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  1. Jazz,,I don’t know you but your are my kinda person. I feel exactly the way you do about people and their personal space….show some common sense….who would want to be followed around like a freak show. Alex is amazing…don’t know what it is about him that makes everyone love him besides his obvious charm and talent…I think its almost magical..which might sound stupid but I’m Irish decent and Virgo like he is and feel a real kinship with him. I’ve watched tv and movies for years and NEVER felt about anyone like I do him…..the first time Beth kissed him on the parking deck in Moonlight and he grinned that fabulous grin..as they say, you got me at that smile! I love animals…your doggies sound really cool. behind me sleeping is my 15 lb. Maine Coon cat who has “catitude” but is a loving pet and I’d be lost without him….. Love Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan

  2. hi i just love the photo of alex and i cant wait to see the back up plan i will be there for alex when i see the papers talk there talk about alex i feel so bad for him i say give him a break and get off his back i find him a great actor i have lots of his movies and he is a good actor

  3. Thank you Jazz for the personal observations of Alex. I have worried about his weight loss… glad to hear it just looked like regular weight loss(albeit a lot) and not that he is sick or something. Love to hear someone tell us how charming and nice he is that have seen him in person. Thanks for saying something nice to him also….. kinda like it was from those of us who were not there!

    1. My pleasure Sue. No Alex definitely did not look sick at all. He had nice color pigmentation to his skin (granted probably wearing make-up for the cameras) & his eyes were bright & I did not see bags or darkness under his eyes. If he was sick his skin would have been pasty and his eye dull. He was laughing & smiling a great deal and seemed to be having a good time. Yes it did appear that he lost a great deal of weight, however the camera also adds weight to actors so I have always been surprised when I met some of my clients for the first time at how much thinner they are in real life. Most of them are thinner due to the fact that they know the camera adds weight to them. The one thing I have always noticed is how much shorter they are in person. Granted Alex may have done some training for his 5-O pilot and that would explain the weight loss. Could also be because he has been working so hard and not eating properly to maintain the rise in energy he is using up. I know at certain times of the year I can drop a great deal of weight because I am running around like a chicken without a head dealing with clients and sometimes I either do not have time to eat or I forget. He could also be taking medication for something. It happened to me twice – once I lost weight due to knee surgery and another gained weight from a herniated disc in my back and it was a side effect of the meds I was on. Of course not everyone has these side effects but some people react differently to drugs. Needless to say he looked very healthy just too thin and he could use to gain some weight to fill him out more.
      I am a fairly calm person and I think it is important to say a kind word even to a stranger. After what I witnessed with the fans I thought Alex could use someone who – how should I say – was a little more normal, calm and who could say something nice to him rather than I love you will you marry me. I don’t know maybe it is an age thing – but then even back in my hay day I would never have behaved that way. Maybe it is a native New York thing. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  4. I love cheese, but then there is Alex O’Loughlin he is just delicious and yummy…..

  5. I was at CBS this AM as well. How could I not I go I only live 10 blocks away from the studio. Alex did indeed look extremely thin. Looks like he lost 30 lbs. No butt or hips anymore. They must be working him to the bone. Well he has to do what he has to do for his career – don’t we all. However he needs to eat to keep up with the demands & toll on his body. Who knows maybe he did some navy seal training for 5-0. Many actors do get involved personally with their new character that way. It would explain the drastic weight loss. As for is outfit. I am a personal shopper for actors & socialites (sorry ladies cannot give out names) and I must say that the best thing about his outfit was his shoes. It was the first thing I noticed. The shirt, vest & jeans were fine for casual wear but the tie had to go. I would love nothing more then the opportunity to outfit this man. He can wear certain colors that would compliment his natural coloring and simple things would make him look like a million dollars. Now dressing him to the nines would be a blast . Not judging him at all – it’s been my business for over 30 yrs & I know high end luxury goods & well I just simply notice these things on everyone. He still looked great and he was extremely charming/. Randdj I think I saw you there. Where you the one that screamed out I am touching Alex and have blond hair? One thing I did notice is none of the fans personally complimented Alex with a kind word. More Oh my God your so gorgeous I am in love with you. Maybe I am so used to dealing with famous people that I treat them like anyone else – I don’t know. I wished him better luck with his career for he deserves it and thanked him for his autograph. I could tell he was shocked by my comment when he took the time to look me square in the eye and flashed a huge smile. One night while walking my 2 huge dogs in front of a nieghborhood restaurant I was screaming at the papparatzzi to leave people alone while they simple eat dinner. Well Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes came out and were hysterical they got a real kick that it was me screaming at them instead of them. It was actually really funny. I ended up talking to them for about 15 minutes. I guess they were also attracted to my dogs. It is not every day you see a 250 lb great Pyrenees walking down the street in NYC.
    Anyway it was wonderful to see Alex in person and if I did not live 10 blocks away I would not have gone there at 5 AM freezing my butt off for several hours before going to a clients home for a fitting with several items. He is extremely charming, well mannered, down to earth, genuine, intelligent, and takes his career very seriously and that is his appeal for me. I hope he never changes & remains real. I wish him nothing but the best in his career and what life has to offer.

