Hawaii Five-0 1.15 Kai e’e Recap

A tsunami is headed toward Hawaii and the 5-0 team is tasked with finding the guy who heads up the emergency response… he has gone missing. Before we get into the action though we are treated with some fun scenes of Steve and Catherine booking it out of bed to get back to their duties and Steve finding Danno a babysitter for Grace.

Steve and Danno are looking for Dr. Russell, who heads up the Tsunami response unit. The scientific stats for the incoming waves are conflicting and his unit is in a panic without him. To be best prepared for what is coming they need to find him. Upon going to his house they begin to suspect foul play and they wonder about the timing… aka the tsunami expert disappearing the one day they need him most. His daughter interrupts them as they are processing the scene but she knows nothing about his whereabouts.

Chin works his computer magic and finds that the Dr. was alive at 5:30 in the morning when he logged into his system and entered a numeric password twice that was incorrect, followed by his real password. The 5-0 team thinks it may be a message. Steve takes a call from a local Hawaiian friend and his friend insists that there is not going to be a Tsunami. This coupled with the info from Dr. Russell’s assistant makes Steve think that someone is tampering with the satellite data from the buoys to create a fake emergency.

Steve and Danno track down a hacker on a boat in a nearby harbor. The team deduces that this fake emergency was created to hide a crime that has been planned. The hacker was paid 25K to transmit the fake data but she doesn’t know who paid or why. Danno tells her to get to hacking and find out. She is able to pinpoint the place her directives are coming from and Danno and Steve descend. They manage to get the Dr. back and he verifies that the perps wanted the city evacuated but he does not know what they intended.

Chin Ho IDs the man they shot rescuing Dr. Russell and they figure out that the thieves must be after the 28 million that was confiscated when they were last busted.. the same 28 million that Steve and Danno borrowed 10 million from to save Chin’s life a few weeks previous. For a moment Danno suggests they just let them get away with the crime so that the missing money will not be discovered but they decide to do the right thing and try to stop the thieves anyway.

They discover that it was the head of the Coast Guard who is in on this deal and that is who they find in front of the PD. He cleverly put the money in sand bags so that he could come later and collect, without any suspicion on him. He admits that he planned on taking this money as due pay for serving his country but it was taken by HPD unfairly.

Afterwards the 5-0 team plans to be strung up for theft but when McGarrett is called in to speak with the Governor she merely thanks him and tells him all 28 million was recovered. Steve tells the 5-0 team the mystifying news…

A good episode… I really enjoyed it.

And here is a sneak peek from the next episode which I am really looking forward to since it will bring yet another actor famous for playing a vampire… Lorena from True Blood. CBS has a wicked sense of humor with the Moonlight guest stars and all the vampires? Anyone else think they could be doing this on purpose? LOL.

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  1. suis d’accord avec vous carrie j’ai encore envie de le voir avec beth!!!alors si moonlight est mort a jamais pourquoi ne pas nous donner une chance de voir a nouveau alex et sophia réunis sur hawai five o meme de temps en temps!!!ça ferait du bien au coeur

  2. Well finally England gets to see Alex in H50. I wimpered my way thru two back to back episodes and rewatched them the next day.
    Love him especially when little bits of Mick show up. I hate the idea that now I will have to share him with so many new english fans. I hope and pray that the tv companies dont pull the plug on it. So fingers crossed!!!! Yep defo like the idea of a Moonlight movie anything to tie up the loose ends and give us all “closure” :p :heart:

  3. ok.. hawaiifive0.net…. r/ look for

    very nice indeed write up w/,few photos w/ cover ….nice… :angel:

    what can i say check it out for u’re self…

    1. hawaiifive0.net….look for

      no joke.

  4. I am really enjoying Alex on H50! He’s handsome,:heart: hot :heart: and great at the action hero stuff! :ninja:

    That being said, every time I watch an episode of Moonlight on DVD, it’s like falling in love with Alex all over again :heart: :love: :heart:

  5. just checked cbs.com schedulewise… and besides this sunday’s(feb 6) & new one monday(feb 7)… they just posted at least the title for the following monday’s (valentine’s day) feb 14. “Powa Maka Moana”… both cbs & tvguide.com both right now just have this. so far that is (9:27am tuesday feb 1st). and too where it s valentine’s day too… ummmmm : :whistle: what do they have up their short sleeves…. :angel: just a thought.

    1. ok so a bit off on this ep coming up “Powa Maka Moana”.. so I went back and checked ..hawaiifive0.net had something on it back jan 10… .http://www.hawaiifive0.net/2011/01/spoiler-h50-116-powa-maka-moana.html
      my goof. for sure . sorry about that. and too i could for sure blame it on this darn winter of too much snow… yet hey thats winter for you… sometimes milder than a spring, to of that well… like this wild time we’re all having.
      um, of w/ whatever weather u may be having… stay safe ok?

