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Just some links to keep you abreast of the latest about Alex, Moonlight, and rumors.

Nina Tassler of CBS tells us why Moonlight was cancelled. Basically she makes it sound as though the show wasn’t really that good…it just had loyal fans and they all loved Alex…not the show or the story. Hogwash Nina!!!

Jason Dohring is look forward to reuniting with OLoughlin for DVD commentaries.

And according to Cinematic Static, CBS is replacing Grissom on the hit show CSI. They are looking for an actor to play a man that has a genetic predisposition to serial killing and dual personality. Rumor is they are kicking around some names like Laurence Fishburne, John Malkovich, and our very own Alex O’Loughlin.

That’s all for now folks!

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  1. Thank you SonjaMMK for the info on the interview. I read it and it was great, I wish I could hear it but I can.t. He is so sweet and sounds like such a loving person even on just reading it. Thanks again. signed hopeful

  2. I listened to the interview this morning and it really was good. He has a great sense of humor and most of all working on a project he is excited about. it really was great hearing his voice. What a nice mate!

  3. If you all go to there is an audio and written transcript of an interview with Alex where he talks about his new project and Moonlight and hopefully it will answer some of your questions. This is from the “horse’s mouth” so to speak and should be taken as the truth. He talks about his new project, what it will be about and how its progressing.

  4. Sorry for not more address help, Hope, but no one would give out Alex’s e-mail address, that would be a certain invasion of privacy… See, perhaps, if you can log onto his MySpace page, but must join first, and request, think you can, to get onto his Friends List…

    I do not recall a Chip J, but do believe Ron Koslow, a writer did leave…However, as far as a producer leaving, Joel Silver was Moonlight’s only important guy as the show’s executive producer… Watch the lists of credits on some of your favorite shows & recognize that not all keep a continued relationship with a producer for every spisode produced; it can be many or it can be a relative not-known to come in with the finances to back a certain episode… That is what a producer does, they provide the cashflow to sponsor a project mainly…

    And, hopefully. all the directors (again not one director directs every episode), producers & writers are all, once again, gainfully employed on some other TV or movie project… And I know that one of the writers had a mother suffering with Leukemia & was also needing bone marrow transplants; that writer was Trevor Munson & thus began the Moonlight fans assistance with Blood Drives & Bone Marrow Drives… I do hope & pray that she survived her medical maladies, but, if not, that she went to God without pain & in peace…

    You are definitely correct, in my own opinion, as well that of most of us Moonlight & Alex fans, that more was going on to bring forth Moonlight’s demise… Not by a long shot was it not enough people watching nor was it all a result of lack of good ratings, but Nielsen Ratings are definitely out dated & should be done away with… No, I think we may never know why, but I feel, too, it may might well be a personality clash or wills, a need to cut costs at CBS so give us any crap instead of what we really want…And, finally, Tassler got her little childish feelings hurt because ML fans let her know how we felt & only spoke the truth… I still feel that she got to where she is by who she knows but she know diddly squat…. Nina, I honestly feel, is playing a card with this Alex contract, one to make her the superior, in my opinion, so anything can look promising on paper, but I will coninue, as I have since Sonata took Moonlight to its final curtain call, to boycott CBS until they can give us Alex in something spectacular…

    And to SonjaMMK, I will ask you to refrain from getting snippy with me again… I am not some young fluttering female but a woman in her 60s, clear mind with high intelligence & a longtime fan at this site but I feel your post to me to be disrepsectful in tone… I gave you my knowledge of how life is not always black & white, but mostly gray, getting what you want in this world does not always rely on your brains but who you know & also holds true for the entertainment industry… I,as you, have a right to opinions, as you yours, but mine are led by what I research, know, plus, some intuition & business sense… I will say that the next time you post here, please clarify more distinctly that something you wrote came from your own thought for your post was definitely misleading… And, SonjaMMK, other sites have become cutthroat amongst themselves, so if that is how you would like this to be, just continue in your posting manner & you will not be considered a welcomed friend, which is what I originally offered…Here at AOLO we are a friendly group, many have been posting here since Alex came into our lives via the media…Many of us have become friends at our own personal e-mails addresses & through other personal modes of communication… We are friends here so leave any hostile manner at the door, which is AOLO’s link…Thank you…

  5. Thank you Pat S. for Alex’s address. I had that address and was hoping for an e-mail address. I also thought that if all Alex’s fans would send to Walter Scott a request for information on him they might do it, they do someone every week in the magazine. Several months ago I did request some info but it never showed up.If we all requested they might just do it.The cancellation of ML to me was more than not having enough people watching it. Something else happened, why did Chip J. the producer and writer leave and I think another big shot there left also. The show had a lot of producers and ex .producers, writers and directors what happened to them. signed hopeful

