Pilots Being Screened this Week

CBS and several other TV networks are screening pilots starting this week to determine what they will add to their fall lineup and present to advertisers. This means that Three Rivers will be screened this week most likely and a decision should be made and announced by mid May. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

The network’s medical dramas “Three Rivers” and “Miami Trauma” have not been delivered, but both have something going for them: “Moonlight” star Alex O’Loughlin and pre-eminent CBS producer Jerry Bruckheimer, respectively.


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  1. Hi. sorry it took so long to reply- May is always a busy month for us. Let’s see, first- Alexander Technique is basically a way of erasing bad body habits and replacing them with improved balance and movement. One example is that watching a toddler walk teaches us how much we change our body. Toddlers lead with their head, That is the correct way to walk keeping our body in proper alignment, but as we get older we learn to hold our bodies in different positions that are nott always the best for us and that may take more energy than necessary to sustain. The technique is not exclusive to theater- I learned it as a voice major in college. I’ve done musicals, operettas, a few plays and did take some theater couses in college.
    Ok next- yes I was referring to how serious he takes his roles. He did a lot of research for the role and when he was filming he made sure to get it just right. He expects perfection from himself. He wasn’t overbearing with the other actors or anything
    Thanks for thinking I sound like I could be a professional actor. As my kids get older I’ll probably get into community theater. I’d like to be on stage again, either acting, singing or using my trumpet in a local band or musicals. You can find so many people like me, that enjoy this kind of thing- theater, musicals, opera/operettas. For me it will be local only, I’m sure and that’s ok by me. Not that I wouldn’t take te opportunity if it was presented, but there are thousands of people devoting themselves to making it to the big time. I’d have to luck into it and I’ve never had that kind of luck.
    By this time you have found out that the pilot was picked up by CBS and TR will be on Sunday nights at 9 pm. It’s exciting and I hope it goes over well and sticks around. (I’m like a kid on Christmas, dancing around the house about being on TV…lol)

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Thank you for teeling us about this wonderful opportunity you had in being both an extra & having been able to have the few brief conversations you did… And now that you have curiosity peaked, I guess we will all be googling the Alexander Technique, unless you would please care to enlighten us who are in the dark about acting methods…

    BTW, Alex did study acting professionally at the National Drama School (guys if I have the name incorrect please let us know) in Sydney, AU… and he also did a bit of live theater afterwards in his native land… The man is very versed, besides talented and not just another pretty face in the entertainment field…

    Now I can take the word to have dual meanings, so in this case can I assume that you mean Alex is a perfectionist in himself when acting out a scene and/or in others around him? I already felt the man is a meticulous dresser and clean about himself…

    Melissa, are you planning, yourself, to go into acting professionally since it is apparent to me that you know far more about method acting than just a normal extra would? If you do plan to do so, I hope you “break a leg”… No,not widhing you harm, I meant that as wishing you success. This is an old way performers wished fellow entertainers good luck…

  3. We had just a couple of brief conversations. I had mentioned Alexander Technique and he was surprise that I knew it. Then later after a scene we did where he was performing surgery (gosh how grueling to just be standing at the operating table for hours on end doing the same thing over and over) I had given him accolades for how well he created the mood in the room.. I actually felt like he really did perform heart surgery. He is so meticulous too. Other than that I just tried to stay out of the way, be quiet and let the real actors do their job. It was a lot of fun and I would tell anyone who ever has anything film close to them to try it out- you can google this kind of stuff; you’d be surprised at some of the out of the way locations they film in.

  4. I do not believe there is any difference, unless it may be the price, Melissa…

    Did he speak to you, other than any dialogue scripted? Oh my, how could you remain calm even being an extra, with him so close?

    Anyway, yes actors do put in long hours; of you recall when Alex was filming Moonlight he put in 20 hour days, sometimes 6 days a week… Any professional even a model, can make it all look like such fun and easy… Wrong! Many hours went into those carefree shots, this includes making certain your weight remains constant, or as much as any woman in her prime can during “those monthly days”, & not to mention hours in makeup & with the hair stylist… I cannot be all that changed since I walked that runway over 40 years ago…

    Alex also did some modeling and commercials… Did anyone see the full set of pix for that one breathtaking recent shot of him in the white opened shirt, hair tossled, and wond blowing at him? Check it out, Alex did not just stand there au natural and it all came together…The poor man endured much to be made more perfect looking than he already is…

  5. Is the DVD on amazon different than what is carried at say, wal-mart, then?
    and yeah, I feel lucky about being on set. it just happened to be filming at a closed hospital in my area. My sister got called first and she told me about it, so I sent in my head shot and got lucky enough to get called too. In the one scene I was only 2 feet away from him and we fillmed it for about 9 hours total .And, you cant help but want to look at him with those eyes…lol. 9 hours of film for 2-3 minutes of tv. (I have such a new respect for actors, seeing the long hard hours they put in- it looks so effortless once it gets to our tv)

