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As Friday night’s episode was the last for season 8, it is now time for that hiatus drag. During hiatus last year we did our best to fill the space between seasons and was quite active. We can not guarantee we will be as active as last but we will do some things to fill the time. One of those things will be the release of some of our photoshoot collection. We are still not sure exactly how often or how we will mix it up but here is one below to start off with.

It was taken by Nino Munoz for the CBS Watch photoshoot last year. This shoot has quite a bit of depth to it with numerous props and settings in play. It looks like it was a long day but also a fun one.


alex o'loughlin cbs watch phoroshoot


We will release the larger HQ version in our gallery and FB pages later. We respectively ask that you do not steal the pics and remove the watermark. True fanart is OK to utilize them for, but just a color change, or solid background change type of thing is not. Although there seems to only be a few that do that, those are the ones that would not want the same thing done to them. So please help ensure the respect of the amount of time and resources we went through to get these unseen photos. As long as that is honored, we will keep releasing them for everyone to enjoy. 

Although we have others, we will focus on this particular photoshoot for the hiatus as it is our favorite to date. It is probably based on the caliber of it and there really are some great and amazing shots! 




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  1. Awesome….thank you!!

  2. Love this picture! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Question is to this since this picture was taking my Cbs watch it is actually their property in wouldnt you putting your watermark on it be using their picture without their permission

    1. Answer is we have acquired written permission and have been asked to watermark them. We try to make the mark as unobtrusive as possible but when they are intentionally removed it ruins it for everyone. Thank you for your comment and you are welcome.

      1. Ah cool! Good to know…and so grateful you have permission to share these additional pics with us!

    1. You are very welcome.

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