Alex O’Loughlin Cosmo Magazine Photos

The Cosmo mag featuring Alex is out and thanks to H50 Fans I have some scans to share. Hot diggity! The third shot down, on the bike… there are no words!

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  1. you r coooooooooooooooooooooooool 🙂


  3. {{{THUD}}} Someone must have turned the air conditioning off here. WHEW !!

    What great pictures of this beautiful, talented, delightful man. I am looking
    forward to the start of Hawaii Five-O’s new season. Meanwhile, I’m going to
    keep fanning myself and run out to get a copy of Cosmo.

    Thank you, TIffany – you always make my day wonderful !!!

  4. lucky lady nice bike hot alex :heart: :angel: :kiss: :love:

  5. Does anyone know about any live-stream of the H5O premiere tonight on Waikiki?? I watched it last year and it was great!

    1. Hi Cheri. The “HawaiiNewsNow” website is live streaming from 5:30pm their time. I’m sure they’re probably not the only newsfeed but I went online last night and everything is already set-up for tonight’s festivities. Can’t wait. This will be my first time watching and I’m sooo excited. By the way, did you see my reply to your last comment re: Cosmo? Please let me know ok? Thanks

  6. Hi Tiffany, OMG! Those photos are beautiful. Thank you,Tiffany. You certainly made my day. There are no words. When I opened the link, I stopped and couldn’t breathe with my mouth open. Seriously, he is one beautiful man, he certainly could have made it successfully as one hell of a male model. Thank you again Tiffany, I so appreciate all you do to keep us posted. Can’t wait for the season premiere. Take care, Lisa

  7. Just got home with my very own issue! It’s the October issue starting on pg 216. What a beautiful hunk of man–especially on the dirt bike! Does he still have his custom Harley? I ride with my husband on his Harley so I’d JUMP at the chance to ride with Alex!! :woot:

    1. Thought I recognized your name – you made an earlier comment re: Hanes underwear that I replied to. Could you tell me who’s on the cover of your Cosmo? and if you are in the U.S. Our issues in Canada are sometimes different from yours. 🙁 Dumb!! Gotta get me a copy of our boy :love: Thanks.

      1. The cover is bright yellow with Minka Kelly as the model. The October issue. As for the premiere–I’m WAY disappointed. The only live feed I’m seeing is of the Red Carpet–no actual broadcast of the episode. I watched a live stream last year–not the best feed (it was grainy) but at least I got to see it. These other live feeds are of just the Red Carpet–Not Fair!!!

      2. Thanks for the info on the mag. It doesn’t come out here until the 14th so will have to wait to see id it’s the same one. I was disappointed with the live feed also. It was blurred most of the time and you couldn’t understand what they were saying because of an echo. 🙁 I didn’t have internet last year so don’t have anything to compare it with. And what gives with Scott? He was the only one who didn’t walk the red carpet. I heard one of the interviewers say he doesn’t like talking to the media. Alex rocked as usual. He signed pictures and acknowledged the fans every chance he got. What a class act. No wonder he is loved by so many. :heart: :heart:

  8. HOT HOT HOT that about sums it up for me!!

  9. thank you so much for sharing tiffany! i know what i will be reading when ive put the groceries away! you are so right about the bike picture!!!!!

  10. OMG! Great pics! I especially like the last one where he is kissing that VERY LUCKY GIRL!! I wonder if Alex did some modeling before acting! He does it so well! Thanks Tiffany! :love: :heart: :heart:

  11. oops, sorry for the misspell….exquisite is what I meant.

  12. OMG, get me to the store quick for a copy of this exquisiste magazine….all of you are so right. He makes a damn good model, looks hotter than ever, especially on that bike, and yes get rid of the blondes and put some gorgeous brunettes with him…or maybe just me. LOL. Thanks Tiffany for the heads up.

  13. WOW Mick looks HOT, HOT on the bike, can we push the chick off?? (Sorry Alex will always be Mick to me :love:

  14. :love: Made my day so so much sweeter! Thanks for the heads-up on this issue!

  15. What hot pictures!!! Thanks Tiffany. He makes me drawl. Yes, he would make a great model. Glad H5O is going so good for him. He looks so sexy in the pictures. Love ya Alex, you roc.


  17. :love: Thanks Tiffany! OMG! He just keeps getting better with age! Love it!

  18. So gorgeous. YUMMY! YUMMY! In the third picture down, in the corner it says it is the October issue of Cosmopolitan. Does anyone know when the new issue comes out? I will definately be buying this one. Thanks so much Tiffany. It always makes my day when I see your email in my inbox.

  19. Can someone tell me which issue it is in. I looked in Sept. and it wasn’t in there. Help

  20. thanks so hot when is the mag coming out

  21. POR DIOS ! ! ! KE CHULADA DE HOMBRE ! ! ! :heart: :heart: :heart: EL HOMBRE PERECTO SI EXISTE ! :love: :love: :love: TNX COSMO PHTS MAGZ …. TNX TIFFANY ^_^

  22. OMG !!! Is there anything that man can’t do? Alex is just a natural at everything and could so
    easily have a modelling career. He’s got us drooling and trembling and suffering (gladly) from heart palpitations yet again. :love: :heart: :love: :heart: I hope Cosmo’s sales go through the roof. WOW !!!

    1. I hope they don’t mess around like they did with the Men’s Fitness Mag. and have a different issue here in Canada. They must really like him (and what’s not to like) at Cosmo cause he was in the June issue also. They’re not stupid – they know they have a sure bet with Alex, and they’ll have record sales this month.


  24. Lost my words too :heart: these pics are the ” TOP HIT OF TODAY” :love: only what I can say is ” WOW ” :woot: Alex looks very delicious on this pics :kiss: thx @Tiffany

  25. To be honest, Maria, I wasn’t looking at his feet. tee hee

  26. He is an excellent model. Most of the male models tend to be in the background around the girls but he stands out more than she does. He has real presence on all kinds of film.

  27. Wow,Alex looks hot. Thanks Tiffany,got to get a copy of the mag. :love:

  28. I am sooo totally jealous of that model. 👿 These are some H O T pictures and I’m with you – the picture of Alex on that bike YUM. :love: but can’t we edit her out?? He can take me for a ride anytime. :whistle: :heart: You did it again, Tiffany. Thanks so much. You sure made my day. :heart:

    1. Muffie: As always, you crack me up, “He can take me a ride any time.” Thanks!

      Question: Why does every model with him is ALWAYS blonde? Didn’t he look great with Catherine–hello, brunette here! I’m really tired of the blonde thing.

      1. Glad I could give you a chuckle. This man sure gets my pulse racing. But you’re right – why do they always put him with a blonde? He and Catherine were great looking together, and I too are tired of the blonde thing!! I was wondering if there is an article about him or just pics too. Although, “just pics” ain’t a bad thing.

  29. OK, call me crazy, but is there an article about Alex in the mag or just photos?

  30. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DROOOOOOLLLLLLLLL<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
      :love: :love: :love: :love:

  31. Where was I when they were looking for models? 😀

  32. That is one LUCKY model!!! ;-( :love:

  33. I want to ask something Im always curious I hope some have answers. Why Alex like to wear most of their shoes untied, with his laces always off

  34. WOW!! I’ll tell you one thing–if God forbid H5O goes the way of ML and 3Rs, Alex could make a FORTUNE as a male model!! I’d like to see him in some Hanes underwear :p

    1. I agree Cheri – ditto to the Hanes underwear :heart: 😉 :heart: (drool)

  35. Hottt Alex,What a lucky girl she is.Like the motorcycle one also…such a cutie :love: :heart:

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