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  1. Hi Megan,

    Here is the address where Alex gets his mail unopend (really prefers to read the letters & cards himself, but it may take awhilr yo return a reply with his hectic schedule….

    Mr Alex O’Loughlin
    c/o Andrew Freedman,
    Personal Manager
    20 Ironsides Street
    Ste. 18
    Marina Del Rey, CA, 90292

    I also wanted to let you know that many of us have a Moonlight Movie Crusade circulating around the Internet as well as its homebase here on the Permalink thread entiled “We Still Believe in Vampires & Moonlight” Feel free to check out the link to it on the right hand column of this page…

    BTW, Alex;s birthday will be coming up in a couple of months, so the address I gave you is also great to send him birthday cards… That B’day is August 24; he was born in 1976 & will turn 33 this year…

  2. Some of you have said that you’ve sent Alex letters. How do you get a hold of him?

  3. I agree with Tish S. I have seen so many motorcycle accidents on the road. So I understand your expression of concern for Alex. I’ll say a prayer for Alex too. Even Jay Leno has been in an accident on his bike.

  4. Daphne Orebaugh,

    By no means did I find your post long or unenjoyable… The words you used to express these moments brought us all a wonderful picture of a very loving couple who share life beautifully… Thank you & your husband is great for his support of you being an Alex fan…

    And as for Alex hiking the Appalacian trails, all of us would love to go hiking with him, even if we hated camping…

    Just a quick note, I am not one big on any motorcycle since I have lost several friends in accidents while operating one… So knowing how horribly congested CA roads are and this may all lead to mis-thinking a road manuver, plus all the road rage out there, I do say a little prayer for those who use Motorbikes for transportation… So let us all keep Alex in those prayers even though he may be a good driver & very courteous on the road, it is the other guy who may not be like Alex…

  5. I understand men’s feeling that smoking fine cigars is part of living the “good life”. However, I just hope he doesn’t smoke too often. My father died from lung cancer at only 59. I am not judging him, just concerned for his health. I just want him around for a long, long time!

    He has done so much for the image of Hollywood/LA in that he proves you can still be a celebrity, yet a very kind person to so-called “little people”. From what I’ve seen on the Internet, he is almost always pulling someone into photos with him.

    I was lucky enough, after I sent him a letter regarding the specific things I liked about his movies and his acting. I had included a SASE with a little note asking if he would autograph the slip of paper inside and throw it in the mail.

    Well, last October I got the surprise of my life! My husband brought in a package from the mail and handed it to me. I thought my husband had ordered something special for me. I grinned and said “oh what is this?” Then he swore he didn’t know anything about it. I opened it gently, not even thinking that it might be what I had hoped. But it was even better. He sent me his autograph, for sure, but on an 8″ x 10″ promotional photo!

    Alex even signed it to my name and thanked me for my support. What a high I was on! My hubby knows I’m crazy about Alex and he thinks it’s really cute. It was such a fun moment,; before I could recover from the shock, my hubby had quickly removed his personalized autograph photo of Arie Lyendyke (big IRL racer in the 90s) and put the photo of Alex in it!

    We shopped around for a frame and as usual I was looking for a bargain frame, but my husband insisited on not skimping with this, he even said “Hey! It’s Alex! You have to have the perfect frame! I don’t care how much it costs!” I can’t begin to tell you how much more fun it made the whole thing having my husband almost as happy as I was in receiving the gracious act of Alex acknowledging a fan-me!!!

    Sorry, this was long and I digressed from the motorcycle repair. Alex is so hot! I think he could hike the entire Appalacian trail and still come out looking gorgeous, no matter how grungy he got! I would love to see footage of him working on his motorcycle. I can almost smell the oil and grease now!

  6. i’ve decied to write a letter to alex, i think its actually quite good.

  7. Hi Sandra Fegan,

    It seems to me that most shirts I saw Alex wearing in pix prior to Moonlight were henleys… I do know they are comfortable as I like the little 3 or 4 button opening on the female version of same shirts myself… And, no, I did not start wearing them because of Mick St John, I have worn them long before I heard of Alex…

    And the type of boots he likes to wear at home is very casual looking, cowhide exterior with a sheep wool lining or perhaps it is alpaca… They are quite expensive, these UG Boots (it is the actual name of the brand), but then a man who buys boxes of 25 Cuban cigars for over $100, likes the finer things in life…Who can blame him, he works hard for that… And I had priced cigars last Christmas to send to him, but could not swing that then with all others I needed to buy for…

    Gosh, he is probably the only man in the world that would make sweats look sexy… Just look what he does to a set of scrubs, his new film attire…

    And I like the fact he is working on his own bike, shows he is not afraid to get down & dirty… I often feel that men love the feel of grease & love to do mechanical things; to most it comes second nature… I watched my own sons take apart their manual bikes piece by piece to find out how it all worked and fitted together when nothing was wrong with the bikes… Alex may have used motorbikes in AU, sure it is a normal means of transportation, so I am sure that when he was young he did not have the means to go to a Custom Shoppe to get work done on this wheels, so he may have had to do so himself…


  8. Knew he was into motor bikes.But, hell he looks like he knows what he’s doing. What a man. Also looks like he like those Henley shirts, did Mick S J influence him, or did Alex perhaps wearing and getting then staked a few times on ML infleunce him. I know he’s a dress down person, hug boots and sweats man when chilling out at home.

  9. Pinkeva, yes Alex is down to earth, that is so why we like who he turned out to be after Mick St John… And I will admit I find him very appealing sensually or as it is not called, Hot… But those descriptions can be found in any man including the late President John F Kennedy… Women found him very sexy, and his very relaxed manner made him down to earth, & he was a highly intelligent person to boot… And, thank goodness, back then, we all found the First Family to be people we loved, and that included JFK’s wife, Jackie, who set the stage for fashion trends we can still see coming back today…

    In the same sense we love Alex…the female youth of our group and his fans would like to be his lady; the older women, still feel some passion but direct it more to being protective over him, mother hens, so to speak … Please, this is not an insult, cause I am one of those mother hens…

    And our first sight of a female in Alex’s life came with Sophia as his leading lady…They looked perfectly paired & so we came to love her too… Hate to say this, but since Shannyn, playing his thought dead vampire wife, sort of became the opposition who we did not favor over Sophia…and so it seemingly, in my opinion, the same with Holly…

  10. Tiffany, Thanks so much for these pics. Wonderful to see Alex as himself. He’s so
    down to earth, nothing like you would expect from someone so intelligent and HOT.

  11. tiffany thank u…alex looks like he got Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i like alex soo much hi is soo hott love u alex

  12. Tiffany, great pic of Alex. Looks like he’s got quite a grip there. Mmmmm.

  13. He really looks like he is enjoying what he is doing… Wonder if he cusses like my late husband did, who was a mechanic, when he was having a problem repairing a rig???

    Shows ALex is not just another pretty face; we all knew he was intelligent, but not we can also see he knows his way around grease, parts & wrenches…

    And, from what i could tell, except for the chrome gas tank (Above Alex’s head), it is not a very suped up, fancy bike… Shows the many is not glitz; his rig works for him, not takes Sunday drives without opening up full throttle…

  14. Wish it would have shown more of Alex’s handsome face -still a good pic. How do you do it TIffany – does Alex have your number on speed dial or something like that? You always have the best info for us. What would we do without you! Keep it up!


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