Alex O’Loughlin at 7 Eleven – New Candids!

Just Jared posted these awesome candid photos of a shirtless Alex O’Loughlin at 7 Eleven in Hawaii. He is sporting a mohawk and he is looking very healthy and well rested during his hiatus from Hawaii Five-O. Lookin good Alex! I think I am loving the official Hawaiian uniform there.

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  1. Alex looks like his old self and the best part is that he looks healthier, rested and I’m so happy that he’s resting during the hiatus. Although Scott wrote and is starring in a play that works for him. After all that Alex went thru I think he is being prudent and wise by taking it easy. Shows great insight. Hope that you continue to improve. you look great! I hope that you are happy! :love:

  2. There is a recent pic circulating on the web of Alex with his short hair, no mohawk anymore at a school fundraising in Hawaii, the pic is just circulatng the web even if the pic was taken on May 5th he look so so good and he even look a bit tanned on his face. In the pic he is with some school people and he is also with Malia, so I guess they are still together

  3. holy crap!!! i nearly fell off my chair when i saw this pic, you look stunning alex! i like the new hair cut, probably am the only one! i do prefer it how it was before tho. hope you are doing ok, thinking of you every minute of my every day. tiff thanks for the updates and a great website! keep up the good work. niecie and muffie, i agree with you on alex popping comments on here, it would be nice for a bit of alex feedback.

  4. Well, fans it is going to be a long wait. We got left with a shocker and now the wait. However, so happy to know they are coming back!

  5. I really enjoyed the season finale! My best for Alex and the H50 team. I wish them a relaxing summer break, and I’m looking forward to the third season.

  6. I just have to say–that season finale was AWESOME!!! Alex never looked better and the action was some of their best!! Good job CBS and the H5O cast and crew! 😀 Oh, and I was pretty close in my guess as to who Shelburn was–my guess was Steve’s dad ^_^

  7. Looking at a more recent fan pic of her and Alex at Whole Foods the Mohawk’s gone, back to the shaved head.
    A Leslie thre movie was Oyster Farmer, Oyster not lobsters. And actually his aussie accent was not his own accent, but slighty over the top aussie accent.

  8. A comment outside this topic but find it funny. DId u know that Nike made a special H50 tennis edition? It has the name of the cast on one of the tennis sole and the name of the characters on the other tennis sole, Lori is even named there, I guess they manufacture the tennis while Lauren German was still on the show.

    They made it for the cast of H50 exclusively it is said.

    let me send u the link so u can see it:

  9. Looking Good Alex, not crazy about the hair, can’t wait 2 see tomorrow’s episode of H 50. WoFat & McGarrett teaming up, should be awesome. Does anyone know if WoFat & McGarrett are good friends in real life? I miss Victor Hess 2. :angel:

    1. Alex, you have been in my prayers every morning since you entered rehab. This is my daughter Debby’s facebook page. I am not a subscriber (I’m 78 years old, too old), Hawaii 5-0 is my favorite program. I will continue to pray.

  10. I’m sorry I forgot to ask–how do you get to that 7-eleven again? Catch a plane, land in Hawaii and then from there? LOL>

    1. Linda: LOL! Great comment. Where exactly is that 7-eleven?

      I’ve been on vacation, so am catching up on all of the Alex news.

      I don’t care for the haircut, and, as some of you know, I don’t like the tats either. Of course, it’s his choice. I’m just saying, just not my style. I think my favorite Alex look is from Mary Bryant or Backup Plan or season 1 of H50 or Moonlight or……

      He does look so much healthier and the added weight helps a lot. So glad to see he’s doing so well.

      I’d like to place my “ditto” to Niece’s comments. This is the most user-friendly site. I never have to remember username/password, and it loads quickly and is always current. Wonderful, great, fantastic job, Tiffany! Thanks!

      1. Welcome back Shirley. I fell for alex in moonlight. I didn’t get to see Mary Bryant yet but loved him the Lobster movie. Brain freeze can’t think of the title. He spoke in his real accent and I loved to hear that through a whole movie. The scene in the end last week was so touching when they all hugged him and said good to have him back. Not just a script but real life for them. Hope you had great vacation.

      2. Linda: Hi, thanks! Oyster Farmer is the title, and, yes, I agree, I love listening to his accent. Mary Bryant is outstanding. Alex gives one of his best performances especially considering how young and new he was to the business.

        I agree; the scene hit close to home. Can’t wait for tonight.

