Recap Three Rivers Episode 5 Alone Together

three Rivers episode 5 Alone Together

This is a full recap and review so there are spoilers galore. Avert your eyes NOW if you do not want a blow by blow of this episode!

Another awesome episode. Tears and serious laughter abounded.

This followed the stories of a police detective rushed to TR with chest pains, who also happens to be the partner of Dr. Andy’s wife, Rena. A cheating husband is mowed down by a truck as he tries to escape detection by his wife and he ends up being a liver donor. Mr. Boyle at Three Rivers is in serious liver failure with only days to live. He also happens to be the least favorite patient of the staff with his rude remarks and racial slurs.

In Alone Together we finally get to meet Dr. Andy’s wife and it is apparent quickly why they are having issues. They both have high stress and time intensive jobs… surgeon and cop. We get to see Dr. Andy’s love and concern for Rena as she comes into the hospital with her partner. Due to Andy’s quick thinking they prevent the man from bleeding out on the table and Dr. Andy does a quick procedure to graft a rupturing artery. When that works for only a short time he then has to go back into the ER to open his chest and suture the artery. Rena is incredibly proud of Andy and in love with him, she admits to partner’s soon-to-be wife but love might not be enough to salvage their marriage.

Dr. Foster goes to West Virginia to procure a liver only to find that they have to land on a high school football field with no ambulance waiting and a gate blocking their way. The sprinklers turn on the soak them as they scale the chain link fence. When they get to the hospital their bad luck continues as they find that the liver has been offered to another man at the same hospital where the liver is. The attending surgeon there refuses to wait for the issue to be cleared up and attempts to procure the organ for his patient immediately. Dr. Foster tries to physically block him from the operating room. Hospital staff try to pull her out of the way and she shakes them off only to accidentally hit the surgeon in his nose, breaking it. Dr. Foster is carted away by security. Later they resolve the issue and Dr. Foster is told the heart is hers.

Dr. Lee has the unfortunate job of prepping the recipient patient, Mr. Boyle, who makes remarks about Dr. Lee’s heritage, skin color, and affluent lifestyle. Finally after much needling Dr. Lee retorts that Mr. Boyle has no flowers in his room and that if her were nicer to people that might have been different. Mr. Boyle is outraged and relates to Dr. Lee that he spent 15 years with his gay lover only to be refused access to him in his dying days (AIDS).

Three Rivers Episode 5 Andy and Rena

Later on Dr. Jordon visits him to ask him to hang in there while they wait for the liver and Dr. Boyle expresses his sadness that his previous doctor (Miranda’s Dad) died. Dr. Jordan gets emotional herself and tears up as she speaks very highly of the late Dr. Foster.

In the operating room while under sedation Mr. Boyle announces to the operating staff that Dr. Jordan and the late Dr. Foster were lovers. The staff is speechless but Dr. Jordan reminds them that he is incoherent because he is sedated. It was a very funny moment!

Dr. Andy talks to his wife outside as the day closes and she has determined that marriage counseling won’t work for them (Andy asked her about it earlier that day). She insists that they both spend too much time working and that their work is the more important thing. She tells Andy he is a rockstar. Andy asks if she wants out because he wants children and she responds by saying that she doesn’t want to have kids they will both ignore but admits that she may be up to having kids with someone else if that man was up to meeting her demands. Andy is sad and a bit speechless after that.

Mr. Boyle wakes up with Dr. Lee sitting at his bedside informing him that the surgery was a success. Mr. Boyle see white orchids on the table next to his bed and Dr. Lee admits that they are from him. Mr. Boyle starts crying and tells Dr. Lee he greatly underestimated him. It was such a touching moment… one of my favorites this season.

Dr. Andy gets woken up by the young African heart transplant patient we met in episode 1. He stole Andy’s hotel room key earlier that day and he sneaks into his room to play Guitar Hero. At first Andy is angry and insists he leave but when the young man explains that he doesn’t want to be alone, Andy rubs his eyes awake and grabs the guitar saying he is going to show him how it is done. The scene closes as the two play the game and Dr. Andy is smiling in amazement and joking that that the game is so fun it should stay in his room  or else there might be no heart transplant. It was such a fun, goofy, great moment!

