Favorite Alex O’Loughlin Hawaii Five 0 Moments- 2016


For the fifth day of our Alex countdown, we decided to do something a little different. Since it is Friday and usually Hawaii Five 0 night, we decided to make our favorites around the show. These include favorite episode, favorite wardrobe, and favorite performance. We will provide pics exemplifying each one to jog your memory.


Starting with favorite episode. This one was really hard as there really was some great episodes in 2016 and if the first 11 of season seven are any indication,  there will be plenty more great ones in 2017, too.


Episode 6.11 started off the year with Steve and Danny attending a couple’s retreat accidentally. It provided a lot of humor and some good bromance, although there were moments that seemed as if Steve was more carefree than his typical character requires.


Episode 6.12 brought back the beloved characters of Steve’s Aunt Deb and his sister Mary. It turned out that Aunt Deb is dying and wants to make sure her family is taken care of before she passes on. She checked off her bucket list and towards the end of the episode, Steve finds her in bed passed away. This was a very touching episode as Steve and Mary say Aloha to Aunt Deb.


Episode 6.15 showed Steve befriending an autistic man who witnessed a crime and is in danger. The scenes between the two were quite poignant.


Episode 6.15 brought back the comedy again when it also brought back Sang Min and Odell Martin and included special guest, Ziggy Marley.  Steve played the role of encourager as he rooted on Odell with his first case as an attorney saving Sang Min from most definite doom.


Episode 6.25: It would be amiss not to include the season finale of season six where Steve’s life literally and emotionally changed forever. Faced with death after being severely shot, Steve needed a liver transplant which was found through Danny. This episode had it all as there was action, suspense, emotion, comedy, and the love of the Ohana as they all gathered around their leader, brother and friend. Alex played these scenes to a tee and excelled in every aspect of the McGarrett role in this one.


Episode 7.01: Moving on to the season premiere of the current season which provided another winner for 2016. We quickly learned that nothing was going to keep Steve down as he was back chasing criminals right off his loss of the wheelchair race to Danny in the hospital. Not only was he chasing criminals, he took part in the longest chase in Five 0 history causing him to re-injure himself and realize he is not infallible. It also provided some self-reflection of his life overall.


Episode 7.04 is included as one of our favorites as it showed a lot of range for Steve as he found himself in a deathly situation with Alicia. Although Steve finds his life on the line a lot in the series, this was slightly a different situation as he was dealing with a true serial killer that wanted to play games with him. He was weakened physically, emotionally, and psychologically during this episode in which he needed to overcome many obstacles to save himself and Alicia.


Episode 7.07: The long awaited 150th episode is also on the list, of course, as it did not disappoint. Through the episode Steve worked his way to closure with two very important women in his life, Mom and Catherine. It was not an easy ride in any way as it opened with what seemed to be a really romantic night with his current girlfriend, Lynn being interrupted by Cath, the woman who tore his heart out for the second time just over a year ago. From that emotion, to finding out his Mom used him to locate Wo Fat’s father, to verifying his suspicions that Catherine only returned for Kono’s wedding to set up her cover a year ago, to seeing and dealing with his mother who once again abandoned him three years ago, to being almost waterboarded again, to learning that  Catherine had found out about the almost proposal, to well you get the idea. It was not easy for Steve and at one point he even alluded he felt like he was in hell. Alex portrayed these emotions exceptionally and made for one of the better episodes of the year because of it. Not to mention we also got a few answers regarding the Fat family.


Episode 7.11: The final episode of the year is also included in the list as it really had it all. Once again, action, comedy, suspense, heart warming, Ohana moments, and in this case even a cliffhanger. From the opening scenes of  Chin’s birthday party to the final scene with Chin being hooded by the cartel, it kept us on the edge of our seat the whole way through. It was  also fun to see the team outside of Hawaii, and in Steve’s case befriending someone on the opposite side of what he stands for in order to save a “family” member. It was also important to see he had his boundaries when doing so.


That is it for our favorite episode list. Now it is your turn. Which one(s) were yours?


Favorite Hawaii Five 0 Episode




The next category is favorite wardrobe moment. Of course, Alex looks great in anything, but this year we were provided many different looks for him to look great in. The wardrobe department was very creative this year and although we did see the regular blue shirt and cargo pants, they also provided quite a variety for Steve. From casual to dressed to the nines we got a little of everything.

