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After a week off for the fan fiction continuation of Blind Justice, the fanart day is back! The unplanned theme seems to be Alex’s older characters as the majority of the creators all sent in non-Steve fanarts.  From Kevin in the Shield to Dr. Andy and more, here is some fanart from the characters not used often anymore.

We will share them in the virtual gallery below in order of role played.


First is one of Will Bryant and it was done by Sonja. Her use of old burnt like calligraphy paper is perfect for this character’s time. If you do not know the story of Mary and Will Bryant or have never seen Alex in this role, it is worth a watch as he excels as Will. He was nominated for two awards in Australia for it (AFI and  Silver Logie) and the story is riveting and based on real characters. Sonja’s addition of the actual calligraphy within the piece also is telling.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Sonja (Sonni)




Next in succession is Kevin Hiatt from The Shield.  Although Alex was not in many episodes, he made an impression while there. The piece was done by Monika and she says this is one of her all time favorite photos of Alex. She emphasizes that by stripping the background and making it a simple piece all about Alex front and center. It just adds to the ruggedness of it all.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz




Moving on in Alex’s career,it would be amiss if today’s themed pieces did not include one of his most famous characters of all, Mick St. John. This one was done by Silvia and we grabbed it from the gallery. She had grabbed a screenshot from episode 4, Fever, and made it simple and complex all in one by making it black and white and stripping out all unnecessary parts of the frame.  It is a pretty sexy picture and is an imagination leader for sure.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Silvia from the gallery



We filled in for the Dr. Andy time in Alex’s life with this blend of a serious Andy and a comforting Andy. It was often that Alex had to portray many emotions at once in this role. As we have said before he is one of the best with emoting with just his facial expressions which this depicts below.

alex o'loughlin fanart





As for the Back up Plan, and his role of Stan, Bryna created one of her popular movie posters. This time she has taken the 2003 movie Something Has To Give and gave the roles to Alex and J Lo. for a sequel. Since they were so good in a romantic comedy once, why not again? It would really be great to see the two of them on the screen once more and there are many fans that are waiting for that day to become a reality. As Bryna put it so well, something has to give (pun) to get that to happen.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Becoming_Bryna






Completing the succession of the virtual wall, Gaby brings us a more current Alex. Through the use of a disintegration effect, it seems as if there is some wind blowing up sand particles in his direction. It exemplifies the real perils of being in a photoshoot outside compared to the perfect pics seen all the time. Even with some dust around, Alex is looking fine. 

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit H50Europe




That is another fanart weekly post down! We have built up quite a collection from the creators over the last year. Hope you enjoyed the pieces. Any favorites?   




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  1. All of those were excellent, loved the one Fever by Silvia. Your right sexy!

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