Hawaii Alt O- Hawaii Five O Alternative Universe Ch. 2


If you started to read Bryna’s fan fiction Hawaii Alt O yesterday, you will be pleased to know here is the release on Chapter 2. If you missed it, check out chapter 1 first before heading in to chapter 2 and getting confused.

Here is Chapter 2 for those that have been waiting for it.


Hawaii Alt o fan fiction


Chapter 2


The EKG machine’s alarm startles Kono. She looks up from her case notes and sees that the patient’s eyes are opened.


Kono walks across the room and presses the button for the doctor. She looks at the patient and whispers , “You look just like Mick.” Kono sends a text to Mick to come to the hospital asap.


The patient’s eyes widen as if he’s surprised to see her. He starts to move, but the arm restraints do not allow him.


“Sir, just calm down. You’re in Queen’s Medical Center…just relax. You’re safe now. The doctor is on his way.”


Dr. Williams rushes in the door, “I see our patient is awake. Let’s see how he’s doing.”


The patient’s eyes widen again as he struggles to speak, “Whoa, slow-down, Sir. We have to see how you’re doing first before we can remove the oxygen mask and your restraints. Just settle down…I won’t hurt you.”


Kono puts her hand on the patient’s shoulder and he begins to breath normally.


“I’m Dr. Daniel Williams, but you can call me Danny…I’m not big on formalities. Okay you’re EKG alarm went off because the cord was disconnected. That’s an easy fix.” The doctor reattaches the cord to the machine. The EKG machine begins to function normally.


Dr. Williams checks the readings. “Heart is good…let’s see…” Dr. Williams checks the patient’s vitals. “You’re still a little weak, but stable. You’re breathing well, so let’s remove the oxygen mask.”


As Dr. Williams removed the mask, the patient looks at the doctor and says in a weak voice, “Danno?”


The doctor looks at Kono in confusion. Kono addresses the patient, “Sir, do you know Danno? She was here with you when they brought you in.”


The patient then looks over at Kono, “Kono?”


“Why yes….” Kono slowly sits down next to the bed and leans closer to the patient, “Sir? Do you know me?”


The patient looks back at Dr. Williams, “Danny…what’s going on? Why are you a doctor?”


“Well that’s a question my mother can answer for you. In the meantime, were you one of my patients? What’s your name?”


“Steve McGarrett,” Mick answered as he walks through the door with Danno and Grover following in behind him. “He’s a Navy Seal who was assisting the HPD on a case last week. Duke and his men were searching for him.”


Steve stiffens up as Mick comes to his side, “Who…you look just like…”


Mick smiles, “I know, right? Doppleganger I guess. You gave Kono a scare. She thought her boyfriend….”


Steve interrupted, “Boyfriend? You and Kono?” Steve looks incredulously at Mick.


Mick nods, “I know I don’t deserve her. How many girlfriends can cover your back with a sniper’s rifle and make the best loco moco on the island.”


Steve’s mind drifts, “Not many…”


Mick continues, “Commander McGarrett, this is Detective Danielle Mauro, but she prefers ‘Danno’ for short. And this is Captain Lou Grover. I’m Detective Mick St. John. Captain Chin Ho Kelly informed us of your invaluable service with Duke’s team.  The Captain and Duke will be coming by later this evening to see you. Also, we were able to inform your family of the good news.


“My family?” Steve still in a daze trying to figure out what triggered this alternate universe. “The Tequila….it must have been Dog Chapman’s Tequila..”


“Yes,” Mick looks at his notes, “John McGarrett and your mother, Doris, were about to board a fight to Europe with your sister, Mary. They’ll be here momentarily. Your brother, however, is already here and insisted on seeing you.” Mick motions to one of the HPD officer stationed at the door.


“My brother?” Steve snaps out of his daze.


WoFat walks into the room with a smile that spreads from ear to ear.



Stay Tuned for Chapter 3


Story and Pic Credit Becoming_Bryna

Adapted from the CBS characters of Hawaii Five 0 and Moonlight





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