off. What a dream meeting. :love:

  6. Hawaii Five O still going on the best and top of t v show. Many fans and great supporters.
    Many things to be thankful and proud of. Alex, Daniel, Grace and Scott thank you so very much for making people be part of your talented skills. I learned and many people learned fro your on going the BEST P C A. You’re still the BEST among the rest t v shows. Keep UP! I always your good fan continue watching your Hawaii FIVE 0 the BEST :love:

  7. I can’t believe CBS would be keeping us “in suspense:” in not announcing H 5 0 is getting a 2nd season???? :woot: Is somebody losing their marbles????? AFTER WINNING THE PEOPLES CHOICE AWARDS????? :woot: Somebody please explain why lamebrain shows like the Kardashians and those stupid Jersey Shore shows have all this media attention and Alex usually gets a small photo (at least he’s on the FRONT of this weeks TV Guide…—has this country lost its good taste and wanting genuine REAL shows with class??? :ninja: yeah, not a good night 🙁 must be the horrible weather BUT I LOVE MY ALEX!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    1. Suzanne, Suzanne, you have to realize the only taste of these people have is in their mouths. Realities shows IMPO are just garbage and if people want to make fools out of themselves, fine.
      Hawaii Five-O is a great show, it can only get better from this point on, not only because of the great storylines coming up but because Alex and the cast have devoted fans. The second season has got to be a must. I was only teasing about CBS keeping us in suspense, but it is feeling that way, right?

  8. HI THANKS i lost how many times i voted i must have voted a lot

  9. I lost count of the number of times I voted!……….. and it isnt even on in the UK yet!!! 😆 Lets hope that it is picked up the 2nd season and that we get it over here ASAP!!!!!!!! We love us some Alex too you know!!!!!!!

  10. Talking about Castle and Hawaii Five 0…I meant put them on at different times, not different networks, although that would work too….. :angel: Hawaii Five 0 was renewed for a second season too…right??? Or have I been seeing things… :bandit: Love from Suzanne

    1. I think CBS is just keeping us in suspense…….about renewing Hawaii Five-O for a second season. I’ve got my fingers, toes, legs, eyes, etc. crossed just for good luck.

  11. Yes, Rosemary, we know “Castle” has been renewed.. Alex and the lady detective on Castle (can’t think of her name) are in real life friends and kid each othe about being opposite each other on TV …darm, watch Hawaii Five 0, Record Casle which is a good show too. PUT THEM ON OPPOSING NETWORKS!!!!! :bandit: And why do they have all the prime shows on at TEN O’CLOCK ever night. I’m retired but lotsa people ar too tired to stay up till 11:00 to watch a show!!! Put them on at 9:00!!!! xD love to all from Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan

    1. I’m lucky–our local CBS affiliate has H5O on at 9pm. I still tape it so I can watch again later, but I’m glad to see it earlier. Getting up at 5am makes 10pm shows impossible.

  12. Alex as always the BEST, Daniel, Grace and Scott. CONGRATULATIONS of WINNING the
    PEOPLE CHOICE AWARDS P C A. More SUCCESS to come. :heart:

  13. castle has been renewed for another season…

    1. as of yesterday(1/10/11.. castle is renewed for another season… no joke!

  14. This is really good news! Congratulations to all the Cast and Crew Members! You have put alot of work into this project. Hopefully you can keep it going for a long time. Also I hope the cast will enjoy working in it 😀

  15. HI GOOD FANS!!!! I’M A STEELER FAN AND DON’T KNOW IF THEY WIN THE SUPER BOWL BUT SURE WILL NOT MISS THE HAWAII SHOW AFTERWARDS!!! I agree with a lot of the comments I’ve read lately….LOVE Scott Caan but they do give him LOT of face time and especially closeups…he’s so blond he stands out photographically more than Alex does a lot of the time. GIVE US CLOSE UPS OF ALEX…..HE’S A LOVER AND A FIGHTER…..MORE LOVER PLEASE!!! :love: :heart: :p

  16. Saw on another site: new address for Alex: Alex O’Loughlin,Eye Productions, Inc. Hawaii Five 0 Production Office, 605 Kapiolana Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96813 USA (wish I could mail myself to him….!!!) Love you Alex and everybody in Hawaii who has been so great to you and your crew. Can’t wait for your next show!!! Love Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan

  17. ok.. newest entertainment wkly (jan 14,), list of “Downloads”…..
    “#3″Hawaii Five-0” “Ke Kinohi ” (ep listed)..:whistle: .

  18. Congratulations to all HAWAII 5-0 cast and crew (especially to you, my sweet Alex) !! Hey CBS, please, this time listen to the people, make sure you keep this great show for a very long time.

  19. Hi Tiffany, Congratulations to Hawaii Five-0 cast and crew for winning best new drama. I am so happy that the people chose to honour the show. Looking forward to the new episodes to come. Hope everyone has a very happy new year!