  11. Well…..Alex has always done his own thing 😆 Don’t especially care for the mohawk, but hey–it’s Alex!! He fits right in with the North Shore style. 😉

  12. por dios ! ke hermosura de hombre ! :love:

  13. Tiffany thanks for an awesome website. Your site is totally user friendly: you don’t need to log in to comment, love that feature. As for you: you are a great administrator, not over bearing, and I just love how you speak up when NEEDED. Love that! Keep on doing what you’re doing, once again congrats on a fantastic job!

    As for Alex, I would just love for him to get on this site and comment just one time in ALEX way, not the SMcG way, not the MStJ way, not any way but the ALEX O’LACHLAN way, and respond to some of these comments about his PERSONAL life. I’m just saying what he wears, how he cuts his hair is his PERSONAL business. Remember Alex is the person, Steve is the character. Oh and by the way, my children say he still has a ‘six-pack’ and is sexy. Out of the mouth of babes. :love:

    1. AMEN to that Niecie. :heart: (that goes for you too, Tiffany :heart:)

      1. Ditto on Niecie and Muffie! Good Job Tiff and one would like to think he reads comments. I was surprised to see that DDK actually is on twitter and comments to his the fans. I think that is nice. Love DDK also, but then, love them all. LOL<

    2. Yeah I love how Daniel Dae Kim understands the power of the Social Media and how it really is to be used. I do think that comes from maturity. When he has time to comment and answer questions he does, when he doesn’t have the time he doesn’t. And because he understands and is the oldest out of the four, he really has become the spokesman for all of them.

  14. Alex looks so HOT! :heart: I don’t like the hair cut! He is ahandsome man :woot:

  15. Alex is looking so much better. Not crazy about the hairdo tho.

  16. Thanks for the pics Glad to see him with shirt off. He knows he has the real alex body back and happy for him. Now if you excuse me I have to hop a plane to hang out at the 7 eleven. Which one was that again????

  17. Comment :love: Love the Hawaiian uniform! Alex you’re rockin’ the mohawk too! You look great as always!!!!!!!!!! :heart:

  18. Thank you for the pics Tiffany. Alex looks great and hope he feels just as great. Not crazy about the hair but it is probably cooler and grows back so fast. I wanna go to the 7-11.

    1. don’t see any 6-packs ??? Less sit-ups ?? too much fatty foods??

      1. WTF??? He looks great! He needed to gain some weight IMO.

      2. I agree Alex needed to gain weight and so he did. His gain weight is very different as we all know him from the first season. This time it looks like his gain was mostly on his face, rather than other part of his body, beaue his cheeks look fuller. I mean in Season 1 he was not skinny or course but his cheeks were fuller just on the cheeks and not on the chin,, now it looks like even cheeks and chin are fuller.

        And Im not so sure about his hairstyle either. Not his best look for me, do not like it much. But it will grow Im sure.

  19. Not sure I like his new hair style though. But his hiar grows quicklym, by July when it is back to work his hair will be normal McG.

  20. He’s looking well rested and needed it hot as usual loving it good looking Alex love you

  21. · Edit

    Wow, thanks so much Tiffany for this awesome post of the hot and healthy Alex O’Loughlin. I have been missing him so much. So this is just heartwarming to see. Welcome back Alex!!!!!

  22. Looking hotter than ever, if that is even possible. :love: Thanks Tiffany

  23. cythia indeed i agree with the hawaiian way of life i am actually from the carribean but have been living inthe netherlands for many years you can dresss casual and wear flip flops and enjoy the weather every day and beautifull beaches but im glad tha t alex is ok again poor thing he does a n amazing job with this modern steve mcgareth characther i love this new millenium version i know the old version thank god he did not had to do the hair squif thing this guy alex is to gorgous to make him look silly but with his looks he will still look good . Enjoy yourself alex still praying for you my dear keep up the good work love always nantje from amsterdam

  24. Well, We are so happy to see that Alex is looking as good as ever, healthy and happy. Alex here’s to ya sweetie, keep it up and stay on track. And before you know it, you’ll be better than ever. We will keep praying for you. We luv ya lots….. hugs and kisses..
    Pamela and Guenevere…Nashville, Tn

  25. Thanks Tiffany for the new photos of Alex. Alex is looking good and yes I like the Hawaiian uniform very much. 😀 :love:

  26. Thanks for the beautifull pics!!!! :heart:

  27. Ohh my my what is THAT?????????????????????????? I think Im loving the Hawaiian uniform as well. Look also the guy in the back, he does not look that bad either.

    Although I do not like very much this mohawk style for Alex, beause I have seen him better in other hairstyles, I understand that hair will grow back and this is just his hiatus look and he is in his “rebel” kind of look-phase. Feast to my eyes that picture is :love: :heart: :kiss:

    . I believe he is going surfing as he just bought some beverages and for his clothes it seems he is heading to the ocean to surf.

  28. Love love love : Heart:

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