Three Rivers Episode Air Dates

Per Alex’s MySpace page:

Please note the following additions to the THREE RIVERS air schedule:


06/05/10 – #100 – WIN-LOSS (OTO – Sat 8:00- 9:00PM)

06/12/10 – #109 – A ROLL OF THE DICE (OTO – Sat 8:00- 9:00PM)


06/19/10 – #110 – EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE (OTO – Sat 8:00- 9:00PM)

06/26/10 – #111 – CASE HISTORIES (OTO – Sat 8:00- 9:00PM)

07/03/10 – #112 – STATUS 1A (OTO – Sat 8:00- 9:00PM)

Can’t wait to see these never seen before episodes!!

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  1. I sure hope you are not taking 3 Rivers off the air. It’s one of the best medical shows in a long time and I really enjoy watching it. The actors & their personalities are just great!
    PLEASE bring it back in the fall. We need Alex on 3 Rivers, not Hawaii 5 O – he’s definitely the doctor type, not police type.

    1. sue, of as to say that it would of be real nice of if that was the case… and yet that of as for CBS of to even air theses last 5 episodes that at the time didn’t get to originally as to air like should of. that in itself is something for sure. of as to this.. that was really very nice of CBS.

      um, of as to anything now.. that of well possibly that of “Three Rivers” to come out on DVD would for sure be somthing. or too.. of as to like “Moonlight” and it of biting as to this summer on the CW network on Thursdays(9pm/est).. is for sure of a very nice surprise and treat to say the least. yet who knows.. of if this be w/ moonlight.. maybe just maybe and who knows as to well.. “Three Rivers” of just maybe some time somewhere just might re-surface again too even if only in re-runs.. which well for sure would still be more than nice, and too for sure be very easy to watch again… right?

      um, of as to cop… for sure this isn’t going to be Alex’s 1st time at that.. um, he was on the series “The Shield,” Kevin Hiatt…
      under pictures, believe its pg 7 (photo 111 of 169).

  2. Well, at LEAST the last 30 seconds were worth watching! Glad to see a passionate moment after 56 minutes of Barney and Friends. Until that point, nobody had any edges — everything was too soft; no drama. Even the boy dying was dull.

    Oh well, I did have 30 seconds………..

    1. OH, YEAH– Alex in a steamy love scene!! But you’re right–only 30 seconds?? It’s plain to see that CBS doesn’t understand what they have. The HOTTEST male to come along in a long time!

  3. ok.. um.. to say it was for sure really nice to get to watch again “Three Rivers… and with this that for sure I’m glad CBS is allowing to show theses episodes after all. as to say there have been many a series that of well.. and of the episodes that of were awaiting to air.. well to say this is rare indeed.

    other than that.. the next thing will be of how soon “Three Rivers” comes out on DVD! hopefully it will be soon, real soon indeed!

  4. I just watched the Three Rivers episode , and am SO GLAD they cancelled that mess. Ugh… to make an hour seem like 3. Just think, if they’d kept that on air, we wouldn’t have the chance to see Five-O!!!!! Now that looks exciting, and a prefect vehicle for our perfect guy.

    It was obvious that the actors on TR were trying their best, but the writing was just way too weak. Great idea, lousy execution. To bad they couldn’t find a Shonda Rhimes for that one.

    Good news is that the rest of the world can now see Alex cutting loose.

    Cannot wait.

    1. I love Alex O’Loughlin but this was not a good show for him. Three Rivers is badly written and very contrived in the plot. I think CBS did him a favor cancelling it. I noticed in the USA paper that it got a poor review, too. I can’t belive CBS had writers that wrote up a series like this. There is no way Alex O’Loughlin could have saved this series. I taped it but fast forwarded through a lot of it. It is a very disappointing series.

    2. I agree that TR deserved to be canceled. Since I am a nurse I’m super critical of any “medical” show. I’ll watch the episodes because Alex is in them–but only for that reason. I get distracted from the story because I’m staring at Alex!!

  5. OMG, just watched New Three Rivers, still can’t understand why they took it off. This was a great show, just like MOONLIGHT watched the marathon on syfy thursday, and cw . It’s great to see ALEX on screen again. While watching 3R they showed the as for Hawaii 5 O. Can’t
    wait to have our Alex on tv weekly. The man makes my Heart skip a beat.He is just so handsome. Went to Amazon for the 3R dvd not listed do you think now with the last few episodes, they will release season one?