  20. How terrific. I watched the awards and have to admit I squealed when they announced Hawaii-50 the winner. So happy for them. They work so hard and the show is great. Just love it. Would love to be on the beach with them. I was there years ago and it was wonderful. Did not want to come back to Wisconsin (can you blame me). Congrats to Alex and the rest of the cast. Thank you Tiffany.

  21. I am totally overjoyed with Hawaii Five-O’s win. I also voted daily, though I didn’t count how many times, but it was every day and my finger was getting numb from pressing vote. 😆 I was actually teary-eyed when they accepted the award on the beach in Honolulu. Remembering that I was there last Sept. with my good friend Mary right up in front of the red carpet, for Sunset on the Beach for the premiere….BIG SIGH.

    It only gets better from here. CBS’s #1 new drama series, now a PCA win. What we need now is a second season, and a third and a fourth. Sorry I do get carried away. Seeing Alex on TV every week, does that to me. :love:

    Thanks Tiffany for posting.

  22. @Alavenia and @So_N2_Alex on Twitter voted 25,000 and 26,000 respectively. They voted on People’s Choice own Website, MySpace and Facebook. They tweeted the votes on Twitter so people could retweet their vote. They really pulled out all stops for Alex and Hawaii Five-0 show and it’s writers/producers 🙂 Kudos to them and to all those who voted, Yay! :woot:

    1. Thank you ladies for doing us proud. :kiss:

  23. Congrats to the H50 cast and crew, but we all know that the star of the show is Mr TALL, DARK, & HANDSOME>>>:kiss: The BIG KAHUNA: :heart: Mr,[ I OOZE SEX…] Alex O’Loughlin…. :love:
    Thanks Tiffany for posting… 😀

  24. Congrats to H50! We did it! Solidarity wins every time! Thanks Tiffany for posting this so quickly! 😀

  25. Congrats to the whole team for winning the PCA. H5O is a terrific show. I know the whole team makes the show but Alex is the best. He is outstanding the way he plays his part and of course sexy as ever and that smile just makes me melt. Love ya Alex, you roc

  26. Congrats to Alex,Scott,Daniel and Grace for winning The People Choice Award for Best New Show. I agree Sandra,the fans(us) deserve a huge thank you for votting so many many times. I for one am so glad they won because The People’s Choice Award Site had noticed me I had voted over 2,000 times and was submitted to their 2000 plus vote club. I think I would have cried if they had lost. I still can’t believe I voted that much. If anyone wants to get emails from them through the year join The People Choice site and they will also notify you next time nominations come up again.

  27. Congratulations to Alex, Scott, Daniel, and Grace for the People’s Choice Award for best new TV drama! This is terrific news!! I wish you all well.

  28. Great new. But I think we all need to give ourselves a slap on the back for voting, and voting multiple times. I know I for one votes 10 times a day. I think the cast were applauding all of us for voting for them. A great pity at least one of them couldn’t be there.
    Suzanne Alex was with Amber at LAX airport saying good-bye to her. then flying back to Hawaii, I am sure he’s got a house in LA. They only had a short 10 day I think break from filming. I wonder if any of his family came from Oz to stay with him for the holiday, Saxon maybe?

  29. H a p p y N e w Y e a r !!!!!
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S! * * * * * Hawaii FIVE-0

    Full of Blessings, lot to proud of, fill with joy, gratefulness and many positive ways to cherish. Keep up being the BEST! Continue to be the greatest and most P C A with your good morale from this amazing TV show. PROTECT people with safety from any harm.
    Catch the bad guys………………………………………….
    You WIN and as well All of us your FANS! Everyone so awesome and a lot more to describe how GREATEST, THEY and WE are! BEST to mention as always is Alex O’Loughlin the leader with Daniel, Grace and Scott. Many to thankful for 2011.


  31. Congratulations to Alex, Scott, Daniel and Grace!! And thanks Tiffany for posting so quickly. Alooooohaaaa!!!

  32. How great was that, them winning the PCA for best new TV drama. Congrats to all involved in making the show such a hit. Looking forward to the future episodes.:) :kiss:

  33. CONGRATULATIONS! What an awesome show. :love:

  34. So psyched H50 won! Congrats to Alex, Scott, Daniel & Grace. We love you! 😀

  35. Congrats on an awesome new show!! The stars are great, the scenery is awesome and the storylines crfeative!!

  36. Great news!! Thanks Tiff

  37. Meant to say, “Our voting paid off!”

  38. Hooraay!!! :woot: I voting paid off! Go H5O team!

  39. thanks tiffany for posting this so fast… thanks again.

    1. ok just came across this
      look for …

      that of airing a new episode of Hawaii Five-0 rfollowing the January 23 AFC Championship game …

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