Whimsical Wednesday -Another FanArt Day


Time for some new fanart. On this hump day for most, it is Whimsical Wednesday for all.  Just two more days until the Halloween episode and 9 more until the 150th so very exciting times for Alex and Hawaii Five O fans.

So to pass the time enjoy this fanart from our collaboration partners.(and one from us too) We are grateful for you ALL and all of your creativity and based on the popularity of these posts, so are all the visitors.



The first set comes from H50Europe.  She even included one in celebration of Halloween and a Die Hard adaptation. 

h50-steve-with-gun alex o'loughlin caped diehard-alex oloughlin

Credit H50Europe


Next the movie of the week from Becoming_Bryna is Mission Impossible. Another movie that would have been better if Alex was the star. 

mission impossible alex o'loughlin


Next we have a different flair to when Alex was watching over Mr. Pickles thanks to Monika

alex o'loughlin with cat

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz



And finally, in celebration of Halloween and having a few minutes to mess around and be creative, the admins did one too… Mick St. John enhanced.



Like what you see? Share it with the fandom and let the creators know as well.



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