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  1. Thanks Tiffany so I guess any hope may be found on e-bay perhaps… However, from your description, the husbans spirit taking another’s body almost sounds like the script of “Ghost”, doesn’t it?

    CBS needs to come down from it wabbly pedestal and realize they must cater some to the adults of tomorrow in what these teens now fancy… Can’t believe the damn network is still running “The Price is Right”, now that is as old as Granny’s Bloomers… Are you aware that it began on NBC, was actually done as a panal show of 4 contestants (that remained for the entire 1/2 hour show) bidding on prizes…just bidding, no games like Barker’s show… The show came from NYC, was in black & white, & was hosted by, the now late, Bill Cullen, who had been a favored game show hosts for many different early daytime TV shows… Now that does show my age, whew!!!!

  2. Tish,

    As far as I can tell from the die hard fan element still on the net, it was never put on DVD because they only aired 10 episodes. If you search though you can find people selling it and of course it would have to be pirated.

    Also, I WAS getting bored with GW until they did that whole story line where her husband died and his ghost went into another body. That actually got me interested again. But to kill off her hubby was kinda desperate… their ratings must be slipping.

    To me it seems they go out on a limb and try paranormal shows but if it doesn’t attain cult like status immediately..aka Buffy, Angel, SuperNatural… they give up and cancel it. Let’s face it, they are not the WB and they do not draw the teen, young adult audience so they need to lower their standards.

  3. Like I said many times before, Nina Tassler would not know a good show if she tripped over one… but CBS, even minus the Queen B, continues to run tiresome shows for what seems like centuries…Boring!!!!

    If CBS is so anti-paranormal, how did Moonlight get on board? As for mentioning the paranormal, isn’t it time “Ghost Whiperer retired itself? Wonder how that one is lasting on CBS so long? See one episode of GW, you have seen them all…

    Tiffany, I do not recall that series, Wolf Lake, but I really like Lou Diamond Phillips, so do you know if the show was ever put on a set of DVDs? If so, would Amazon.com have them?

  4. Hate Edward???! What??? LOL. I like the Twilight cast just as much as the Moonlight cast.

    Moonlight was loosely based on Twilight. Can you imagine if we had a second season where they introduced a werewolf who was vying for Beth?

    It reminds me of an awesome show from 2001 called Wolf Lake that aired on…you guessed it…CBS. The show was AWESOME!!! Lou Diamond Phillips was a Seattle policeman and his fiance gets attacked and all that he finds is a severed hand. So he goes to her hometown called Wolf Lake to investigate her past. Little does he know that Wolf Lake is full of wherewolves.

    It won two emmy awards and CBS still cancelled it. They have a history with not liking paranormal werewolf/vampire shows.

  5. Hi Sweeti, I’m glad someone agrees with me but if you have not seen Twilight you will be surprised like I was. The movie is so much like Moonlight but does’t have much action and its the same story line, the only thing is there will be a sequel, whereas CBS robbed us of our Moonlight and the stars which to me are so much better than the cast of Twilight. signed hopeful

  6. hope you are sooooo right, any picture of him rox!!! and i havent seen twilight, but i HATE the guy that plays edward! alex would be 10 times better just because he already knows how to play a vampire, and thats just one reason!!!! so i totally agree with you on the whole his caring and stuff in moonlight, i really wish it would come on normal t.v. again, i dont have cable :(.

  7. Hi Moonlight Lovers, Any picture of Alex is always great, even with those big black eye glasses for the TV show CM. I have to tell you that I rented Twilight last night and was very disappointed, I thought it was boring at first, I got very sleepy and did’nt think the show conpared to our Moonlight including the main star, Alex would have been great in that role, because it was so much like Moonlight, the loving and caring part that Alex had as Mick St. John. I don’t know if anyone agrees with me but I hope so. signed hopeful

  8. OMG, that is a great pic of Alex.

  9. BTW, take note fans, about the “smile” on Alex’s face is not a toothy grin… He almost seems famous for that tongue grin as well as his sensual face and all wrapped an acting talent beyond most and tied neatly into a man named Alex O’loughlin…

  10. Yes, A girl name Reggie, we all are well aware and admire Alex’s versatile abilities in acting… As for me, I hope one day to see him getting onstage at Hollywood’s Kodiak Theater and accepting a Best Actor Oscar…

    In so far, knowing that you are also a “friend”, as I am, on Alex’s MySpace page, as for speaking for all of his fans, I was not really doing that, but many of Moonlight’s fanbase consisted of persons enjoying shows to do with vamperism or the macabe, thus the “thirst” in other vampire filming…BTW, Twilight is not just a “show”; the big screen movie, which grossed millions in the first 2 days it was shown in theaters, was adapted from a set of 4 novels, Twilight being the first, written by Arizona based author, Stephanie Meyer… As I write, the 2nd of those novels, New Moon, is being filmed in and around Vancouver, BC and Oregon areas plus a good portion of it will be filmed in Tuscany, Italy as well… These novels, originally written with a youth reader in mind, was indulged by more adults over 30 & 40+ years of age (I’m 63 and read all 4 last summer), especially since the demise of Moonlight, which we all still miss and mourn… The Twilight Saga of books has continually been on the Best Sellers list as well…

    BTW, Alex stated a while back that he loved any books dealing with vampirism…read all of Anne Rice, too… So the man enjoys any entertaining good vampire tale, does that mean he would feel as if he was turning his back on Moonlight if he went to see Twilight on the big screen, too? Hope that he did, he would’ve gotten a kick out of the altogether different folklore in this one…as with ML, no real bloody scenes that can be very gross… I just got a charge, myself, knowing that Mick slept in a freezer and the Cullens never slept…

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    Opps should be…Awesom versatile acting ability that Alex O Has!!

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    WOW! It’s awesome to see a recent picture of Alex! He looks good,healthy,happy.

    I hope and pray he gets a lead role in a weekly show!

    Patricia, do not speak for all of Alex’s fans, I did not drift over to twilight or or true blood for that matter
    I am a die hard Moonlight Alex O’oughlin fan….those other two shows do not hold a candle to Moonlights storie line and the acting of the others do not come close to the awesome visatile acting ability that Alex O

    Alex has more talent in he’s little finger then most actors in ther whole body! I will always support him
    and stand behind him 100%

  13. That’s a wonderful picture of “The Man”… What is that new fangle word used nowadays…Scrumptilicious!!!! or something like that….

    Looking forward to the day when “that face” graces our TV screens weekly, not for just a one time guest shot… This man deserves better than that….

    I am hoping that someday “The Man”, himself, can produce or co-produce (as he did in FEED) a Moonlight movie and play Mick St John again for his fans… Also that he will invite his co-stars from the canceled show to join in this endeavor…

    IF YOU ARE READING THIS ALEX PLEASE GIVE THE ABOVE PROJECT SOME THOUGHT… all of your fans would love it… You do know that we all still love your Mick St John character even though we drifted from the Moonlight after it was canceled and ended up in Twilight with a very capable vampire named Edward Cullen, but Mick is the younger vamp (Edward is 17 at 100 & Mick is 30 at 80+, I think)that still makes fans blood boil…

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