  6. Hi ,question please
    I’m off to hawaii on Sunday, just as 3 rivers and moonlight reruns begin, of course. If there is an Alex fan in Hawaii on here could you please tell me if these shows will be broadcast on Oahu , day, time, channel?
    thank you so much,

  7. thanks for posting this.. for sure I will be watching and too help put the word out!

    hey um, ok this may sound really wild thing to do.. and yet as that of w/ everything that has happened… and well yet how about this… and too it just surprise CBS by chance too!

    that is as to go to their site and keeping it of honey and keeping the vinger out of it..

    that of simply giving CBS thank you’s for doing this for us.. um, seeing as that of well.. it sure wouldn’t hurt … right? just a thought.. and well like the old saying that may be old and yet is always still a fact jack.. that of always one must use that of w/ honey , and yet never ..vinger.. uck!.. just a thought.

  8. I think Alex is single, he has said many times in interviews, the actress who plays with him in TR is amber clayton but he just said he had good time with her on TR (and she dates actually with other actor but I don’t remenber his name ?) but it’s true that he is very close with Sophia Myles (she said it) and they call each other frequently.

  9. I manage to download this series from a well known torrents site as it was not aired in the UK, I really don’t know why it was taken off the air it’s a good show, Just hope some kind person puts the rest of these episodes on to download. Thanks for posting Tiffany XX
    Love you loads Alex XX

  10. Does anyone know how I can access Alex’s Myspace page?

    1. Sharon S you need to have a Myspace account, you do have to login to send messages, although when you go onto Alex’s page it tells you its private you can send Alex a message but he has to accept you as a friend for you to see his page, hope this is helpful, Rosina XX

  11. Finally! I miss Three Rivers and I agree with ALex-it was a concept never done before and had they given the show time and a decent time slot I think it would have succeeded. I’m glad to finally get to see the eps they filmed and I really hope CBS releases Three Rivers on DVD. I would definitely get it!

  12. hi thanks for leting me now i will watch the last three rivers i was a little mad when they took off three rivers i think they did not give the show time it was nor fare to alex
    i cant wait to watch the show charlene

  13. Happy about these episodes we have waited so long to see – and happy to hear from Alex at MS!

  14. · Edit

    ooops, my error…five episodes, not six.

  15. · Edit

    I loved loved loved Alex in this series and now am so excited to be able to see the unaired episodes. My question tho’ is: will they be airing the whole series again this summer or just these six episodes? Whatever. And…when will we be able to get the DVD????

  16. I’m thrilled that CBS is finally giving us the last 5 episodes of TR! I too am very eager to see H5O. I understand it’s fantastic! Thanks Tiffany.

  17. I will also be watching the episodes. It is about time CBS turns the light on and lets us see them. Yes I also heard Alex was dating the blonde doctor from Three Rivers. Wish you a lot of luck Alex. You roc.

  18. Will the west coast get to see them?

  19. CBS has again gone up a few more notches in my TV viewing.. It is only fair that all that money spent on those un-seen episodes,…cast, crew, etc. be shown. I’m very glad they “saw the light”. I know he said he didn’t like the original doctor outfit…tight top.and scrubs ..said they looked like Star Trek…not on him!! he might not have liked the look..but the rest of sure would have! And the wedding ring on his finger..thought he and his “wife” on that show were divorced?? Guess not. I hear in real life he is dating her and also sees Sophia Myles. he has good taste. I take it the titles after the shows from 6/5 through 7/3 are the names of the episodes on 3 Rivers? Except the preempt of course. Love Alex from Your Forever Fan Suzanne

  20. Thank you for the info. Am looking forward to seeing the rest of the episodes. I heard he was seeing the pretty blonde doctor. Can’t remember her name. Am also so pumped for this fall’s Hawaii 5-0. It looks like it will be soooo good.

  21. WAUUU!! Hope that someone uploads it to YouTube (like the rest of the first shows were) so that all the fans outside of the US can enjoy these episodes as well.

  22. Will the unseen 3R, be at Eastern or Pacific time at 8pm.
    Can’t wait.

  23. I am excited about seeing these episodes. I remember hearing about this series but it was short-lived that I didn’t see any of them. Thanks for the dates!

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