So what did you think?

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  1. Hi all, sorry for the delay in getting the recap up. Here it is

    Also has a link to vote for TR in the People’s Choice Awards!!

  2. Go to , they have a link where you can vote for favorite new TV drama and we can vote for 3 Rivers as ofter as we want for the peoples choice awards.

  3. I also found a video at another website that show Alex was voted one of the sexiest TV stars at TV Guide for 2009/ He was number 7. When asked what he thought made him sexy, he replied my widow’s peak , my eyes, I don’t know. Someone told me I had a nice ass. That’s out Alex.

  4. I’ve been worried about Tiffany to…so not like her to miss a recap and any Alex media coverage. So here’s my effort to help keep you all informed: Good TV Guide “love” for Alex and Three Rivers in next week’s issue. This is the “Hot List” issue and Alex won “Hottest TV Doc” in an online poll with small pic (I think we all helped here); they have finally selected 3Rs in the weekly Hot List for what to watch for the week (with another small pic of Alex) and in their “Download This” column they highlighted the song from ep 5 “This Woman’s Work” by Greg Laswell. Once again, hope Tiffany and her family are OK.

  5. I also am worried about Tiffany. JoJo, I always love anthing that has Alex in it. I thought the episode was good, I like the story line between Miranda and Dr. Jordan, I wonder how that will p[ay out. Will Miranda forgive her? I love the compassion that Andy shows to the mother of the little boy and to the little boy himself. I think it shows another side of Andy . I also liked that David was willing to do anything to help Kuol. I also like more of Alex in the show but the other actors in this drama are really good too.

  6. Does anyone know if Tiffany is ok?? She’s so great about keeping in touch that I’m starting to worry about her…….

  7. Thanks for the info Mary Ann – yes, does sound very encouraging. Tiffany, where are you? Hope all is well – missed not having your take and recap of Episode 6. What did you guys think of 6? Not one of my favorites – not enough intensity/drama, WAY TOO LITTLE of Alex, and WAY TOO MUCH of “Lisa”. Looks like the numbers have gone up quite a bit from last week – let’s hope this continues.

  8. JoJo i just read on another fan website that the numbers for last Sunday were 8.6 million and Cold Case dropped to 8.2. I think that might be a good sign. Also some of the fans have nicknamed Alex Dr. McPerfect. It certainly does fit him.

    1. The numbers did indeed look better. Although I kinda thought they would when I found out that Pam of True Blood was guest starring. The True Blood fans are banding together to support any shows that have a TB guest star.

  9. Just mailed my letters to Dr. “Gonzo” and the New York Organ Donor Network. We’ll see what happens – if I get a response, I will be sure to share it with you guys. 🙂

  10. I agree! We all have to stay positive and let everyone know this show has many fans and is telling important stories! I recall articles from the 2 second week of the season saying Accidentally on Purpose (a CBS comedy) would be canceled immediately and it got an order for 5 more shows.

    Thanks to everyone for the contact information!

  11. Guess until we hear from you, Tiffany, everything else is speculation. As Jeanne said, TVBTN had it cancelled after the premiere. Let’s stay positive – if we’re down and out, imagine how Alex is feeling right about now. It ain’t over until it’s over.

  12. Thanks for the information and a great site, Tiffany. I’m an Alex fan from way back but also really want to support Three Rivers. I have worked in medicine for years and feel this show actually has the ability to make a difference in people’s lives. I have emailed CBS and written to the appropriate persons. Hope all this helps the show continue. A show like this needs time to develop because of the technical subject matter as well as the interpersonal relationships I hope CBS takes this into consideration.

  13. TV By Numbers has been saying that since the premier. If you scroll down, you can see the previous weeks predictions.

  14. Hope there are other true fans out there who are not ready to give up just yet. Keep us posted on anything you hear. If there are indeed only 8 more episodes left, that gives us 8 more chances to try.

