In New York May 20

May 20, 2009 – New York, New York, USA – Actor ALEX O’LOUGHLIN arrives to the 2009 CBS Upfront held at Carnegie Hall.

Alex at Carnegie HallA picture of Alex leaving a hotel.


alex in new york

Credit: Transcomic and Nadioz!

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  1. I’m a fan of Moonlight, forever !! I love this history. We want a second season !!

  2. Since I had never heard or seen Clooney in anything prior to ER, I cannot call that a breakout role, just being a good actor and in the right place at the right time… Acting is cut throat and luck but add talent as Alex’s and he will do fine with or without this new TV series… Sorry, this is how I see it and it is my opinion…

    Years ago, & I go back to the beginning of TV in age, that media was where older actors known for being formerly in the movies, came to nest for their final curtain calls in acting… A couple of examples were Robert Young, an debonair actor that started in films in the 1930s, became Father Knows Best & some quarter of a century later Marcus Welby, MD… Bob Cummings a funnyman from the movies brought his humor to TV in the 1950s in his show of his name… Loretta Young began her career in the 1930s and in the 1950s & 60s she swished in her gowns onto our TV sets in her own show… Buddy Epson was a song & dance man in movies & Bway who became our beloved Jed Clampett on the Beverly Hillbillies & then went on to investigate matter in Barney Jones…

    So all I am pointing out is that TV is not the “In” to make your brealout in show business, however I must disagree that Moonlight was not Alex’s breakout role for he will always ( no matter what role comes his way) be remembered for his character of Mick St John since he gave it such real life…And the same can be said of such actors as Boris Karloff for Frankenstein & Lon Chaney for the Wolfman or Marie Dressler as Tugboat Annie….

  3. Yes, Natalie,

    I posted a new trivia question just now on the Permalink thread of We Still Believe in Vampires & Moonlight, since that is my own thread I wrote and is dedicated to those who do want, have wanted, a completion to the ML storyline…

    I noticed you did post there tonight… please understand well aware of the emotions…but that thread was created for the sole purpose to secure a Moonlight movie… We love everything Alex has filmed, we all feel like Joel about ML & Alex, but we also know Alex will go on to bigger & better things…That network is not the importance here…

    You put up Shelly Long as an example…well I offer George Clooney leaving ER, did him no harm, now did it?

    1. ER was a HUGE hit though and that was Clooney’s breakout role. Moonlight cannot compare to ER and Alex hasn’t had a breakout role yet. Alex’s career still needs supportive fans.. not ones that secretly hope his next role fails.

  4. Well, I gather here that everyone did, indeed, “Seize the Day” in Trivia…

    Okay, 1 more, am posting now as my eyes grow heavy & need sleep… 5:-5:30AM rolls around very quickly & my horses do not understand, nor care, that is it Sunday morning…

    And now for Sunday’s AM’s trivia teaser,what I want to know is:

    What was Josh Lindsey’s cell phone number?

    1. I answered this on the other thread. Didn’t know you also posted the question here too.


      When Josh was kidnapped, Logan had to triangulate his position. Beth provided the number to Mick, who provided it to Logan.

  5. Yay Tish S!!!! You go girl!!!

  6. Actually Alex was basically only in NYC, at the most, overnight, if that… He just flew in for the CBS Event & needed to return immediately back to LA, a reliable source informed me…

    And, just letting you know that wubbywubby Melinda, posted some great news that there is going to be a 1st Vampire Gala in LA in August…praying Alex is there in full Mick garb… I asked her, as she posted on the Whiteout Trailer to post this on the “We Still Believe in Vampires & Moonlight” thread over at the Permalinks…and do hope she will keep us updated or that someone here also learns some more info on this…

    AND, Joel Silver got my letter, got the green card yesterday that it was received and signed for… So we are doing something right, I feel…

  7. Hey Betty, I am also in my 70’s and I have a serious crush on Alex. My family all tease me about him because I have so many pictures of him. I can sit at my computer all day and look at pictures or watch Moonlight and I also have everything else he has been in except two Australian tv shows which I can’t seem to get hold of. I keep telling my family I am not dead yet and he is a “safe” crush as I have never met him nor will I get the chance. I have been to California twice and missed him and even drove to Pennsylvania to try and catch him. We saw the hospital where they were shooting but the day we were there it was pouring rain.