  6. Pamela: Sorry, I mispelled Ian’s name….it is Ian Somerfield, he is currrently starring on Vampire Diaries with his hottie brother “Stefan”… Ian and Alex would be a HOT combo. STILL WAITING FOR CBS TO GIVE THE GREEN LIGHT ON NEXT YEAR’S SEASON!!!!! 👿 I know Ian is not half the sexy gorgeous talent Alex is but it was a thought……:love: Love From Suzanne Alex’ Forever Fan

    1. I’m sorry too. Never watched Vampire Diaries.. Just saw New Moon on Netflix ( too slow). Thats why I can’t for the life of me – why did CBS cancel Moonlight ?? They just should have went out on a limb…

  7. check it out.. news hawaiifive0.net raw clip , & danno’s foe/step dad stan cast member.

    1. of as to the raw clip… for sure shows tight quarters filming , and cutie little girl of who … : :angel:

  8. Just remembered where I saw the new Bond movie was gonna star the last James Bond…it was in TV Guide this week. As I Said I don’t even think that guy is good looking OR sexy;…but whatta I know. :kiss: :alien: That’s really neat that some of the old “moonlight” gang have been on Hawaii 5 0…..Alex is such a good friend I’m sure he promoted them :kiss: As to Beth (sophia myles) coming back, doubtful….Alex’s present girlfriend looks too much like her (Alex must like blondes! Except for the gal on the Naval ship…. :whistle: GO ON CBS COMMENTS ON LINE AND TELL THEM TO PUT ALEX IN A HOT MOVIE WITH EIAN SOMERFIELD 👿 Sorry, can’t help myself… have a great day….

    1. Who is Eian Somerfield ? I don’t know her !!

    2. Hey Suzanne–do you mean Ian Somerhalder? From Vampire Diaries? Yes, he’s hot too, but he has nothing on Alex–not even as a vampire. Ian has very expressive eyes–almost hypnotic. But Alex has that “look”–his eyes speak volumes! Ian would make a great “Lance” (sans the black eye) if CBS would do a ML movie. I’ve written to CBS before about a ML movie–I’ll do it again.

  9. I oughta get a kick in the pants or a “go away” from some of you cause I’ think I write the most on this site!!! 😆 Can;t help it, alex is Magic,lovable talented, gorgeous, a gentlement, an excellent actor :love: Could I help myself? :heart: I STILL THINK WE SHOULD ALL GO ON CBS’S “CBS COMMENTS” ON LINE AND DEMAND AN ALEX MOVIE AND KEEP DOING IN OVER AND OVER LIKE ;PEOPLE CHOICE …..probably get sick and tired of us :sick: but who cares HE WON’T MAKE IT BIG UNTIL HE’S ON A BIG MOVIE !! Doesn’;t take much thought to figure that one out!!! 👿 suzanne alex’s forever fan :love: :love:

    1. As always LOVE to hear what you have to say. And I have asked CBS to do a Moonlight movie !!! Still watch Back-up Plan, Oyster Farmer & Moonlight when re-runs are on CBS…. Love Alex. Like you say forever a FAN!!

  10. It’s a repeat, but Hawaii 5-O is on tonight (Friday). Anytime we can see Alex is a GREAT night!! Alooooohhhaaaaa!! 😀

    1. Cheri, I watched it. Would like to see 5-0 re-runs on Friday nights It makes my weekend…..

  11. came across something photo-wise. hawaiifive0.net as to on set pictures alex scott & nick.

    check it out. :whistle:

    1. there is 3 of them w/ alex by himself & w/ him in the background. and its not during a scene. hawaiifive0.net. 8)

  12. Suzanne, since I live in Green Bay I am a Packers fan. Besides Aaron Rodgers is such a cutie. And yes I think we should have an Alex and Ian movie. I can’t think of two hotter guys right at the moment. I wonder if they will ever do a Moonlight movie. I sure hope so. I miss my Mick. I know it’s over and done with but I can’t help it. Oh well, better get going to bed, work in the morning. Take care.