  6. Char & All,

    As you know b/c we exchange personal e-mails, Char, I have been suspect of nina’s schemes & ulterior motives long beofre this “so-Called” contract went into play…Now, almost 2 months. or it may be more as talks supposedly began for contract, assumably with Queen B—- Nina, CBS & Alex’s agents in AU (the June Caan Agency, which I believe are his “booking agents”) in July of this year…I cannot see that this agency did any real investigating into this contract or wondering if they have given forthought to putting in a clause that reads: {“If Alex O’Loughlin has not been offered or found a project within such & such a date then we, June Caan Agency, et al, along with Mr. O’Loughlin, do hereby constitute this contract null & void”

    (Definitely would hope the agents put on thinking caps & gave a miminal amount of time for a REAL PROJECT” to surface)

    And as per requested by Hope…here are the addresses I have for Alex & Sophia…

    Alex O’Loughlin
    c/o Andrew Freeman,
    Personal Manager
    20 Ironsides Street
    Ste. 18
    Marina Del Rey, CA, 90292

    Ph# 310-827-4319
    FAX#: 310-822-0940

    All of the mail for Alex goes from this office directly to Alex without being opened…It may take time for Alex to answer, or have someone reply, or for him to acknowlege a mass amount of fan mail on his MySpace page… Actully let us all hope that he takes his sweet time replying for it may be a sign of good news we have yet to hear about…

    NOW, we all are aware that Sophia is back in the US, CA actually, are we not? I, for one, have fingers, toes, eyes & all I can contort crossed that this will result in our 2 moon-crossed lovers from Moonlight will team up again in some project while Sophia’s US Visa is still in effect which will be expiring in July, 2009…

    I have a question about Visas, so if anyone knows, please let us know here at AOLO & post in this thread… What is the time limitations of a Visa??? Can it run 6 months or 1 year??? My curiosity would be in trying to figure out if Sophia came here last July, & not recently, could there be hope that this was in consideration of a teaming of our chemically sparked twosome since talks began in July, 2008 for Alex’s CBS contract???

    As far as writing to Sophia, I did write to one address which was located in London, UK, that I found for her on a fansite for her,but the name escapes me right now… But google in her name & any info you need about her will be found in the resulting page accessed through your google… I do know I wrote, waited a long time for a reply but all I received was a postcard size picture of Sophia in balck & white glossy, with he signature superimposed in sliver…

  7. I have felt from the beginning, that the one year contract was a ploy to keep ML from being moved to another network. After all, if Alex is under contract to CBS, how could ML be produced for another network without Mick St. John/Alex? It wouldn’t be ML any more. I hope that I am wrong and that they just knew a good thing (I don’t think that this any makes sense, as they had a good thing and didn’t know it) in Alex and want to use his many and diverse talents.

  8. Hello to all of Alex’s fans – Does anyone of real authority know what is going on with Alex and this so called “development deal” with CBS? Is this a legitimate contract or just another part of the mind games that Nina Tassler likes to play? As long as she continues to control the strings as the puppet master at that idiotic network called CBS, it may be a long time before we see Alex on TV again. For some reason that only Queen Nina knows, she does not want to see this man succeed. If she did, we would be watching Alex right now. For Alex’s sake and for his success, I hope that there is a definite project in the works. I have a feeling that if it is up to Nina Tassler, there will be no new project. Let’s hope that we hear something positive and that things begin soon.

  9. Can you tell me what the address is to write to Alex and Sophia? It would be appreciated. Thank You. signed hopeful

  10. I just received an email from for my pre-order of 2 DVDs of ML and they indicated the release date of 1-26-09. It keeps getting later and later, doen’t it?

  11. Thanks for the info on the DVD coming out 1/20/09. I hope there is an option to view it in widescreen or full screen. I am going to check it out in and Thanks again. signed hopeful

  12. Listen up everyone!!! Release date for DVD is 1/20/2009

    Go to and

    This will give you the info. Price should be under $30

  13. To Patricia Schau – I did not see it written anywhere that CSI-LV was to be cancelled, just hoping that it would be. Its boring, same old stuff every week. Also, Alex in his blog seems to be happy having signed with CBS to develop a new project – what’s wrong with that if it makes him happy and he has some control over what he develops as long as its not another cop or doctor drama that CBS is famous for, then I say he has every right to go for it. I don’t think he was conned by his agent to take the deal – he’s 32 years old and I’m sure has a mind of his own. He’s not a child. As for any lawsuits, why would he want to sue anyone? The part about Alex outshining other stars in CBS shows was my thought not cause for you to insinuate that Alex has grounds for a lawsuit, by any means. I’m sure that Alex has not dropped out of our radar at all and will be back soon with a new series or something. Its only a one year contract anyway. Why do you think he was shafted? What information do you have about him being pressured to take the deal? Were you there at the “talks” about it? Did Alex consult you? Too many people are all about the lawsuits these days. Get over it. He’ll be back somehow, someway in some TV or movie project or another.

