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From Alex’s MySpace page:

Hey everybody!

Thought I would drop you all a quick line and let you know that things are going really well.

I finished Three Rivers and landed the role in Jennifer Lopez’ new film The Back Up Plan, which I have been madly working on preparing since I got back from Pittsburgh.  

It is very exciting news about this film, and I think it will be a really good thing for me but it does mean I am going to have to miss out on other things.  One of these being the Star Fury event in London which I was looking forward to very much.  

I really wanted to reach out to anyone who was going to come and say hello to me there.  I know that when you buy your tickets they tell you we (the actors) may not be there if we get a job, but I’m sorry all the same.  I wanted to be there too but this film I could not pass up.  I hope you guys understand.

Also, thank you so much to all the people who tuned into my Criminal Minds episode the other night.  It was a fun show to be a part of.

All my love to you all.

Alex O’Loughlin

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    Hi, I hope you ready it Alex! S2
    I’m brazilian, and I watch every saturday here in Brazil your T-E-R-R-I-F-I-C job in Moonlight!
    Congratulacions! YOU are more than a professional actor!
    I would like to talk with YOU (I know that you are very busy, so… without hurry!)
    Please, answer by my e-mail… (I would be the happiest woman in the world).
    Thank you all. One big hug…
    Vanessa Balochini

  2. I understand that Alex is not coming to the convention, because his job is more important than anything andere.Danke for the feedback, and good luck in further work, I hit you quite firmly the thumb.
    in love

  3. i just love Alex. I love moonlight. There is always so much on the internet of fans requesting cbs put it back on. Do you think it’s a possiblity if enough of us keep letting them know how much we want the show back?

  4. Hi Moonlight Lovers, Did anyone go to http://www.bostonhearld.com/entertainment, and search for Alex O’Loughlin on page 3. I did’t see any feedback on it. I thought the interview was great and it showed how much he loved and worked so hard for Moonlight. He still loves us Moonlight fans. signed hopeful

  5. Hi Tiffany , Thank you for the note from Alex I always love to read them. He is so (still) sweet and seems to care for this fans, I hope he never changes. signed hopeful

  6. ohhh me good alex and jennifer…jennifer she is the best i like heer so much i am fan for jennifer lopez //////three rivers i can wait to see the movie ….alex u are the best i like u very much and i love u good luck for eveythink and good bless u byexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and tiffany thx voor everythink xxxxx

  7. We are so blessed to have Tiffany keep us all up to date on future happenings with Alex. I watched Criminal Minds when Alex played the serial killer. As I thought, he did an excellent job. I have the Moonlight tape and rewatch whenever I want. Moonlight is still on Sci-Fi. The next episode on 5/8/09 at 9 pm is when he is human and has Josef turn him back to save Beth. It is one of my favorite episodes, and you may want to watch again. Thanks again Tiffany for all you do.

  8. Thank you Tiffany for your website and updates….I am not a fan of Jennifer Lopez but for Alex I will go see this movie to support him. I truly hope his new show is a hit so I can see him every week also ……can not get enough of him!!!!!!

  9. Nice to hear from Alex – as always, Tiffany, thanks for getting these messages to us. It sounds like he is excited about the direction his career is taking. It also sounds like he was very proud of his performance in “Criminal Minds” and he took the time to thank his fans for watching and that was nice. Let’s hope that we hear something soon about “Three Rivers” so we can see Alex every week. 🙂

  10. that’ cool Alex and Jennifer in one movie i think it will be the best they both good actors , i don’t watch Criminal Minds but i watch it to see alex to bad they cancel moon light :-s

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