Alex and JLo – On Set Video

Wahoo… we got WAY more than a glimpse of Alex! In this video interview Alex and JLo are conversing comfortably in front of the camera, even joking around together. They look comfortable and friendly which bodes well for the film. We even see a quickie scene from the movie and Alex is rockin the boyish charm. Take a look!


Thanks Imko!

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  2. You are awesome Alex! I love watching yor characters!

  3. Tish – just goes to show how small the world really is and how much we all may have in common.

  4. Castle Grayskull, ye gads, I ate slept, hunted, had family around the country hunting for all the He-Man action figures the Christmas it was so popular… Alex is only 3 years older than my late son, David, so the time element is right… Glad to see that Australia was hep on the He-Man series…

    Wow, just to think I was watching He-Man (no laughing, I liked the show & Thundercats) with my son & across the other side of the world a little boy, named Alex O’Lachlan was watching along with us…Who would ever dream that some 27 years later this little boy would grow up, come to America, & become our real life He-Man!!!!!

  5. Just got the answer – Hugh Jackman was “what’s his name” WOW! Guess I have to rent that one now. Let’s hope that Alex has the same type of luck as Hugh Jackman is having now. It must be an Aussie guy thing – both of them are soooooooooooo hot.

  6. Drawing a blank here, who was “what’s his name” in Kate & Leopold. Guess I don’t remember because I never saw it.

  7. Hey ladies here is a fun link. Alex said he refers to JLo’s trailer on set as Castle Grayskull. Anyone else remember that was from He-Man? It would appear Alex liked this cartoon as a kid… cute.

  8. I don’t know if y’all remember the promos for Kate & Leopold but Meg Ryan got much more attention than that guy…whatshisname…where is he now? (*laughing*)
    Hopefully this romcom will send Alex in the same direction.

    1. Oh heck yes Jean. I couldn’t take my eyes off of whatshisname in Kate and Leopold. Yum! I am excited for Alex to have millions more female eyes oogling him onscreen.

  9. I am not a big fan of Jennifer Lopez but you can tell that the chemistry between her and Alex is sincere and they both feel comfortable enough to joke around with each other. As far as pros and cons – don’t make something out of nothing. It was a nice interview. Both Alex and Jennifer Lopez looked happy to be there together, regardless of how or why it happened.

  10. The video that actually aired on ET yesterday barely had Alex on it. His comment about her trailer and awesome was there, but that was it. The Dog Whisper had a bigger interview than him. ET billed it as the JLo interview and has since been picked up by other entertainment news agencies. Alex didn’t get much coverage at ET anyway. JLo gets much more coverage.

  11. And, as with all, pros & cons should be honored…

  12. lol who cares about One blog ? you only see the negative when they’re so much more positive things happening with all this.

  13. Tiffany, not if the Latino fan mags keep refering to Alex as “What’s His Name”, that is in no way favorable…

  14. It absolutely could have been JLo that asked him to sit on camera. It was her interview after all.. not his and it was not about the movie. Heck he didn’t even have a seat! I can see her waving him over to share a little of the spotlight and show she is getting along “professionally” just fine. The interviewer was there to talk to her about her first movie back after having her twins. I think Alex talking about how mammoth her trailer is/was and joking that her kids are a disctraction on set shows who the star is… JLo. No worries though, her fanbase and stardom will help the world see Alex.

  15. I think if it were an interview about the movie itself, then both actors would have been given billing but they were talking about Jennifer Lopez’s return to acting after having her babies and this being her first movie in awhile. Either way, it was very nice to see and hear Alex, no matter how it happened or who made the decision to include him. Does it really matter how or why he was there no, just the fact that he was there and was handsome, funny, and charming, as always. 🙂

  16. Since it was her interview i didn’t expect that much of Alex, what a great surprise, they look adorable together, Alex is so funny and Jennifer seem to have a great sense of humor ! can’t wait for this movie.

  17. Sandra Fegan,

    You put it so well, Alex’s charm could charm the Wicked Witch of the West, so to speak…But then maybe it has & we are now getting Three Rivers… Alex has the positive way of making all people look good…

    I think the distraction brought up by Alex of JLo’s twins may refer to Alex taking time to play with them… I know Alex has a son, Saxon, who must be like 12 yearsold now but someday I hope this fine man will have more children of his own… I have seen pix of him with kids & I think he just enjoys being around them…he is perfect father material…

    And JoJo I do hope you know it would not be up to JLo to invite Alex on this interview… I kind of got upset with ET, myself, for announcing that the interview was all her…So what, we have all had babies and got back in shape, big deal… And I did not like the fact that the announcer said nothing more about Alex than his name…Jeeze Alex is more the star than JLo…people will go see the movie because of him not JLo…

  18. Wowe, Alex works his charm off on everybody. I wonder if JLo even knew who he was before filming. But they ceratinly interact well. Alex seems to make everyone comfortable. His cheeky boyish grin. Those wonderful eyes that speak volumes, and so expressive face.

    Thanks a lot. I very rarely see ET, on in the day here in Australia, also probably way behind like every other Amerrcan programme we get to see. SO much appreciated.

  19. Thanks for the great video. Alex looks so relaxed. JLo looks and interacts with him well. I love him quite simply.

  20. Great to see Alex doing great at work He is still a dream….:) Has anyone heard did he get engaged or not?? pls let me know thx…:)

  21. I liked the little part where they were doing the scene. Alex is going to be great in this movie! He never hesitates like it comes so natural to him. I can hardly wait for his next movie and he hasn’t even finished this one yet!! LOL! I’m so happy for him! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  22. · Edit

    How Wonderful to see Alex!!!! I’m sitting on the sofa cheering him on as my hubby stands there watching. He just smiles : ) I just cannot wait to see this movie and with GREAT anticipation.. It just amazes me all of his wonderful expressions. The way his eyebrows move……………….his smile. His wonderful sense of humor!!!! Jennifer is so great with him.
    And his thigh is bigger than both her babies……………..OMG.
    He is a GREAT actor and he is going to go soooooo far. Once again………………….

  23. I got your email just in time to watch ET….great timing thanks! Alex … oh my!!!
    This movie ” The Backup Plan ” will be released on my birthday in 2010 so what a great B-day gift. 🙂

  24. WOW, great! Thank you Tiffany! Alex was…….yummy as usual!

  25. I just watched ET and this was definitely more than what was aired. Great chemistry – it was nice of Jennifer Lopez to have Alex in this interview – very classy of her. Of course, he looks soooooooooooooo handsome. Thanks Tiffany for once again being “Johnny on the Spot” with Alex info.

  26. Tiffany, that was great. Alex and JLo looked so comfortable together. The way they were
    joking around showed great chemistry. Look out Anthony!

  27. Omg!! That was sooooooooo cute!
    Alex is just adorable;)

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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