  14. I knew Alex signed a one year contract with CBS after ML was cancelled, what can be done in one year is my question? Maybe the plan is to have a show and then cancel it. What do you think can be done in a one year contract? CBS does not give us any info about Alex or a new show for him.I agree with P.Schau concerning CSI, I stopped watching it last year , one was enough but 3. signed hopeful

  15. Hi SonjaMMK,

    I read about the contract offered by the cutthroats at CBS, after originally slicing the throats of all concerned with moonlight, including its large fanbase…I read Alex signed such a contract approximately 2-2 1/2 months ago that was presented to him by his Australian-based agents… I just do not understand why they allowed this contract to further than their reading of it to their disapproval of said contract not stating a project already in the planning, writing, etc, before allowing Alex to sign such an agreement with nothing viable to research themselves…

    I read nothing to the effect that such a project would be coming out in 2009 with Alex as the star… I only read that a Mark Gordon, an Executive Producer affiliated with a few TV showd, is LOOKING for a project for Alex…Not That There Is Actually One!!!! Please let me know where you actually read this information that Alex will be a star again in 2009…

    And, yes, I saw Sophia Myles on YouTube in the recent video clip from Craig Fergursen Show…I only caught it there as I have continued to boycott watching any TV shows on CBS since the cancellation of Moonlight… However, I did not hear her say that she would Return to England at the end of her visa in July of 2009 if she could not find work here in the US… Sophia in her portrayal of Beth Turner in ML showed her own fine acting abilities to America audiences & I don’t feel she will have much difficulty finding roles to suit her… However, I, myself, would like to see a project be developed for Alex & Sophia again together again for the 2 of them have the draw chemistry for all their fans…

    And, Sonja, let me know where you read that CBS will not be putting Alex in another TV series because he will outshine all of his co-stars… If you read that, Alex can get out of any contract with CBS, for, in its odd stating, it can be a loophole for Alex to seek a “defamation of character” lawsuit against CBS… Why??? Because, though Alex is a multi-talented actor, no network would state this “praise” for it would put a damper on Alex securing any acting job & no other actors would care to work with him if their performances were to be contantly upstaged…Though what you wrote about Alex is flattering, if ite “outshining other stars” is written in public news print somewhere, other than your saying so, Alex can rightfully get out of his present contract as such a statement plus no formal project available already for him as promised could be considered that CBS is IN BREECH OF CONTRACT!!!!

    Now as far as you retrospect on CSI: LV, I did not read it was to be cancelled but only that William Petersen (Grissom) wants to stay behind the scenes now in his career as director, etc…And though I like CSI:NY when I did watch CBS before Moonlight’s Sonata, I feel all the CSI shows have run the gammet on new storylines & that they all should be put to rest…

  16. To Hope: Did you not hear that Alex is still with CBS and in the process of developing a prject to be seen in 2009 with him as the star and some time Director? Sophis has 2 movies that either came out or will come out soon. She is staying in L.A. till her visa runs out sometime in 2009 and then may go back to England if she has no work in the U.S. I would like to see Alex guest star in some CBS shows- what are they afraid of, that he’ll outshine their stars? He is so sexy, easygoing, humble, talented, charismatic and the list goes on and on – he definitely would outshine a lot of their so-called “stars” on other shows. But his fans want to see him now, not later. I have told CBS this at least once a week on their feedback, to no avail. I also agree with others here, that he would be wasted on CSI – L.V. as i see that show crashing soon. I prefer CSI N.Y. – it has better actors and more interesting plots.