    1. Thanx Jazz for your comments, but I agree, he resonates such candor, warmth and humility, makes him seem so approachable. I hope people/papparzzi would give him his privacy he desperately wants too protect. Why and how is it that some actors are not bombarded and intruded upon and others are just ABUSED? Do they lay down rules through their publicists?

      1. Hi Yoli & thanks as well. I think it is both people & the paparazzi that are to blame. Going to the ABC & NBC studios in NYC to see Alex is fine because he is in the zone to meet his fans and be in front of the cameras and public eye. He is simply doing his job and at that time he is expected & is open to sign autographs and have pics taken. However stalking him at his hotel for me crosses the line into his personal down time & life. I knew which hotel he was at but I did not go there for it felt like an intrusion. That is what people/papparzzi need to learn. Actors do place themselves in the public eye for the autographs and picture taking by attending events to promote whatever it is that they are doing. It is at that point in time that people need to take advantage of the situation and show up. When actors are in their personal time people need to respect that and leave them alone to give them their personal space and allow them to live their lives just like anyone else. Some people say well they are famous and it comes with the territory. I do not agree at all. Imagine how you would feel if people where constantly stalking you and invading your personal space. It would drive you insane after awhile. Hence why so many actors get physical & upset and I do not blame them at all. Look at Princess Diana – no one seems to have learned from that at all and it greatly upsets me. I also think that some actors keep a very low profile by staying out of the media spotlight and that is why the media backs off of them. Actors who create media attention by the idiotic things they do also create media drama and draws the attention their way. The hot ticket actor of the moment will always draw the papparzzi. I honestly believe that their should be laws protecting actors during their private time to prevent the stalking. After all their are laws in place from stalking a women in relationships. Why not have the same for actors. I also strongly believe that people need to get control of themselves. Going loco saying & doing completely idiotic things in front of actors only makes them afraid, standoffish & makes them hide themselves. Living in NYC I see famous people every day (never mind the business I am in). If I see an actor in the street, park, restaurant – where ever – I pay them no mind at all. In fact I will walk by them completely. Yes I recognize them but I do not acknowledge them. I cannot tell you how many times I have been in a park or street with my dogs and actors are milling about and because I pay them no mind they end up approaching me and we end up having a normal human conversation. I act as if I do not know who they are. Granted I do have 2 very large dogs that naturally attract people especially my Pyrenees. Maybe because I cannot go out to simply walk my dogs for 15 minutes without some idiot making stupid remarks like, OMG look at that bear, can I ride it, what is that a horse. It drives me completely nuts and it makes me understand what actors go through. Trust me I have some smart ass remarks to make right back at people that shuts them up real fast. I have made up a few t-shirts that I wear only when I walk my dogs that makes people back off as well. People who approach me in a respectful way I will take the time to talk to them about my dogs and answer their questions and allow them to pet the dogs. However people who approach me with stupidity will get a mouthful that cuts them down to the bone. Respectfulness, civility, dignity and being normal gets you a lot further. Something people dearly need to learn.
        I was on my way back home after seeing a client this AM and was walking and ended up passing by NBC studios. Alex just happened to be out on the street at that very moment so I did get a quick glance at him. His outfit was much better this AM then yesterday. I still believe he could wear better colors to enhance his natural skin tone & coloring that would compliment him better. What can I say it is my job to notice these things so my eyes are always naturally working. Plus I cannot help being pulled towards a new client that needs serious help. I did not stick around for I had to hit several stores on Madison Avenue and pick up some items for other clients I had to see earlier this afternoon. It is amazing though for even at a quick glance Alex does naturally project charm, grace, humility, honesty & humor. Believe it or not body language speaks volumes another trick of my trade I’ve learned over the years.
        Regardless I wish him nothing but the best and I hope he has better luck with his career. He has busted is butt and deserves it. One of the reasons I like his acting is because of his facial expressions – makes him so natural & believable. His natural charm just pours out of him. A true gentleman in ever sense of the word – something that men today have lost and desperately need to regain. Alex is an old soul and it is refreshing.