  15. It’s not over until it’s over – we need to try to do all we can to convince CBS to keep TR going. By contacting prominent agencies for their support, it could make a difference. If TR is going down, let it go down with a fight.

    1. Thanks JoJo… you are a TRUE fan!


    Neither Three Rivers nor Cold Case will be back next season. They will both be canceled by the end of the year, but while Cold Case will likely air a full 22 episode season, the most Three Rivers will get will be the 13 episodes already ordered, and they’ll be lucky to get all of those. Three Rivers fans who’ll claim “but you said it would be off the air by now!”, can thank the accountants.

  17. Here is an address correction for the New York Organ Donor Network:

    460 West 34th Street
    15th Floor
    NY, NY 10001
    phone number is the same.

  18. Here are address and phone numbers for the above:
    132 West 31st. Street, 11th Floor
    NY, NY 10001
    PH: (646) 291-4444

    Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
    Mail Code J4-1
    9500 Euclid Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44195
    PH: (216) 444-6708 or (800) 223-2273

    200 Lothrop Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2582
    PH: (800) 533 UPMC (8762)

    Hope this info helps – BTW – the New York Organ Donor Network is part of the Donate Life Campaign that Alex is involved with. Let’s contact these people and go for it.

  19. Hi All – got the new TV Guide and there is an article in it about one of the guest stars of an upcoming “Three Rivers” episode – Mandy Patinkin. The first line of the article starts off like this “in an attempt to revive the ailing organ donation drama, “Three Rivers” . . . . further into the article, it mentioned an e-mail message received by Mr. Patinkin from The New York Organ Donor Network. Mr. Patinkin is on their Board of Directors. Article went on to say how excited The New York Organ Donor Network is about a new show called “Three Rivers”. Coincidentally, Mr. Patinkin was on the TR set at the time of that e-mail. Article then went on to say what a show like “Three Rivers” can do for people . . . .this show will have a profound effect on savings lives. The reason I mention all of this is because I have an Idea. Maybe we should try to contact agencies like The New York Donor Network and ask for their support in contacting CBS asking them to keep “Three Rivers” on their schedule. I also think that we should try to contact Dr. Gonzo, himself at the Cleveland Clinic and ask for his support, after all, “Dr. Andy” is based on him, and contact UPMC in Pittsburgh, since TR is based in PIttsburgh. I think if prominent members of the medical communit, such as Dr. Gonzo, get involved, it may help the cause because it looks like there is not much time left.
    What do you guys think? We can contact these people NOT about Alex and the cast, but the message of hope that TR has delivered every week. Couldn’t hurt to try!

  20. I love this episode . Great show Three Rivers .Alex is Excellent in Three Rivers! iThanks Tiffany .

  21. Tiffany, Please change my old E-Mail address this is the newone.
    I keep getting messages on old address..
    checked old address and there was a new up-date.

    Thanks cozette

    And Three Rivers 11-1 was great. How do we reach Neilson to vote for 3-Rivers.

    1. Cozette, you can unsub and then resubscribe via the sign up form on the right side bar.

  22. Guys – if you haven’t already done so, please go the petiton and voice your opinion. At last count on that website, there were almost 400 people who have “signed” the petition – I see that many of us are on there. It doesn’t have to be a big speech, just a word or two, enough to get the message to CBS. Any effort is better than no effort – 🙂

  23. That means there are at least 2 more episodes to watch and 2 more chances to get the message to CBS that we want them to keep “Three Rivers” on their schedule. Any effort can’t hurt – just comment on the total ensemble and “Three RIvers” and do not single out Alex (we all know how hot he is). This is where we went wrong when we tried to save our
    beloved “Moonlight” and the comment was made about fans being “actor-centric”. We all remember that debacle, don’t we. Comment on the total package focusing on the messages that “Three Rivers” has given us so far and the messages and storylines to come, hopefully.

  24. As already noted by Heather, the latest airdate seen is November 22, which would be episode eight. For what it’s worth, I did see a link to the plotline for episode ten on Twitter.