  17. Has anyone heard anything about Alex or Sophia, what they are doing . I don’t see anything on TV about them or any movie they might have or going to make.The TV lineup for this fall does not excite me in the least. I wish there were more people who felt like me. I look at YouTube videos of Moonlight and drool.My heart is still broken and want Moonlight back again. signed Hopeful

  18. Right now I’m thinking Alex has been black balled because the movie Whiteout is not coming out for a while, the “moonlight DvD is not coming out until next year, we have not heard anything about Alex and a new spot on TV what do you think? I never watched Mentalist and that show is coming back the reason I know, I saw it advertised when my husband was watching a football game. I’m not watching anything on CBS and don’t plan to since my favorite show was cancelled for no reason. signed hopeful

  19. Hi Hope & Everyone on AOLO,

    Yes, I read about the Peterson possible take over, but I think they meant that any actor, not just Alex, would be brought in as another forensic supervisor on CSI:Las Vegas, not to take over the Grissom character…

    So far we have not heard of any projects for Alex, just speculations…One being that Mark Gordon, executive producer who houses his offices at ABC Studios, was going to “create” a show for Alex… Gordon is the ex prod around most of Grey’s Anatomy & Criminal Minds… But to this date nothing has come about or been reported…

    I did also read somewhere that Alex was going to have rights to co-produce…but nothing heard definite yet…If any of you have seen Alex’s AU film “Feed” you will know that he also co-produced that movie…

    I am still in shock that Alex would sign a contract where there was not a definite project to be made…not sign on the assumption that one would be created… why would he do this? why would his angents even bring this to him??? This has me toatally suspicious to say the least in a polite way…

    I do not trust CBS or Nina Tassler now or will I ever… I sorrowfully feel she is making a victim of Alex because Moonlight fans around the world rightfully voiced their opinion of Nina & how she does not have a clue about the field of entertainment & she should not be the CBS President in charge of Entertainment… So, like a poiled bratty girl, Nina, I feel, is punishing us thru Alex by keeping him under contract for this year & keeping him from any other work projects for another studio or network, thus keeping Alex’s career from it’s deserved upward climb to the top…

  20. enough with the csi crap…although it is a fact that csi is running all the programs I am watching today I really am hoping that they come out with a CSI ER.. that will make me pop more popcorn and sit back with a cool drink ..gosh enough, as far as ” moonlight” is concerned I loved the show and all the cast, it does sadden me that the other networks petered out on me even after all my attempts to flood their email boxes with ” please and thank you’s” but non the less they decided that they wanted to show what they wanted to show..end of line..I will continue to avoid Ghostwhisperer , Alex if you are reading this ( who knows ) keeping your chin up only makes you a better target.. go dark and deep with your next role whatever it maybe and I for one will be watching whatever it is your in even if it means that I have to watch that stupid CBS again…or is that CSI CBS ?? FOREVER MOONLGHTING IN FLORIDA ..
    PAUL C.

  21. I read somewhere that maybe Alex would be considered for the Wm Petersen spot on CSI but I don’t want him there because to me Mr. Petersen did not have a very large role other than being the boss. It’s been several months now that we found out that “Moonlight” was gone and I read the letter from Alex thanking his fans and he did sounded like he was very that the show as cancelled, I wonder if Alex would play Mick again if asked and if the other cast would even be available. We are wanting “Moonlight” back but are we wasteing our time? I long to see the best show of the 2007 linup again. signed hopeful

  22. Paul Carr, very, very well put… And I feel the same as you do…Don’t know how long you have been here reading AOLO, but welcome anyway…Hope top see you state your piece more often…

    Did you know that a certain ML site had collected donations to send flowers to that nit wit head of CBS entertainment??/ I think that site is looking for only a 15 minute walk in fame, that site’s head especially, such idol worship over there…They definitely are making all of us ML fans look like idiotic morons…

    Check out Alex makes our Temperature Rise here & check out some other ML and Alex sites to get the scoops from message boards… Our site here at AOLO is peaceful, friendly…I’ve made several friends I e-mail with privately here, too.. and we all love Alex, as does a few other site in this fine actor’s honor, including an official fanclub site just opened about a vouple of months ago… I browse through all, only way to voice your opinion & hope to be listened to, as you did here… This one here at AOLO is still “home” to me…

  23. did anyone know that the “family guy” was taken off the air like three times and is still on?? why I have no freaking Idea, and then you have a show that was well acted, story outstanding, and watched by millions of people who are calling themselves fans of moonlight, me being one of these fan that is SO upset that they “CBS” would cancel a show that I really liked, as far as the nit wit running the station she may has well said that gas prices are to high for us to make it to the set to continue taping the series cause the other reason is just plan stupid and not well thought out at all, oh god and the CSI….thing has got to STOP, please whats next CSI ER ?.
    I have an Idea the network wing nuts should take the time to actually talk to people before they take a program off the air, maybe give them a change ( the fans) to say they piece, after all it is the fans buying the crap they push and push at us till we almost have to run out and buy that new toilet plunger by “Mr Clean” well the gas prices are way too high for me to watch The ghost Whisperer ..I think I just wait till it comes out on dvd or they change the name to The CSI Ghost Whisperer….Bring back Moonlight please, forever a fan Paul In Florida.

