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  4. Uoops , Thx Tiffany….

  5. suzanne faith…hope what you heard is false !! Want H 5-0 back with all the cast for a second season !! :straight:


  7. Thanks Tiffany for the great video,looking forward to watching the show tomorrow night. :love:

  8. Can’t watch it it says the uploader has not made this video available in your country.
    But yes from what I have seen and read it looks good.

  9. Looks like another wild ride on 5-O! On this video, it seems odd to hear Alex go from American accent to Aussie accent and back again–got me a little wigged out!! Thanks for the video Tiffany!

  10. for sure we’ve got another seatbelt required epsiode for sure… and if please humor me on this … & that is um,u could say each epsiode in its own way um of like ..surfing lesson .. of to u may think, believe and well ego abit even.. think u know which way the wave may go and then… the saying is true…no 2 rides 100% of 100% copy of another…
    to which of own true way is of what makes Hawaii Five-0… Hawaii Five-0 .

  11. .Lots of “man candy” but still not engough Romance. close ups of
    alex and his wonderful looks and acting which was so easy to see on Moonlight film….cant win em all. 😉 I sure wish they would unload some of those guns and have a nice romanic scene with chamgagne, navy uniform and hugs and kisses. :love: AND I’ve said it before but although I love Scott, he does steal a lot of shots from Alex…..no ,no remember who the STAR is! Oh, well, guess we’ll see next year…go glad there is one. I heard rumor that DAniel and Grace might get their own shows???? anyone one know for sure..would be big loss of 5 0 Love from Suzanne Alex’s
    forever fan:heart:

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