    I do have an autographed picture of him that he personally autographed to me and I was so excited to get it. Next to Moonlight I love The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant in which he really stole the movie. He was so incredibly handsome and the love scene between him and Mary on the night they were married was the sexist, sweetest, loving, tenderest love scene I have ever seen. I just loved it. And I loved his hair in that one. He can do no wrong as far as I am concerned. I just would like to hold him and protect him from being hurt and comfort him when he needed to be comforted. Oh to be 40 years younger. My husband died 20 years ago and I have never dated as I had no desire to but for Alex I certainly would make an exception. Not that that would ever happen but it is nice to fantasize.

    1. Have you read Alex’s Blog? His last update was May 2, 2009, but I am waiting until after he wraps up the movie The Back-Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez to perhaps receive a blog update from him. He may be very business, for he probably has to start filming CBS Three Rivers soon after he wraps with Jennifer Lopez.

  8. Now that there is a more definitive direction for Alex and his career, with “Three Rivers” getting a chance and a new movie coming out, maybe he can calm down a little, and not have so much stress in his life. Think about the pressure he’s been under this past year. No wonder he’s lost weight. Too many things going on at one time, all out of his control – that can take a toll on anyone. We just seem to notice it more because we are all concerned about our favorite guy, Alex. With our help and support, he’ll be back to his old self in no time.

  9. It is too bad that we did not know about this event taking place earlier so our NY fans could catch a glimpse of “the man”. More than likely he stayed at a hotel around the area of 57th & Columbus Circle in NYC, as the CBS Corporate Building is not far from there, neither is Carnegie Hall, Central Park… WOW, what would any of us have given to be on the Housekeeping Staff of the hotel he stayed at and been the maid to clean his room!!!!!!

    BTW, I really like his choice of a gray pinstripe suit with a normal width black & silver striped tie…

  10. Hi Betty,

    So nice to know I am not the only senior about, I am 63. And I am far from oblivious to Alex looks, the stubble and all…

    Isn’t it just great to enjoy this at our age?

  11. Ladies & Gents (if there be any here),

    That 2nd pix of Alex in a leather jacket is not one of him playing Vincent on Criminal Minds, but one of 3 taken the past couple of days of him in NYC when he came there for the CBS gig at Carnegie Hall…

    I am, for one, very concerned about his rapid weight loss… If is is stress related, I do hope he will visit a doctor to take something to calm his nerves which are playing havoc….

  12. definately loving the pics! i think most guys look a little messy with the ”subble” look but he he is one of those who can pull it off… i still think he looks his hottest with the longer hair and shaved face

  13. I agree, good pictures. In the first, don’t you think Alex looks like he lost a little weight?
    Dee Dee, I greatly surpass you. I’m crazy about Alex and I am in my 70’s. I tend to think women are a bit mentally deficient or maybe half dead when they don’t appreciate Alex.

  14. What else can be said….he’s yummy!

  15. Hi Jessica – Yes, I do remember “Miami Vice” and Don Johnson – It was my favorite show, until Moonlight, of course. I agree, some guys are able to pull it off, others can’t but Alex is definitely one that can. Looks hot!

  16. ohhh me good alex u are sooo fabulous and u are sooo hooot i love u alex i like your pic u are sexy man and god bless u xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. I LOVE Alex! Okay, I’m going to be 45 in June. I was in my 20’s during the 80’s–sorry ladies, some of us “old gals” are loving it!!! 🙂

  18. H loosks yummy all dressed up, pity about the shadowing on his face. He is certainly going for the five o’clock shadow lately. I must admit I prefer him clean shaven Yep Vincent in the second pic. Never seem him in glasses before in real life only sunnies.
    Still beautiful anyway up. LOL

  19. Thank you for these yummy pics, Alex looks so fabulous!

  20. First Picture Superman. Second Picture Clark Kent. 🙂

  21. Also, not shaving closely every day keeps your skin in better shape-important if you’re going to be seen in hi-def!

  22. Do you remember a show from the 80’s called Miami Vice? That is where I first saw that stublle face look. They have a razor that cuts it evenly. George Michael used to have that same look. It was an eighties thing. I hoped it would go away cause I think it looks kinda sloppy. Some guys can pull it off, though, Alex being one of them.

  23. Hi Moonlight Lovers, Love the pictures but I like a cleaned shaved face better. Who started this anyway ,Laurie on House ? signed hopeful

  24. Wow, so beautiful!!! Thanks for posting 🙂

  25. Great pics – he looks happy in the first one and “Vincent” from “Criminal Minds” in the second one. Both are great pics – love the “stubble” look, very hot!

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