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  1. Just watched Oyster Farmer from Amazon.com. Can someone tell me is Pearl related to that blond-curly haired man ? ( her father??) He made that movie in 2009, but he looks so young…

  2. Just watched Oyster Farmer from Amazon.com. Can someone tell me is Pearl related to that blond-curly haired man ? ( her father??) He made that movie in 2009, but he looks so young…

    1. Actually Pamela the Oyster Farmers was made late 2003-early 2004 & was released in Australia around September of 2004, but they only released it here in the USA around 2009. Alex O’Loughlin was only around 26 years old, that’s why he looks very young, but in regards to your question about Pearl being related to the man who played as his father in that movie, I’m not sure about that. Hope that helped you a little bit 🙂

      1. michaelyrudy. Thx. will watch it again…

  3. Very adorable, Tiffany! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year everyone! 😀

  4. I am so excited!! We’ll be getting this show in Australia in January! I can’t wait to see Alex on TV again! From all of your pictures, it looks like a really good show, I hope they don’t axe it like all his other shows.

  5. Mele Kalikimaka to all my Alex friends!! Thank you Tiffany for all your hard work. Blessings to us all in the New Year 😀

  6. ok.. well has anyone checked out the newest tv guide (2010 cheers & jeers dec20, 2010 to Jan 2, 2011)yet…. ?

    r/ pg 22, Cheers & Jeers 2010… it has that of a combo photo sort of speak of Alex & Maggie Q( Nikita)… and in short .. it is “Cheers”…

    “Cheers to Hawaii Five-0 & Nikita for proving that reboots can kick a** with highly stylized production and hot-as-he**leads Alex O’Loughlin and Maggie Q, both shows impress by creating vibrant new versions of vintage shows… instead of merely giving them a Melrose-colored paint job.”

    this what it read… and as series…nikita…um, it hold its own. too!

    ALSO/… just incase anyone may want to view that 30 second clip that well kept on showing last night… check it out on cbs.com… under “Newest videos”…
    “Hawaii Five-0Control IssuesAir Date: 12/16/10
    Clip 0:30
    check it out :whistle: :angel: 8)

    um, and yup…
    may you all have a wonderful christmas…& too yup… a Happy Boxing Day.. too!

    & may this coming New Year be a healthy and hope be. w/ peace… New Year for all.

    ok so.. this is well my zillionth or so post of this season be and of… hope will be…… ..

  7. Don’t forget he is in the mini series, The Incredible Life of Mary Bryant, and he is fantastic.Also 6th season The Shield, the secret, “ebay”

  8. i just love hawaii-50 and i cant wait for tonight to watch it i have most of alex movies

  9. Just heard on the radio this week that Alex caught a starving aussie pup on one of the sets and adopted him.. Wish I was an aussie puppy!! This sounds exactly like our boy.

  10. WOW TIFF… ALEX WHAT A MAN !! LOVE HIM. Just watched Back Up Plan for the 4th time. Never get tired of watching Moonlight. Hope to purchase Oyster Farmer soon. Thx :heart:

  11. Tiffany….do you or anyone else know why People’s Choice has closed down all voting for the different shows except Alex’s category ad the comedy one???? Strange…wish someone would let me know. Hope this means Alex gets lots and lots more votes…he :heart: is from me that;s for sure! Love from Alex’s Forever Fan Suzanne

  12. alex looks good even win he fights :angel:

  13. Thanks for the video Tiffany!! Alex looks wonderful–no marshmallow at all! I’m glad they are using stunt doubles–wouldn’t want our boy to get hurt. Alex and James are friends?? Wouldn’t you know–Alex probably makes friends where ever he goes–he’s so handsome and funny—and handsome–and funny—and handsome—(sigh!) :love:

  14. thanks tiffany… this for sure bonus..

    yet wouldn’t u know that thoses 2 would be friends .. and too as to alex’s stunt double.. well um, nice looking too! um, to say we’re just going to have to take a better look next fight scene to see who is who.. right?

    um,of as alex getting um… well.. bit below the belt sort of speak…. 😮 !

    . thanks again…

  15. Absolutely love Alex, and Hawaii Five-O is great. Alex puts in so much time and effort in every episode. I just hope he isn’t working too hard and finds time to relax and get his rest.

  16. Thanks Tiffany but stupid CBS has blocked it so I can’t watch it in Australia 🙁

    1. Hey Gladys–Try YouTube. I just watched the video on YT. Search “Hawaii five-O + stunts” and there it is! Good Luck!

  17. …definitely the most intense episode of H50 so far! Glad to see they are going deeper into McGarrett’s past, which should give Alex more opportunity to show his talent. Oh, and the hints of gray….mmm just makes Alex more beautiful (if that was possible!)

  18. Im glad im not the only one who noticed the gray hair so sexxxyyyy.great episode to havnt missed one yet.Way to go Scott,on you nomination!!have been voting everyday foe h50 on peoples choice Alex you keep this old heart beating :heart: :love: you

  19. Alex O’Loughlin is very intense at it, that’s what makes it so special. I do not miss an episode of Hawaii 5 0, and every time I see him in action bring joy to my heart. Kisses. :love:

  20. Alex O´Loughlin é muito intenso no que faz, é isso que o torna tão especial. eu não perco um episódio de Hawaii 5 0, e cada vez que eu o vejo em ação alegra o meu coração. Beijos. :love:

  21. I mentioned before that I had seen on another site that Scott Caan is up for Best Supporting Actor….congrats Scott!!! no two guys could be more well matched in the way these two compliment each other. Hope Alex gets the honor he deserves too. Still more time to vote on Peoples Choice till the first week in January for Hawaii Five —excercise those fingers ladies….we can vote as many times as we want!!! Love from Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan :woot: :love:

    1. suzanne faith, I’m voting…I think I’m getting carpel tunnel !!

  22. This video is blocked in my country, but knowing that there’s an episode with Alex and James Marsters together…wow…can´t wait to watch it on TV. I’llr try on youtube. Thanks again, Tiffany.

  23. I love the show and hope that CBS continues to provide it for the viewing public. It’s a fun show with a great variety of activity to keep you fully entertained. 😉 I still miss MOONLIGHT … still is my favorite.

  24. BIG SIGH:love: ……….You ladies hit the nail on the head, this was the best episode so far. Yes Alex does get yummier by the minute, be still my beating heart. :heart: The best is yet to come. :kiss:

  25. Just loved the whole episode. Thanks Tiffany. Alex just gets sexier all the time. Love the suspense that was brought into the episode. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  26. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. omg..this has been my favorite episode so far, and alex just gets better looking every week and that grey hair on the side is driving me crazy, it is so sexy :p I have totally lost my heart to this beautiful man….sigh…like every other woman who has saw him, and if they have not there is something wrong with them…. 😀 :heart: :love:

  28. Thanks,Tiffany,Alex always is so handsome and adorable,just love him. :love

  29. Thanks for this. It’s really interesting watching them work. Good to see James again, long time since he was Spike.

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