  6. Thanks for the info on Black Jack: Sweet Science, Tiffany, now I understand the reasoning… However, Mary Bryant, which was also on Aussie TV is sold in the normal DVD mode, and I got a whopper of a deal when I ordered Feed and Oyster Farmer along with it… My friend Dyann also found a copy on e-bay for dirt cheap, too… Wonder why they are holding this Black Jack when it would certainly bring in bucks for the company who is doing this with Alex being such hot property worldwide…

  7. Tish, the Black Jack: Sweet Science series has a region coded embedded in the DVD. This is done by various movie companies throughout the world to keep their content unavailable to other areas of the world until such time as they release it there themselves. With foreign imports they can generally re-release and jack up the price so they don’t want people to have access to the DVDs from anywhere else. Its all about money. You can buy region free dvd players so that you can get around this. They are no more expensive than regular ones. There are also hacks that can be found online to make your DVD player function with all regions. See this article:


    I don’t have any coded DVDs to test but I would like to try…just don’t want to pay $40 for the series and have it not work. 😉 They might never release this series in the US the codes are just automatically put in just in case.

  8. Sorry a typo above caused by my newest canine rescue, Sierrita, alias Serra, who is 5 months old, full of it and when she is finished antagonizing the rest of the older canines, she comes into my office and jumps up to put her paws on the keyboard like saying: “Okay Mom, time to play with me…

    The typo she printed was in the 4th paragraph, 3rd line…should be EUROPEAN FILMS…

    Now to go antagonize my furry little imp…later folks…

  9. Wow, Melissa, how lucky for you to become an extra in the Three Rivers project…

    Your best bet to obtain a Moonlight DVD would be on Amazon.com… http://www.amazon.com …. to purchase the Moonlight 16 episode set… It has been out for several months now & it is probably selling like hotcakes, but the amazon site is prompt to deliver and is both a safe site to release your info plus you can also check the status of your order through them (when mailed, how long it will take to receive, etc)…

    Also amazon is a great place to buy other Alex film works, including “The Shield: 6th Season” in which Alex guested the whole time… And, of course, amazon has other Alex works from his early career in AU, so do not miss the chance to buy “The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant, Alex was wonderful in that…

    While I am on here, Tiffany, I have a question for you… How come the AU series, Black Jack: Sweet Science, with Alex cannot be purchased in DVD form compatible with our US working players but can only be viewed with some special player, a regional one, for Earopean films? Is there a chance this will be changed anytime sonn and that we can all buy this series to enjoy some more of Alex’s previous AU films? I saw some clips of the series on YouTube & would love the whole series featuring Alex…

  10. The final day of shooting for Three Rivers was the Thursday before Easter and I believe it was being taken to CA for editing. The editing would have to be crazy as there are hundreds of hours of film and so many different camera angles to get through. I really feel this has a shot at being a great show. I happened to get cast as an extra the last four days of shooting and must say Alex is as awesome an actor as everyone says he is. I now have to backtrack and get Moonlight on DVD b/c I didn’t even know it was out there. And I call myself a vampire fanatic..hmmmm…lol. The entire cast does a superb job. When are we going to know for sure that it’s in CBS’ lineup?

  11. Thanks so much Tiffany for always keeping us updated on the latest news on Alex. I am keeping everything crossed and praying that “Three Rivers: gets picked up and runs as long as “ER” did. It would be great to see Andy “Alex” every week for years to come.
    Again thanks, you are the best!

  12. The pilot is screen by Les Moonves, President of CBS, who is based in NYC… Now as far as the editing being done, would that be being done by the studio in Pittsburgh who filmed the pilot?

    I’ve heard of being lost in the mail, but this pilot is not being delivered by snailmail but seems more like Pony Express…

    All joking aside, I believe I read somewhere that Moonves has already viewed it & likes it…Three Rivers is running against another medical show for the Fall slots on CBS and that one is called, Medical Trauma… Hopefully Moonves, who is also the husband of Julie Chan of Big Brother & is going to be a daddy for the first time, is in such a good frame of mind that he calls it as a GO for Three Rivers…

  13. Hi All – got next weeks edition of TV Guide and in the “Cheers & Jeers” section, Alex got a big Cheer for his performance last week on “Criminal Minds” It read something like this – –
    “Cheers to Alex O’Loughlin for his chilling and moving turn as a serial killer on Criminal MInds. The ex-Moonlight bloodsucker actually made Vincent a sympathetic character. Then it went on to say “if CBS doesn’t pick up O’Loughlins’f fall pilot, Three Rivers, then they’re crazier than Vincent.” Sounds like someone got a sneak peek at the pilot – any thought???

  14. Thanks, Tiffany – as usual, you’re on top of things. Good job. 🙂

  15. It just means it has not arrived for screening yet. It was probably still being edited at the last minute since it just filmed a few weeks back, so it would be one of the last to arrive.

  16. Hi, what does that mean, “has not been delivered yet”? Let’s hope that it isn’t being delivered by snail mail or we’ll never get to see it. Yes, please keep fingers, toes, eyes, and anything else crossed that can be crossed and keep us posted as soon as something is said.


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