  25. Latest episode impressed me. Keep them coming like that and we may have something here.

  26. Tiffany thanks for the great recap. Each episode gets better & better. I also pray they don’t take Alex off the air. I think it’s not fair to make a new series compete with the World Series & now football. I love reading everyones spin on each episode. I hope CBS give TR’s a fair shake. Tiffany thanks for your diligence in making this great website work, its awesome!

  27. I have signed the petition twice. Even though I don;t get to watch it over here in Oz. But one of my dear Moonlight sisters in USA is recording them for me. So done my bit

  28. Thanks JoJo for the information about the petition. I have signed it already but we need to get the word out to as many fans as possible about this petition. Thanks again

  29. Finals: Three Rivers
    – 7.702 million viewers
    – 5.0/8 HH
    – 1.6/4 A18-49

  30. Hi All – just found a website about “Three Rivers” that we should all go onto. Type in “Three Rivers cancellation” – it will give you a petiton to sign to voice your support for “Three Rivers”.
    It asks you to type in your comments, etc.. It’s worth a shot.

  31. Tiffany, are you hearing anything about a cancellation? If something negative was going to happen, don’t you think it would have been said by now? Some shows have already found out their fate. How many episodes of “Three Rivers” have been filmed up to now? We need to continue to contact CBS through the Feedback line on the whole show and cast, not just Alex and ask for a new day and time slot. Unfortunately, the numbers are not good, and for the past 2 weeks, there was no delay due to football. If Heather and Linda E. are right, then there are only 3 more episodes left. “Three Rivers” is just coming in to its own so it needs more time – Keep us posted, Tiffany, as you always do.

  32. The last showing as listed on MSN TV is 11-22-2009 “The Kindness of Strangers” … but the other new shows only listed the same timeframe. Everyone needs to write into CBS and rave about the show (not rave about Alex, even though he’s great). We need to give them more fiber to keep the show other than just for one actor.

  33. I thought this was the best ep yet. I liked how they brought Koul back in and stole Andy’s keys. And he said “Son of a bitch. He took my keys.” That was funny. Ryan thought he was talking about him. lol. I had a bad impression on Boyle at first. Too dramatic! *rolls eyes*. lol. But towards the end he gets better. I thought it was funny when Miranda broke the other doctor’s nose. I thought it was sad when Andy and Rena broke up. She admitted she might have kids with someone else. That made me tear up a bit. But next week it looks like Andy moves on to Lisa (the blonde chick). They looked like they were about to kiss. Not the couple I imagined, but ok. That would be cool if he got with Miranda though. I think David likes her though. And the Guitar Hero scene at the end was HILARIOUS!!! Damn, he really can play Guitar Hero. I wonder what level he’s on. lol. I hope Koul comes back in another ep. He cracks me up with his antics, especially earlier in the ep when Andy said “Cancel the heart transplant.” And Ryan says “Transplant cancelled.” It was funny when Kuol said “You both hurt me. Deeply.” Lol. classic. nuff said!

  34. Another good job Tiffany! This had everything we were wishing for. I loved the scene at the end with Kuol and Andy playing the guitar. It was a hoot!! Can’t wait for eppy #6.

  35. Are we going to get a “back-nine” of TR or not. Of CBS’ new shows I’ve read that
    “The Good Wife” and “NCIS-LA” have a full season. On a web site I stumbled across,
    which I now can’t find, the blogger claimed to know a CBS executive who confirmed
    the show is cancelled, but CBS won’t make a formal announcement because of all
    the bad PR they will get. They’ll just let the episodes run out. If CBS isn’t willing to move
    Three Rivers to another night, I think they should put the show on hiatus for a few months
    and show the last episodes in February after the Super Bowl is finished. If the numbers
    improve, there would still be time to film more episodes, even if they run into June. This
    is probably just wishful thinking. I wouldn’t expect logic or good sense where money is

  36. i love that episode last night i felt very bad for andy his wife does not want to give a chance to work things out i felt very bad from him he does love her a lot maybe he will find some one soon charlene

  37. all of you of who get to see theses… hey lucky you… and either way.. last night’s one that this one was…11/1/09…. a rating of … 10 and the sky is far from the limit!!!! bravo & keep it coming.. ok?

