Steve McGarrett Reflecting On Life


In the most recent Fall TV Preview release on Yahoo, it seems as if Steve will be looking back on life and taking stock in what he could have missed due to the job. Alex always does a good acting job when he is given some meat to work with so lets hope the Hawaii Five O writers have done just that once again. 

What do you think it might be referring to> Do you think this bears well for the current woman in his life or could it mean something only about the past? 


steve mcgarrett reflection

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  1. Yes I think Adam & Kono will start trying to have a family, I think Chin will make moves to adopt Sara, and biggest thing I think Steve will move on from Cathrine & make a comment to Lynn. I think he will go as far as to tell that to Cathrine’s face. I think he will try to work things out with his mom provided she comes clean with the truth and sticks to that, something Cathrine isn’t capable of.

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