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    I met Alex today on the Early Show!! What a dreamy man!! His eyes are truly beautiful….his smile so gorgeous!! What a truly nice man. I felt his arms, and held his hand…I couldn’t resist!! Can’t wait for the movie.

    1. IM Jealous!!! lol.. love to hear that..

  7. I’ve already called more than 1/2 dozen people to see Back up Plan today. One lady I even met in a shrink’s ofc. who just lost her husband. I tried to help her and we exchanged phone numbers and we are to see BAck Up.Together….that shold cheer her up and hopefully make her realize there are other men in this world (maybe not as great as Alex, but whatya gonna do) Love Alex From Suzanne His Forever Fan and to Tiffany for making this all possible.

  8. Oh my temperature has risen by 2 degrees, how dreamy are Alex’s eyes, MMMMM Lovely,Sexy Mr Wonderful and now I need a cold shower, Love you loads Alex XXXXX

  9. I,m so jealous lol wish it was me he,s so gorgeous.
    Thank,s Tiffany for all the great emails, I really
    appreciate them your a star

  10. Sorry Tiffany should have spell checked your name!!

  11. That is so cute!! Thanks Tiffay!!

  12. Yeah baby!.. that cheese is a tease… absolutely encaptivating.. Ive never had so much cheese in my life.. lol. had to see it over and over.. Love em 😉

  13. Just gorgeous! I love this scene, so sexy and sweet at the same time! The way Alex looks at her just makes you melt and makes your knees go weak! Boy, how I would love to be in her shoes! Can’t wait to see this movie!

  14. that is the cream of the curds and whey!

  15. This clip is gorgeous!! There may be a lot of cheese around but its definately not “CHEESY”

  16. I love this scene. “Cheese muse” is so funny. Yes, I do suddenly want some cheese.

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    Dear Tiffany, thanks for replying. I keep trying the Cheese Muse site, but it just tells me the clip is not available…(and the advisory is written in Spanish, not Enlgish!) I just don’t understand why. But thanks for you input.

  18. Going to be a great movie. Can’t wait to see Alex on the big screen once more.

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    Dear Tiffany: can you explain why this clip is no longer available. I’m heartbroken. So wanted to see it. Thanks for posting, but please try to let me know why it won’t come up anymore.

    1. Barbara, it works fine for me.

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    I would love to see this clip but it is not available…and the apology is written in spanish. What gives????

  21. Sexy,sexy,sexy!!! That is Alex. Can’t wait for this movie to come out. Love ya Alex. You roc.

  22. Ohhhh Sigh!!!!! I am melting right now. Alex is just dreamy!!! If everyone else is not captivated by Alex in this movie, they must be made of stone.

  23. That makes my day. He has the most beautiful eyes and they are so expressive , you just want to melt when he looks at her like that. Thanks Tiffany. That was a great clip.

  24. Thank you Tiffany. That was great. Alex is so sweet and hot. I just melted into a puddle.

  25. I am seeing cheese in a new light…….

  26. I love it!! As always, Alex is so adorable, and I have a taste for cheese… 🙂

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