MickBeth – We Don’t Want to Say Goodbye

It looks like Moonlight could not be saved. This is heart wrenching for MickBeth fans. We had hoped for years of story lines between our favorite vampire detective and his true love. Is seems hard to believe that season one is all we have to immortalize one of the best love stories ever told. No more sly smiles, no more sweet agony, can it be real? Here is a tribute video:

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  1. Hi Marge, it’s Pat, sure you’ve seen me on these threads before

    I am here to say that I believe if any networks were interested in Moonlight that CBS or Nina Tassler put their noses in the deal & scared the other networks away… I do not think it had anything to do with the Moonlight show, per say…something else is not being reported about this nonsense & it all lies at fault with Nina Tassler… The woman has no right to be prsident of CBS Entertainment, she is not even qualified to be head of garbage detail…

    Now there is a ploy afoot for ML fans to e-mail this broad and be nice to her, who does CBS think they are kidding… What a bunch of fools…I read that someone sent Nina flowers to get in her good graces and apologize to her for the mean things said about her… I’d like to know who the “brown-noser” was…By rights, it should be Nina apologizing to ML fans & asking our forgivness, which she not worthy to ever receive… She is a downright idiot & not one ML fan or Alex fan should fall prey to her game…

    I feel Nina has no say in Moonlight, most of the rights belong to Joel Silver… I feel we will not get Moonlight back on TV, but we should aim for new episodes down the road on DVD… I think Nina’s messes and failing shows she authorized should make her tenior at CBS a short visit, then is when we make our Moonlight comeback, when CBS has CANCELLED NINA!!!!

  2. not a single network was interested in moonlight??? not one?

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