  24. Hi Pat and everyone – welcome new members,
    I had a thought. Just suppose we get one of the networks to renew Moonlight. Wouldn’t we be the biggest source of advertisement for them? We have more fans and more websites than the commercials during the Super Bowl! We could promote us helping them advertise via our networking. We reach other countries and enter more households than you can imagine. We could sell ourselves to help advertise. What do you think?

  25. Hi Pat,
    I echo so many of your sentiments. Nina has yet again disrespected the ML fandom…I would be thrilled to see Alex on another series or in a movie (waiting for “Whiteout” to open in Sept.!) because I think we’ve just seen teh tip of the iceberg where his talent is concerned.
    One note though, Season 6 was not the last season of “The Shield”-the final season will be beginning in a few weeks. But Alex WAS incredible the season he was there!!
    Are there any plans to take out another ad in Variety or THR? I’d be happy to donate to that cause again; whatever it takes to keep ML and Alex in the consciousness of the public is a good thing.

  26. Hi All who post @ AOLO

    As far as Nina Tassler of CBS is concerned, hogwash to her comment about Moonlight is rather tame of what I’d like to say to the B—-… She is behind the cancellation & the reason our Moonlight has not found another network to call home; of this I am certain…

    Over at People’s Choice Awards site I have discovered that they slighted Alex for his rightful nomination for the Best Lead Actor to covet an Emmy… Also Sophia’s Best Lead Actress nomination was cancelled as was Jason’s Best Supporting Actor… And So was Moonlight’s Nomination disregarded for an Emmy as well… Does this sound fair; does this not sound like a Nina & CBS conspiracy to obliterate Moonlight & it’s cast of characters from show biz history???

    Does Nina think that over 8 million, more like 10 million+, do not have any savvy if a show is favorable…Yes we loved Moonlight and she just plain had a grudge against it from the very beginning; it was never ever given proper attention in ads on the network before it even made it’s maiden premiere in September, 2007…And if the dumb broad is going by Neilsen, she needs a better system to chart by because it is by far too archaic for accuracy…

    Speaking of shows, Alex on CSI:Las Vegas??? I’d be the 1st one to say, yes to the chance to see him perform brilliantly and improve the already tired, run too long show… But that is just it, too, CSI:LV is getting tired, same thing week after week, needs to be retired period… I know many of you are shaking your heads “No”… Sorry, but just check out the facts people… Yes, Gary had to leave the show, thankfully, he will get the help he needs… Now William Peterson, aka, Grissom, is leaving the front of camera spot to oversee direction… The young woman who played Sara left last year and, I believe, another character was replaced along th way during these past 2 years… Actors are growing as tired of the series as some people are of watching it… Actually when changes like this take place so noticiably, than I predict a short life span left for the show altogether coming soon… Now would we like to see Alex go through such turmoil again???

    Recall, if you will, that Alex played Kevin Hyatt in “The Shield” on it’s 6th season, which was also the show’s last season as well… I feel this is unfair to a man of such unusual and genuine sensitivity, who cares for his fans as devotely as we care about him… I know Alex needs to work, but I hope that his representatives in the biz can find him something all his own again & a show that is mmore permanent to boot… I would really hate to see Alex replace the Grissom character and the show get cancelled at the end of this coming season… Show biz people, I feel, live under a cast of some superstitions, so if Alex in a 3rd show that gets cancelled, how will TPTB regard this young actor, probably like the plague… but it would not be his fault that shows cancelled, but tell someone in charge of hiring that & it’ll be ignored…

    I am so happy to read here, which I will check out the red print to hopefully read further, that Jason is looking forward to reuniting with Alex for DD commentaries…but I am curious what that does mean…Commentaries on what??? Is Moonlight being considered for more than a First Season DVD??? Can we pray or haunt TPTB to get new episodes of continuing Moonlight on DVD or in serial movies on DVD several times a year, every year???

    No matter what I say or any other person or site says, folks, go with your own heart, your own thoughts and if they lead to writing Joel Silver, or us putting an ad in Variety marked for Silver, it will be your choice, it will bring you some joy that we took a stand on our own..A stand that will benefit us, the actors, et al… It could speed things along to get future ML episodes on DVD…


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