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In CBS’s new hospital drama, Alex O’Loughlin stars in THREE RIVERS about organ donors in the ER. We talk to O’Loughlin and co-stars Alfre Woodard and newcomer Daniel Henney. Woodard and Henney round out a cast of smart and good looking actors. Get in the know here.


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  1. I also work in a hospital – definitely do not have docs like “Dr. Andy” – Alex is very convincing as a surgeon and who would not love to have him be your doctor – that would make anyone feel better.

  2. I love 3 Rivers. Work in a hospital in cardiology. Wish we had a dr that looked like Alex. The show has had some great stories. It is a fast paced show and you can’t look away.

  3. Loved last nite’s episode…watched it 3X. Alex is at his most wonderful and the stories were very engrossing. Keep up the good worlk TR….we’ll be there!

  4. thanks so much i watch it every sunday love three rivers

  5. Wish I could watch it.

  6. Alex is perfect in doctor. Alex is perfect in all…
    Thank for this vidéo Tiffany ;

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