  13. Thanks Laura……..for agreeing about the Ian Somerholder and our boy
    ALex doing a really HOT movie together……We should all Google on CBS Comments on line and start a campain to have Alex & Ian get together.(or any really good actor of your choice)….. 😆 ..sorta like Peoples Choice let us vote….sound good” :p Im’ no Hollywood show biz expert but I can pretty well assure any of those big wigs that Alex isn’t going to get the recognition he deserves until a really smashing movie is done. (and by the way, I’m a Steeler’s fan…..yeah Steelers! 😀

  14. Good morning dear friends: comments on your comments: Laura…yep, your are right, his hair is gorgeous naturally curly and he looked better with more wiegh..he said in one interview that a lot of that was stress, working him to death:! SHIRLEY: i couldnt’ possibly tell you what site…have you Goggled Alex and see how many he has?? He talked to Craig Ferguson on a talk show almost a year about the botulism….I’m sure he’s over that by now and CHERI: j. Lo was definitely Queen Bee of BAck up …just glad she got him on the screen… :kiss: Anyway, I thnk we all otta to to CBS COMMENTY on Goggle and have them put Alex and Ian together in some hot movie..what do you think? 😆 All you have to to is dial and request….In my lowly opinion Alex is gonna be a big big name in the future no doubt but he’s gotta make it big on in the movies first :woot: Love Alex’s Forever Fan Suzanne :heart:

  15. I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin and I get the same response when I mention Alex O’Loughlin “Who?”. It’s irritating. I think he is gorgeous now but through he was his best in Moonlight, a little more weight and beautiful hair. Although he does look like has has gained some back. I think he would make a great James Bond and maybe another romantic comedy where he isn’t so down played like he was with JLO. And Suzanne, I also watch Vampire Diaries and think Ian Somerhalder is hot. Him and Alex would definitely burn up the screen. We watched the Green Bay and Bears game and then Pittsburgh and Jets. My brother in law taped 50 and screwed it up and missed the ending. I will have to wait for reruns or find it somewhere else. Take care everyone and thank you Tiffany.

  16. um, o’ tomorrow friday jan28 10pm est. no joke. check out “hawaiifive0.net”
    .. its under “hawaii five-0 repeats & return”(return feb 7 next new one). o’ and as to the feb7/new ep (look promo pic e malama)there is photos from it .

    and um, if my posting seems a bit more up beat today… its b/c i just got word as to that of a cat of who I’d see nearly every wk sitting in the window 4 floors up in an apartment building um, for seniors..and yesterday out of nowhere a fire in which this apt was included and well.. being animal lover i am… that um, i just learned that cat jumped from the window .. and she’s/cat so far doing alright, and her owner is too. and yes i know i went off subject and yet well… what can i say other than it never hurts to care… even of when one may not know as in know another and too, their loving pet too.

  17. Suzanne: What other “Alex” site? I’d really be interested to take a look. I have to disagree–I thought he was great in the Back-Up Plan. I don’t think they promoted it enough. I would much rather see him in another romantic comedy or something along the lines of Mary Bryant or even Oyster Farmer than as Bond. I think his acting improves when he has emotional scenes. I do agree with you, unforunately, on getting a response of “who” when I mention him (and I, too, live in northern Ohio). I constantly have to say, “the guy from Hawaii 50” and then they get it. If I mention 3 Rivers, I get blank stares (I have to admit, I didn’t care for 3 Rivers–could have had better writing although a great premise–and great tie in to Cleveland with Dr. Gonzo) and even if I mention Moonlight I get the stares–didn’t anyone watch that show? My husband and I loved it–great writing. Although Alex looks so different in Moonlight than anything he previously did or has done–he was much heavier, longer hair on Moonlight, I don’t know if non-fans would even get it that it’s the same actor.

    1. Shirley, I realy liked the Back-up Plan and yes don’t think CBS did enough to promote it ! I watch that movie, Oyster Farmer & Moonlight when were CBS runs re-runs. Witch is last night & tonight !! I’d like to see more 5-0 re-runs, evry other night…

  18. hi fans

    When was the new epi on Sunday? My tv guide showed it to be on and had a short
    articale about it but when I went to watch Sunday at 10pm , NO H50?

    Arlie 🙁

    1. Sorry you missed it–H5O was on right after the NY/Pitts playoff game, around 7pm on the West Coast. Maybe depending on where you live, your CBS franchise station may not have carried this episode. It was advertised for over a week (and during the game) as immediately following the game. I’d check with your local station.

  19. Thanks Tiffany for the recap and peek of next H50 episode,it looks great. I loved Sunday’s episode very intriguing how they left us with the money twist at the end(stay tuned). I am so happy the ratings were very high for Sunday’s episode. I’m wondering though,why hasn’t CBS made an official announcement about renewing H50 for a second season? Isn’t this ridculous.? ;-(

  20. Just read on another “Alex” site that the guy who was Bond last (can’t think of his name….he isn’t even good looking) got the part for a new “Bond” film :bandit: Boo0! As far as I’m concerned they are making big mistake…that franchise has lost its appeal and we need Alex in a goood SEXY MOVIE where people know who he is….as I’ve said , I live in norhtern Ohio and if you as people if they know who Alex O’Loughlin is …most say “Who”? Needs big screen coverage on a big movie to do the trick. Ole Jennifer was decent to let him in her movie but she’s no youngster and the movie wasnt that good. xD

  21. It does make you wonder..(.the moonlight guests).. I hope we don’t have to wait for too many seasons before we see Beth make an appearance!!! That would be awesome! Yes, I think CBS, or Joel or someone has a good sense of humor.

