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  1. So happy yesterday when I opened my Sunday mag USA today and there was a letter and a great photo of our lovely Alex….But I’m watching the Emmy’s and I can’t find Alex. They are so missing out on using his talents. He’d make a great PRESENTER at least….

  2. Tiffany, thanks for the great pics and website – Alex is great! Quick question: I wrote to him at the ICM address and it was sent back unopened and marked “Return to Sender” – is this the right address for fan mail and has this happened to anyone else? Let me know please.

  3. Thank you so much to this picture. Alex is so beautiful ! Such a beautiful face, eyes, smile…

  4. These photos are awesome. I wanted to jump into my lap top. Alex looks so alive and beckoning….ok ok I’m calming down.

  5. Yes, ALex wears that DOnate Life pin everywhere being the Ambassador for Organ Donation. At least I could watch this clip yay. Two bites of ALex on that bit. Get noticed there boy, in Tinsel Town town you need to there on the scene, getting noticed.

  6. hi thanks for the video and the rest of the photos of alex i love the smile he can look through
    you with those eyes alex is so handsome thanks again

  7. OMG, He is just the most Gorgeous man I’ve ever seen.. He does have a way of saying more with his eyes,and smile. Good thing his new role is a Doctor alot of Females are going to need him.

  8. I have to agree with Natalie, the 2nd photo is the best one, the look on Alex’s face say’s so much and he does’nt even have to say a single word. You only have to look into his eyes and your heart just melt’s!!!
    OMG………….Be still my beating heart…….

  9. Thank you very much Tiffany!

  10. The second picture is the best one. Such a handsome face. Mmmmmm.

  11. That second picture made me feel like he was looking right through me! Alex is such a Hunk! Thanks again Tiffany.

  12. He’s so cute!! He has something in his lapel that says “Donate Life”. He’s gorgeous and a good guy too!! Best actor ever.

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