  38. Thanks, Tiffany – sounds like “Three Rivers” is holding it’s own, any word on a pick-up for more episodes? Wasn’t there supposed to be an announcement of some sort regarding “back nine” episodes for new programs? Not hearing anything about a cancellation so far, which is good.

  39. Each episode gets better than the last one. I really enjoy the entire show and make sure I watch and also tape each show. Last night was excellent , really showing Alex’s range. His face and eyes are so expressive he doesn’t need words.Everyone works so well together and seem to be closeknit family. It is nice to see Alex smile so much something he did not do in Moonlight. His smile lights up a room. I just hope and pray that this show stays on for a long time and that it keeps getting better. CBS – please give it the time it needs to become the great show that it can be.

  40. I stand corrected – Tiffany did mention the emotion of Dr. Jordan and Miranda’s father. This was the best episode yet – Tiffany, how did it do in the ratings?

    1. 7.99 million viewers for the overnight ratings, JoJo

  41. I loved this episode!! I am so excited to see the episodes continuing to get better. I enjoyed the insight into the characters backgrounds and look forward to the writers expanding on each character more. I do like the whole cast but of course my favorite is Alex! 🙂 I continue to be amazed at the talent he has to show his feelings just by his facial expressions. This is one talented (and handsome) man!!! 🙂

  42. I just loved this episode. I just don’t understand Dr. Andy’s wife though. Is she really that insane that she does not want to be with him. She was probably dropped to many times when she was a baby. I also like the Guitar Hero part….awesome. Funny though in Moonlight Alex didn’t want to play with his vampire pal Logan.

  43. Best One Yet!!! Loved every moment of it – lots of good stuff and more insight into characters, which was needed. And of course loved the end with the Guitar Hero-Rock Band thing – I agree about the robe, too, but don’t forget that it takes some time to cover up those spectacular tats!! I also noticed that the rock bands mentioned were some of Alex’s favorites to work out and run to!! Loved the use of “This Woman’s Work”, just wish they would list featured music on the cbs web site, they may be trying not to be too “Gray’s Anatomy” but if they want to get the younger viewers it is something they should do. And as to whether Alex sings, he has said he doesn’t really, but I’d still like to hear him. Can’t wait for next week.

  44. I loved this episode. Finally we get to see Alex with a woman he is in love with. Too bad it is not going to work out, but it looks like next week Andy is moving on to Dr. Lisa. Love the flirtation between these two, she wouldn’t have been my choice for him but I still like to see the sparks flying. My favorite is the interaction between Andy and the boy from Nigeria, those two are so cute together. Andy playing guitar was great. I loved Miranda in this epi, she is getting to be one of my favorites and David is always cool. Tiffany, give us the numbers as soon as you have them. I haven’t read anything about CBS cancelling this show as yet, I think it still has a chance to make it., at least I hope so.

    1. Phillip,

      Boyle was played by David Costabile.

  45. Enjoyed the show. Wished there was more time to develop the background and each character because I feel it would be more depth to each story-line. This show could run two hours each Sunday and I would be there to watch.

  46. Loved the episode!! Great to have more insight into some of the character backgrounds. I was hoping that Andy and Rena could work it out, but you never know. Looks like he may have some involvement with Lisa in near future – maybe that will make Rena think twice before giving up on them. And loved the end when Andy and his patient were rocking out – too cute!! Wow – big surprise regarding Dr. Jordan and Mirandas’ dad – hope if she finds out the truth, it doesn’t affect Mirandas’ opinion of Sophia. And loved the way Dr. Lee and his patient ended up respecting each other – very touching!! Awesome, and can’t wait for next week!!!