Also, (although we are not complaining) as tight as they made some of Alex’s clothing, it is surprising he could move or even breathe.

Please note the pics are only for wardrobe display purposes only so ignore the actual scenes for this category.


Black on black casual suit


Blue formal suit and tie


Surfing wetsuit



Casual Hawiian shirt


Black sweater with tight black cargo pants


Tight black shirt with tight tan pants


Full kevlar with tight black cargo pants


Leather fighter jacket and grey shirt


Ninja look


Casual resort style shorts and shirt


Black dress shirt and tight off-white pants


Blue suit with blue dress shirt




OK, now it is your turn. Vote by clicking on the below thumbnail photo(s) of your favorite wardrobe choice for Steve/Alex.

Favorite Wardrobe

8.6%, 8 votes
7.53%, 7 votes
7.53%, 7 votes
6.45%, 6 votes
12.9%, 12 votes
7.53%, 7 votes
6.45%, 6 votes
8.6%, 8 votes
5.38%, 5 votes
8.6%, 8 votes
8.6%, 8 votes
11.83%, 11 votes



Last but certainly not least, there is the category of favorite performance. Alex is an exceptional actor and when he is given material to work with we get to see some great stuff. He gives his 100% all the time and although Hawaii Five 0 does not offer many moments for him to shine, there were a few in 2016. Here they are:


The season six season finale: Although some think an actor has to be speaking for acting accolades, sometimes it is even harder to play the scenes with no lines. Alex had a lot of these moments in the season six finale as he was almost dead for half of it. The expressions and need to remain perfectly still while others act off of your situation, takes skill so that is why we chose this episode for one of the favorite performances.


Season seven premiere:  This episode starts with Steve reflecting on his brush with death. It opens with him speaking to a stranger who is in the hospital chapel. It turns out to shoot this scene Alex was working off a character that was not actually there (the Jack Lord cameo). This of course took some acting chops to pull off. Not to mention there were a few scenes where pain was evident and facial acting was imperative. Alex is one of the best when it comes to acting through facial expressions and making the viewer feel the emotions his character does.


Episode 7.04: In this one Steve is abducted by the chess piece serial killer and during it must show anguish, weakness, pain, discomfort, strength, endurance, and fear as he also helps encourage Alicia who was also abducted and is in panic for the water part of the abduction.  Alex once again does a great job showing range in this one.


Episode 7.07– The 150th episode put  Steve through the ringer of emotions; mostly hurt and loss as he realizes those he trusted most have not only a abandoned him but also used him and lied to him once again. Within this episode you can see Alex’s eye’s water up while showing restraint of a man who is not suppose to cry based on his upbringing. You can see and feel the discomfort of the situation he finds himself  in when his ex meets his current girlfriend. You can see his anger diminish to understanding when confronting his mother during the rescue mission , and you can also see disappointment and simultaneous relief when he talks to Catherine about the proposal. It is something he had to know but now that he does can begin to heal and you can also see that realization at the moment he grasps it. The reason you can see all of this is because of Alex’s excellent performance of it all and more in this episode.


These above episodes were the ones that stood out to us for performances. This is not to say that Alex did not have other moments during the season as he is so much more than a pretty face with a hot bod. What he brings to the screen is his craft and we have always admired that as one of his best traits. After all without it, we probably wouldn’t even know about the rest.


Now it is Your turn to weigh in for your favorite Alex O’Loughlin performance of 2016. Vote below.


Favorite Alex Performance 2016



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  1. All were easy to choose from because Alex looks good and is a great actor. I had a hard time choosing the episode, because he gives his all in every episode. I ended up,choosing the 150th because that episode ran the gambit of emotions for him. Looking forward to a wonderful date with someone he can finaly trust cooking for her. Then switching emotions, when Catherine crashed the date with news of his mother who equally leaves and lies to him as well. So with all those emotions he was excellent.

    1. Yes it was difficult to make the decision between episodes. Thanks for taking part in the poll.

  2. How can you ask for our opinion of which was the best ?as far as l am concerned they are all brilliant ,as you say he can act and makes the scene

    1. Yes it is really hard this year for sure. Do your best 🙂 and vote for them all if you want….

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