Alex O’Loughlin ‘Bad Case Of Loving You’

Thanks to Terry / moonlightfan4evr for showing us this video link. It has clips of Alex’s medical scenes on screen. Doctor…. doctor….

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    after watching criminal minds last night I just had to watch this clip again.
    Just as yummy as ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How can someone be that cute?!


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    I do not seem to be getting anymore emails from this website Tiffany. Is there something I need to do? I miss the emails with information. I have not recieved anything since ………..
    You should have my email address………………….

    Thanks Tiffany

  3. need a Moonlight movie. CBS Stinks. dont really watch them anymore
    Not sure if i will watch 3 rivers. will watch the first episode and then decide

    Alex is Great. I hope his movies Are successfull

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    YOU GOTTA LOVE HIM……………………………….WHAT A SMILE!!!

    Terry……………Alexfan4evr moonlightfan4evr

  5. Okay so now you make me want to watch it again!!!!

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    Hey there,

    I just had to watch this video again and again……………………..OK

    maybe it is just me but the little things he does……..mmm……mmm….mmm

    The way he moves as he hears the bomb ready to drop, he moves and dives to the left.
    The way his hair hangs down over his face as he is doing CPR in Moonlight The look of like he is ready to cry as he knows he cannot save him and how Beth will feel.
    The intense feeling he brings to Three Rivers as he tries to explain to someone what will save their life!! And we ALL know and LOVE the smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And of course we all know his playfulness (even though it is not a playful movie) in FEED as he dances and does the THE SWIM?? Hey, it’s only a movie…………………..



  7. As we all know time & news stands still for no one or anything…. So if any of you who are coming in want to seek the Moonlight thread, please check the Archives link on the right hand column of this blog

  8. Thank you so much Laura…now that’s a Moonlighter in our family here as the AOLO Sisterhood…

    If is regrettable that some Moonlight sites have some people who have lost their faith, but this is a whole new game of Vampire baseball… We are not dealing with networks, we are dealing with the people who put it on the table…And as far as the agents go, they must be made aware, even as a courtesy, that a vamped up Moonlight Movie Crusade is under way…We are not asking for the moon; oh wait, yes we are… Scratch that… We are not asking for Fort Knox, all we are asking for is a movie to complete the beloved series that was so unjustly taken from us & the series actors who were never even told that Sonata was the last episode… We are asking for all storylines to tie up and/or tie in to answer all of our questions…

    Thank you again Laura, & anyone else who is giving this their attention and/or passing the word around the Moonlight Believers do live and will be heard for the better outcome this time…

  9. Tiffany – I love that song too – whever I hear it, it reminds me of the final scene of Moonlight and that hot kiss and those 4 magic words that Mick said to Beth “because I love you”. Perfect song for that moment. 🙂

  10. Does someone know the song playing and the band in Sonata the final scene between Mick and Beth? Was it Hinder?

    1. Vicki,

      It is Love Remains the Same by Gavin Rossdale. One of my absolute faves!!!

      Only .79 cents on Amazon:

      1. Thank you Tiffany ! I would have never quessed it was Gavin Rossdale . It is a beautiful song.

  11. That was sooooooooo HOTT!!

    thank you!! 🙂

  12. Pertaining to a ML movie, only way to get what we want so badly is to begin writing Joel… Also , if you post on other ALex site, even some far and few in between, Moonlight sites that may still remain alive, let them all know what we are trying to do and ask them for their support to get the word to others who crave Moonlight…

    1. Tish,

      I am a member of a moonlight site and I went on and started a “new topic” and gave all the information you posted. I told all the fans that that have to put their money where their mouths are. Stop talking about how much you miss it and get out your pens. Someone wrote back, what could writing to the agents do. I wrote back that we want them to know the fans are still their and we need the original cast back to reprise their roles. I hope everyone is getting out their paper and pens. I know I went to the post office yesterday and sent off my letters certified mail. Have a great night.

  13. Outstanding video. I have noticed a lot of similarities and actual facts from MoonLight that were aluded to in the Twlight Saga (I have the complete set) and HBO’s Trueblood I think our Mick set the stage for those vamps that came later. Alex just brought so much more depth to Mick . I hopefully will see a Movie made with the orginal cast and give Moonlight due diligence.

    1. True Blood is based on a best selling series of books, just like Twilight… they came BEFORE Moonlight.

  14. Teri,

    Welcome aboard this site for Alex, but you can also help get more Moonlight going by joining forces to let Joel Silver, Exec producer of ML, know that a ML movie is so important to all ML fans as well as ALex fans… But then they are one in the same now since Alex’s popularity grew, for a new face to most, when he portrayed Mick so realistically…

    Am certain that Terry, the lady who gave us this video, will not mind if I direct you, also, to read the thread about vampires & Moonlight on the right side of this page… It will explain in detail what we are trying to do, and will give you the needed addresses to join in the movement to make the Moonlight rise in movie theaters, hopefull in the near future…

  15. Oh, yeah, forgot to add, get video of Alex. I loved the clips from Feed.

  16. I got into Moonlight late by watching it this year on Sci Fi channel, but fell in love with the show, bought the dvd, followed Alex’s career on the many devoted web sites and now have found this great fan site of other people who loved moonlight as I do. Moonlightfan4ever! I loved the Twilight books but I think Moonlight and Alex O captured the essence of a vampire that someone could love. His portrayal of the strength and sensitivity, the yearning for human emotion and struggle with vampiric emotions was fantastic. I hope some will make a Moonlight movie and write a book. I read Dyanne story about Mic and Beth and found it very satisfying, keep writing Dyanne! I have daydreamed about the ending of the show myself. I think part of what made it so hard to let Moonlight go was how abruptly it ended. My husband liked the show and would like to see a movie made. And my daughter liked Jason Dohring’s character. Thanks for being fans out there and letting me join in the the ongoing Moonlight following. Teri

  17. Terry……moonlightfan4ever,

    You go girl… right on….

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