  22. Thanks for the recap Tiffany! Yup, CBS made a great tactical move (SEAL-speak LOL!) having a new episode after the football game. And then to have 5-O for TWO nights in a row!! For those of you who miss ML so much–I watch it everyday. I got the DVDs and watch it when I’m on the treadmill. It gets more than just my legs going–if you know what I mean :love: Alex is such a hunk–why was it so dark when he was trying to put his pants on??? 😆

  23. Thanks for this detailed summary, Tiffany. I really enjoyed this episode! I’m glad the ratings were SUPER following the football game. Way to go, H50!

  24. I don’t think there is a segment gone by on any of these sites that doesn’t mention “Moonlight”…and it irks some people because they keep talking about it and it makes others (like me! :heart: ) want to see him in something sexy (like someone just mentinioned Paul Newman type picture…..he’s a ROMANTIC AND GORGOUS ACTOR…isn’t somene going take advantage of that????? :woot: Moonlight or something else, I Love Vampire Diaries and think Ian Somerholder if gorgeous too…lets get Alex and him together and I guarantee it will burn the scene down!!! 👿 Ah, well, just another suggestion Love from Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan :love:

    1. Hey Suzanne–they put Alex in a romantic comedy but he was down-played next to JLo. He was really good in that part–smart, funny, sensative and GORGEOUS. But I think he got lost in all the hype next to JLo since it was her first movie after having the twins.

      1. You are sooo righttttt.

  25. I, too, loved Moonlight; I thought the writing/story lines were interesting. I have to admit, though, that now, since Alex lost weight after having Botulism, he looks amazing. I think bringing the actress that played Beth into a storyline would be great, although I like him just fine with Katherine. The writing, based on this last episode, has improved a lot. I especially liked the banter between Steve and Dano on the previous “Chips’ episode at the end of the show, “That’s me.” Priceless!

  26. Great episode, really interesting and fun. The money being back is a tasty storyline and I look forward to that unraveling. Wise move on CBS’ part to put that eipisode on after all the football. REALLY smart. Nineteen million viewers is fantastic!
    The banter between Scott and Alex is superb and keeps me coming back for more.
    As for Moonlight, well, it didn’t work out. I loved the show, too, but this will in the long run work out better for Alex. And as far as I’m concerned, he was the definitive vampire and I have no interest in the genre anymore. Seriously. It is a put to rest for me. But I can see Alex doing all of Paul Newman’s movies. And as one of us recommened, a remake of High Noon with Alex would rock the world. This is just the start for both Alex AND Scott.

    1. Loved this episode also. I love them all but this one was very good. I am the one who said that a High Noon remake with Alex would be awesome. I dream about it all the time. I can just see him now. Black cowboy hat, black pants, boots, vest and white shirt. Doesn’t that sound yummy? I wonder how many of you on this site have even seen the movie? I guess I am dating myself with that. Oh well! Age is just a number. Keep up the good work Tiffany. I look forward to your reviews. Thanks!

  27. I was hoping the ratings would go through the roof since H50 was on after the football game and they did! Wonderful eppy! I agree with you Tiffany about CBS having a wicked sense of humor. I too miss ML a lot but like Carol S said, it’s time to move on. I’m hoping a movie will be made. Another excellent recap. Thanks Tiffany. 🙂

  28. Just FYI.. over 19 million viewers on Sunday night!

    1. Tiffany…Thx I was just one od those numbers….

  29. What a great episode. I hope they give insight as to how the money got replaced. As for Moonlight I miss it also but it is time to move on. I which they would bring Amber (Alex’s girlfriend) on the show. I sure hope H5O runs for years to come. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  30. I want to see Hawaii Five-O on the network for years to come because it a great production and the banter between Danno and Steve actually really makes the show. BUT, it will never replace MOONLIGHT in my mind, interest, enjoyment, entertainment. I too watched it on SYFY and continue to miss it. :alien:

  31. I don’t know what CBS’ intentions are, but whatever they’ve been doing I really like it! So far, two actors who were on Moonlight and now True Blood. And I absolutely LOVED Marianna Klaveno as Lorena! She was great!

    1. I loved her too! RP Lorena… I wish you could have taken Bill with you.

  32. still want to see him with beth. seen moonlight on last night on syfi channel.:heart: cant get enough of him. i got all warm and gitty, but I can see how much younger he looks.

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