Recap Three Rivers Episode 4 Code Green

Dr. Andy saves a football player in Three Rivers

This is a full recap and review so there are spoilers galore. Avert your eyes NOW if you do not want a blow by blow of this episode!

This was one of those episodes that CBS promised to fans and critics concerned about the show being ONLY about organ transplantation. CBS promised we would see general ER action too and this episode delivered. Once again I REALLY enjoyed this episode, even though I cried through most of it.

A bus with 42 passengers including a high school football team gets in an accident after the game. Three Rivers goes into overdrive as a large bulk of the patients are sent to them and the transplant doctors are needed to work the ER.

A 36 year old father of 3 is also staying at TR with only days to live. He and Dr. Andy hope that a heart can be found in time. To make matters even more difficult a suitable donor is found at their own hospital, a young football player who is pronounced brain dead, but that heart is matched to another city.

A father struggles with his last words to his now deceased son, criticism of his performance at the game. The team manager is overcome with guilt that he switched seats with the same young man and walked away unscathed.

Dr. Lee goes above and beyond the call of duty by doing CPR for 20 minutes on an unresponsive woman only to have her be resuscitated at the last minute. He also manages to diagnose another young man who has mysterious symptoms, saving his life as well.

Dr. Foster takes it hard when one of the young football players dies under her care. She feels redeemed though when she flies out to the scene of the accident to track a missing player with the police. She is able to save him thanks to the quick thinking of Dr. Reed, who had the foresight to check if all the passengers were accounted for. The guilt ridden team manager must also feel proud since he was quick to identify the missing kid from hospital rosters… ironically the same kid who was bullying him on the bus. I think that bully may have learned an important lesson there.

Ryan makes a BIG mistake by telling the wife of a patient that they have found him a heart before he tells Dr. Andy. Since they have no procurement team available to go get the heart it looks like they may have to pass it up. In anger Dr. Andy orders Ryan to find a way to fix this mess and finally Ryan is able to find a way by using Dr. Andy’s friend Dr. Gonzo (who was played by the real life doctor that Dr. Andy is based on).

I found this episode to be very suspenseful and dramatic. The music they had playing in the background managed to send me into tears every 5 minutes I swear. It also made me go and hug and kiss my loved ones. The idea that your yelling at or criticising one of them could be the last thing they know in this world is just so painful… it reminds us to be good to our family… ALWAYS. I was glued to my screen for the entire episode… I just HAD to know what was going to happen. To me that means the show and the actors did the job well.

Dr. Andy on Three Rivers

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  1. this was a great episode cant wait til next week looks like alex and that blonde,( i forget her name ) mite have a kissing scene…..its good that its not just about transplants…going to cbs now and tell them what i think….c u all later!!

  2. Want to add my agreement to all the positive comments…definitely a great episode and I also wrote to CBS Feedback and got that same reply.. So they are listening…

  3. hi i did watch the show to and i cry a lot alex is very dramatic in veryshow he does and i never miss not one i wish there was drs like him who cares

  4. This Episode goes me under my skin…very dramatic!!! Great actors!!! This Show must go on!!!
    Thanks Tiffany

  5. Hi guys,

    I love Alex, but just can’t seem to get into this show. I’m not much for the medical dramas. There are so many on TV right now. And I wish he’d have a little more screen time because he’s such a joy to watch. But I’ll keep trying to catch in now and then. As always I wish Alex the best of luck with whatever he does!

  6. Thanks DD – that does not sound encouraging at all. Thanks also to Flora for the address for yet another way to contact CBS. Yes, it does sound like someone got the message anyway. All we can do now is continue to contact CBS and show support for “TR” and hope that things improve. A new day and time slot is a must. Contact CBS.

  7. JoJo the 1.7/4 is what the advertisers look for. It means And HH is the number of households watching…… So viewers is not the only thing they look at- it’s the AGE of the viewers.

    TR dropped from it’s lead-in- considerably. Amazing Race had around above 3.0— so TR’s ratings by TV land’s definition are horrid.

    Go to cause it gives a better explanation on the ratings numbers….

  8. Thank you Tiffany, for posting this recap of Three River’s last episode, allowing all of us to get a closer look on the episode.

    Hopefully I’ll watch it tonight!!!

    Now, please do NOT forget to keep sending messages to CBS using the feedback form expressing our full support to the show and the importance of keeping it on air.

    I’ve just received the following e-mail from CBS:

    De: CBG Audiences (
    Enviada:quarta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2009 15:20:37
    Para: ‘Flora …
    Thank you for writing to CBS. We appreciate your comments and assure you they will be shared with the appropriate broadcast executives.
    Ray Faiola
    CBS Audience Services”

    At least we know our voice is being heard! (well it seems like it)


  9. DD – I understand the first number, but what do the other 2 numbers mean? I think I know, but not sure. Anyway, gang – we have to continue to comment to CBS about how much we want TR to be picked up and remain on the CBS schedule. Numbers are not good, but they are not bad either – there is an audience out there for “TR” – granted we’re probably not in the $$$$ demographic that they consider when they talk about success or failure of a program, but over 7 million people still seems like a lot of people worth counting.