  47. Oh year this Episode was so great, with a lot of funny moments but theres are many moments who i cant crying…its so emotion!!! Thanks for your commodity Tiffany!!!

  48. Loved, LOVED this episode! Alex was absolutely amazing! He really showed us an incredible range of emotions in this one. The writing was very good. We got a big glimpse into each of the lead characters persona AND the show hit the donor/recipient stories well too. My only complaint is why did Dr. Andy have to have the robe on at the end?????? We got just a peek at that gorgeous chest!!!!!! 🙂

  49. Best episode yet! One thing that Tiffany didn’t mention was the possible love affair between
    Dr. Jordan and Miranda’s father – when Mr. Boyle made the comment about her being in love with Dr. Foster and she teared up and then again when Mr. Boyle was sedated and began throwing out random comments about her love for Dr. Foster – – didn’t see that one coming. How hot was “Dr. Andy” in the Guitar Hero scene – damn! Loved the mix of seriousness, compassion, and humor. I live very close to Wheeling, WV and the part about medivac helicopters landing on football fields happens a lot do to the hills we have here in West Virginia. Also, I am really starting to love “Dr. Lee” – He does have a heart hidden in there. This show keeps getting better – we have to continue to contact CBS and let them know how much we love it and can’t wait for next week. Thanks Tiffany for the recaps, great job! Have a great day everyone!

  50. I didn’t see the first 10 minutes, but quickly caught up to what was going on. I really did love the interaction between Andy and his wife, but so sad that their marriage seems to be over. They’re both very busy people and have high profile jobs, but marriage is a 50/50 deal. Rena doesn’t seem to want to bend any and wants Andy to make all the effort. I really think the writers are starting to get with the show and it really is a wonderful show. I’ve never been into the hospital shows, and had my doubts about this one….I love it! I just hope the critics will look deeper into the message it gives and give it a chance.

  51. As one Alex fan who was really getting bored with this show — all I gotta say is WOW!!

    This level of writing, tension and humor was what was lacking in the other eps, and boy they hit thier stride here!! Loved it, loved it!

    If they keep this going, for the first time I see a great future for this show. Unfortunately, I know it’s going to be hard for the show to regain any momentum after that lackluster premier ep. Once folks think it’s a bad show, it takes alot of word-of-mouth to get them to tune back in. I personally think the people who decided to open with the 2nd ep should be flogged…….

    Great show, I’m pumped!!!

  52. Love this episode, light-hearted moments, sad moments, moments of regret, moments of love lost. Terrific episode. Can’t wait until next week. Love the Guitar Hero scene with our Alex and the character named Kuol. Such a great, fun scene. Really love this series, I really do. Hope CBS keeps it going.

  53. This episode was really great. It’s sad that Andy’s marriage appears to be over, but at least
    he is free to move on with his life. Alex was fabulous again as usual. The “rock star” scene
    at the end was such a hoot. We already know that Alex can play the guitar, but I’d love to
    know if he can sing. I’d bet there are no limits to his talents.

  54. I loved, loved, loved this episode!!!! Being from Switzerland, I watch it at 6 o’clock Monday Morning at this site:
    As before mentioned, me too I love the fact, that they finally go into the personal lives of the staff. I sure hope, they stay on that course. This episode was definitely one to laugh and cry over… even if I didn’t see it on TV but (only) on the computer, I was mesmerized. This is really a fantastic show. And I hope it will survive!

  55. I am loving this show so much, it is a pity that we don’t get it here in Australia but I watch it every week on You Tube and it seems to be getting better and better! I really hope we get to see Alex on our screens here some time soon:-(

  56. I’m glad to see it is finally getting into the personal lives of the staff a bit. The acting by all has been great and of course Alex is awesome. But I felt the show was lacking something. I thought tonight’s show was better. I was glad to get to see the personal side of Alex’s life.

  57. Sounds great. We are a t last getting to know the characters behind the scrubs and stetescopes. Pity it was taken off here in Australia , stupid Channel 10 didn’t give it a chance. So now us aussie have to watch our man where and when we can. sigh!!!

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