Hawaii Five-0 1.14 He Kane Hewa Ole Recap

Chin Ho and Kono begin this eppy by getting involved in a high speed pursuit on a highway. The suspect ends up wrecking and a box flies out of his car in the process. When Kono opens the box she finds… duh, duh duh… a guy’s head.

This was a routine traffic stop that turned into a homicide investigation. The suspect dies before he can tell them much about whose head it is, but he does say a name in Mandarin.

Kono goes to see the man whose rental care was stolen for the chase (it’s Josh!) but he appears to know nothing. Chin Ho rigs the GPS and gets an address where the car was headed. They also locate a Chinese area where the suspect was known. They track down his father and small son, that was the name he muttered before he died. The father comes into identify the body and he tells them his son took a delivery job for a $1000 and the was simply the messenger, not the killer.

Chin and Kono track down the man who belongs to the head,  a guy named Henry who had cancer. Danno and Steve go the guy’s house and find signs of a struggle and blood plus no signs of his wife. They *69 the last number dialed and get Robert Roman who works at an investment firm and is the victim’s father in law. He acts very suspicious and claims not to know the guy driving the delivery car. When they leave though they see Robert hightailing it out of the building with two large briefcases. They follow him to a dock where he gives a hooded figure the briefcases and the guy pulls out a gun. Steve chases him down and ends up shooting him and it is Spencer, they guy who rented the car.

Robert tells the 5-0 team that this was a kidnapping for ransom and that Henry tried to escape and was therefore executed. The kidnappers still have his daughter and he was trying to pay them off. They find the rest of Henry in a car trunk and a swat team breaks into Spencer’s home where they suspect the daughter (Nicole) might be being held. All they find is the location where Henry lost his head. Danno begins to suspect that Nicole faked her own kidnapping. They track her down at the airport where she is waiting for Spencer so they can fly away to Paris. The evil lady really tests Steve’s patience and Danno takes her away.

Steve goes to visit the driver’s father and son and gives them a letter from the Governor expediting their citizenship. Steve is such a softie!

Not my fave but a good solid episode nonetheless.

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  1. Good day to all you Alex Fans!!! 😀 just a thought, how many of us would like to send a big old “congratulations” card to Amber for snagging our Alex??? NO??? That’s what I thought..just so she treats him right ad his son likes her. 🙂 Of course with show biz life things change in the romantic dept. all the time so who know…she does seem sweet, especially hugging him like she’d never let him go.. CBS ATTENTION; WHEN ARE YOU BOZOS GOING TO LET US KNOW WHEN 2ND SEASON COMING UP!!! :bandit: Love Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan

  2. Glad to see some real emotion with Alex. I think that is how he really is. Anyone know where you can watch the premier showing?


  4. Marie, I wondered the same thing. I remember seeing it in the episode when Steve and Kono were diving off the pier but in earlier episodes it wasn’t there. It looks like a scar or some kind of injury. Does anybody know?

  5. hawaiifive0.net…
    its got Feb 6, for UK to start getting hawai five 0…
    check it out for yourself.

  6. Hi everyone, I’m not new but this is my first post here nice to meet you all. Love this site, love the show a whole lot better than the original. I love the muscle shirt Alex was in but I noticed someting on his chest and it’s bothering me maybe someone notices it too. Right above his pec thiere is something sort of red either looks like an injury or a tattoo can’t make it out, hope it is a tat and him getting hurt. Any idea when or if CBS will be putting Three Rivers out on DVD loved that show too.

  7. I especially liked the scenes with Alex (Steve), the little boy, and the grandfather. Very moving. The conversations with Steve and Danny are terrific as we see these characters evolve. Ditto for Kono and Chin Ho. I haven’t seen Jordan Belfi (Josh) since Moonlight.

    1. ok.. as to post i posted yesterday….i’m sorry , it was last minute i saw it and i i know i should of waited in posting it. and w/ out question checked it out way more than i did. .. and again I am sorry.
      please forgive me.

  8. sorry for the repeat post….. computers & weather, like we’re getting and more between now & next tuesday… & we’re not even in the sking part of the state either. lucky us :whistle:
    yes a bit of cabin fever going on… :

  9. Poor Alex… he had to watch “Josh” slip through his fingers again!! Another great episode, each week the performances become more relaxed and natural. Love how the chemistry between them all is all pulling together. And, as usual, can’t get enough of Alex :love:

  10. Another great episode. I loved Steve’s interaction with the little boy. So sweet. It’s so nice to see his gentle side. The banter about Chips was so funny. I also loved the scene with Steve in his t-shirt. Soooo incredibly gorgeous and sexy. I love him!

    Did anyone else notice at the end when Steve went to see the grandfather – when he got out of the car and sat down next to the grandfather there was no folder in his hand – then they showed a quick view from the back- then back to the front and he had that big folder in his hand? Did I miss something or was that a little editing mistake?

