Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap Up – Week of Feb 27


The week flew by and it is time for another Alex weekly wrap up. It seems as if there just isn’t a lot to report lately as for the most part the behind the scenes is minimal and he seems to be laying low. However there were a few things to recap for you so here you go.



Behind the Scenes


This Friday’s episode deals with human sex trafficking and showcases a local charity. They were able to get a behind the scenes shot with Alex and also shared an interesting article on their cause. Check out the article here.


Hawaii five 0 behind the scenes





On Thursday, the cast hosted some kids on the set. Everyone knows how much  Alex loves kids by now and this time was no exception. It probably did not hurt that is seemed to be Spike’s class too. Thanks to in IG stories post by bwallace808 we got a glimpse of this fun day. Since stories only stay for 24 hours we grabbed it for you, so if you have not seen it, it is short but very sweet.





From that same day, a few pics showed up of Alex in the break room and walking the grounds. Of course, the shaka made an appearance too.


alex o'loughlin hawaii five 0 studios

alex o'loughlin hawaii five 0 studios






Also from bwallace808 IG stories, a rare peek into working a table scene out. If you do not follow Brian on IG you should as he provides some really great BTS so go check him out. Thanks to him or this one too!




Another week down and they are currently shooting episode 7.22, so if they are doing them in succession, they have 3.5 left to do. That puts them at hiatus break starting around the first week of April as always. Guess they were not able to pull off that longer one after all.

Have a great week. At least there will be a new episode on Friday but after that there is a prolonged break for some NCAA basketball March Madness so hunker down and choose a bracket if you’re into that kind of thing to pass the time.






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