  10. yeah…this show shouldn’t be canceled…love it….

  11. FINALS:

    Three Rivers
    – 7.782 million viewers
    – 4.9/7 HH
    – 1.7/4 A18-49

  12. I agree with Mary Ann – the rating went up quite a lot from last week which is a good sign, don’t you think? We just need to keep contacting CBS and let them know how much we love “TR” and want it to get the chance it deserves. There is a message to “TR” about other things than transplantation – it’s also about how to treat others, telling those you love how you feel today because in a split second, one incident can change lives forever. This is the message I get every week. Alex is the exclamation point to that message.

  13. Alex and all the cast had their best foot forward in this one. Alex, as usual, can express a whole page of dialogue in one facial expression. Love it. This show gets better each episode and needs time to grow.

  14. I loved this episode as well. The cast look so believable as doctors, I was totally amazed. It’s through their fine acting that the urgency and drama comes through. It’s such a pivotal turning point in the Three Rivers show, we get flesh and sinew. We get to the heart of the matter.

  15. Tiffany, at least the numbers are going up each week. That has to mean something. I hope!!

    1. True Maryann. The numbers went up quite a bit… I just hate to see that people obviously tuned out for TR and then tuned back in for Cold Case. The numbers also fell from 8.7 million halfway through the show. TR won the evening on Saturday though with like 3.7 million, during the rerun so maybe things are looking up.

  16. Tiffany – big question – how did TR do in ratings last night? We all need to drop CBS a line and let them know our thoughts on “Code Green” – it was definitely the best one so far. Let’s hope there are more on the way. 🙂

    1. JoJo… they got around 8.7 million viewers but it went down from 11mill for Amazing Race and Cold Case beat it to.. more people turned in after TR was over.

  17. Great episode. I did tear up on this one.

  18. Great recap Tiffany! I LOVED this episode and cried several times too! I think it really highlighted each one of the main cast members and gave us a balance on the donor/recipient story as well. Very well done episode!

    Of course Alex was amazing as usual! 🙂 The smile he flashed near the end to let the wife know the heart was on the way was pure ALEX! Wow! I kept rewinding to catch it over and over! Also loved the interaction between Dr. Andy and Ryan —–intense!

  19. Hi All – agree with you guys 100% – this was definitely the best episode yet, AND NO DELAY DUE TO FOOTBALL, YEAH!!!! . I think they have just scratched the surface of how intense this show can be and why it has to be given a chance, or a “back nine” as it’s being called. I did not find it graphic in anyway – it was realistic. From a personal note, being from the Pittsburgh area, I get a kick when I see things or they talk about a specific location, such as the bus accident on “Route 18” – there really is a “Route 18”, or reference to UPMC- btw- THE best transplant hospital in the U.S.A. It makes me feel like there really is a “Three Rivers” hospital. This show HAS to be given the chance. It just keeps getting better and better. Hope the overnight ratings reflect that. Can’t wait to see the “wife” next week. Seeing
    “Dr. Andy” and Dr. Gonzo together was the best – How cool was that for Alex to see the real life doctor that “Dr. Andy” is based on. Kudos all around. 🙂 🙂

  20. Loved this episode. It was the best so far and Alex was amazing as he always is. One
    thing I don’t like is not seeing him in 95% of the scenes like we did in Moonlight. I’m just
    finding that hard to get used to. He’s such a sweetheart. Next weeks episode looks very
    interesting too – we get to meet the wife. It will be very upsetting if the axe falls this week,
    because the show is developing well.

  21. I agree with Tiffany, I loved this episode. It was a ;nice break from all the transplant surgery. I really liked the scene between Alex and Gonzo, I thought that was cute and it looked like both of them were enjoying it. And Travis did a good job in surgery too. Can’t wait for next week to meet Andy’s wife and find out a little bit more about their situation.

  22. You nailed this one Tiffany and you are quick, girl!!! WOW!! I loved, loved, loved this one!! TR just keeps getting better and better. I really doubt that this was an episode that the critics got to see. Alex was wonderful as usual, even yelling at Ryan he managed to be adorable! The episode for next week looks intriguing too and we finally get to see “Dr. Andy’s” wife…can’t wait! And thanks Tiffany for keeping us all so well informed.

  23. This ep was really good. Me and my mom are watching this show every week. I loved how they did do more than just transplants. And Andy’s wife is in the next episode. In case anyone wanted to know, she’s played by Kelly Overton.

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