    Michelle Borth will be in this Sunday’s episode. I hope we get to see another love scene with Steve and Catherine. Just the thought of maybe seeing Steve shirtless makes me weak in the knees.

    Is if Sunday yet?!!!!!!!!!

  11. Loved this episode. Steve was sooooo sweet to the Grandfather and Little Boy. The actor who played the Grandfather was so real and touching. The banter about Chips was hysterical! Glad to see Chin get a personal side. And I am glad that once in a while they remind us that Kono is a rookie. I think the writers make her character seem too knowledgeable at times. AND the muscle shirt and tattoos on Alex were the best! He is sooooooooooo hot! :love:

  12. well what can i say the show was great i cant wait to sunday for a great new show

  13. What can I say….I loved last nights episode. As usual Alex looks totally HOT in what ever he wear or what he does :love: .

  14. What a great episode! Loved Alex in the muscle shirt–like the episode where he was attempting his hand at carpentry–very sexy!! And the CHIPS banter with Scott was absolutely a riot 😆 especially when they were watching the show at the end. How long ago was CHIPS even on the air?? Are they even old enough to remember it? 😀

    1. CHiPs (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0075488/) was on from ’77 to ’83, so they were 6 when it went off the air! LOL! I’m sure they weren’t that familiar with it in real life. That was a really funny bit. I used to watch the show all the time!

      1. P.S. Robert Pine, who played their Sgt. on CHiPs, is the father off Chris Pine, who played the young Capt. Kirk in the latest Star Trek movie.

  15. I so loved this episode too. Agree with all of your comments before me, so I won’t be redundant. But I too am looking forward to more! Just wonder how late they’ll air the episode coming up this Sunday…..shades of those miserable Sunday nites waiting for Three Rivers. Also looking forward to the ML marathon this Thurs on SyFy.

  16. I would have to agree with eveyone else, the show just keeps getting better every week :love: And Alex, well he is getting sexier with age :heart: I tell you he is driving me crazy with those gorgeous eyes and that sexy grey hair :p OMG..he is beautiful :love: And I love the chemistry with him and Scott Caan 😀

  17. Another wonderful eppy. I especially liked the fact that Alex was allowed to show his range of emotions. He does it so well. The debate about Eric Estrada on Chips was hilarious! It was good to see Jordan Belfi. Too bad they killed him off. Really looking forward to the next eppy. Great recap Tiffany. Thanks. 😀

  18. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Everything about the story, the acting, everything was, as my friend Mary would say, SUPER. I loved the touching moment when Steve realized that the boy was the son of the dead driver and softened to him. At the airport when he spoke with Nicole, and seeing how she was all about herself and he said to Danno “get this woman out of my sight”, really cool. Then at the end Steve had to go to see the grandfather and gave him the letter from the Govenor, well I cried, it was so touching. ;-(
    I was surprised that Jordan Belfi didn’t have a very big part, but hey even some dialogue is better that none at all, right?

  19. Oh yes, loved this episode!! I thought that was Beth’s boyfriend, Josh from Moonlight. It was good to see him. I did not know his real name so thanks Mary for that. Loved the tamk top also and all of Alex’s tattoos. The ending was great where they were watching Chips. It made me laugh. Alex just gets better looking all the time. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  20. Just keeps getting better and better..I really liked the tank top alex had on…Love to A lex and Scott..They work great together..Thanks for the updates Tiffany. :heart: thumping.

  21. I found the debate between Steve and Danny about the Chips show hilarious. Alex is definitely Eric Estrada only better, much better. As usual I loved the show. I love anything with Alex.

  22. I loved this episode! Alex looked so good. I think he is looking better and better and hotter and hotter with each show. Just can’t wait until Monday nights. This week it is on Sunday, so don’t forget. I got my own personal copy of Moonlight in the mail today, so I am going to curl up in a warm bed and watch Alex all night long.

  23. Great episode! So happy to see Alex be allowed to show some range of emotion! Really expanding his character! 🙂

  24. Great episode! It was great to see Jordan Belfi also – even if only for a moment ( “Josh, Beth’s ADA boyfriend?). The show only gets better – gotta love it :love:

  25. I continue to enjoy the excellent bantering between Scott and Alex and I like that their differences regarding their professional outlooks makes for a winning combination. They grow in each other’s esteem weekly, bringing to the table their own levels of expertise.

    Cool to “meet” Chin’s estranged woman. I look forward to more of that, they clearly have major unfinished business. And I was deeply touched that Alex used his influence to expidite citizenship for the grandfather. And he got his part for the car! Alex seemed overwhelmed with emotion then and on him, it looks adorable. :heart:
    I really enjoy this show!

    1. Agree ML,love Haw aii Five-O and this was brilliant episode as usual. Alex showed a lot of touching emotion as Steve. He came across as caring and so sweet. Glad they finally showed us Chin’s ex-fiancee ,there’s definately going to be more to this story in the future, that’s for sure.

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