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Inspired by Alex O’Loughlin’s latest article yesterday we thought we would take a look back at some past quotes  showing much thought and reflection about his life, his career, and how far he has come.



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it’s been such a long road for me. I’ve worked every day for this. The last 12-13 years has been a constant battle…I don’t take it for granted.

Sunday Mail January 12 2008- 



I have learned to be able to back yourself up and give yourself what you need. It is such a cut throat industry where you get knocked down so much and get rejected so much. If you do not back yourself up, no one else is going to so you really need to learn to get up, shake the sand off your chest and keep going. Do not take yourself so seriously. All of this stuff is really wonderful if it all crumbles tomorrow, it is okay. I can go home and do something else. Not that I want to do that but it is about keeping the right perspective.

Hollywood The Write Way 2008



 Yeah, I didn’t work for like 10 months. I went back to Australia for a minute, and then I went and sat in a forest for a couple months and got my thoughts together. I did a bunch of writing…. Essentially, I went into a bit of a tailspin and left the country, to Mexico, out of phone range. I was kind of upset.

TV Guide April 28 2009 – Talking about After Moonlight



I’ve been getting thrown out of tanks, beaten around the island of Oahu for a couple of weeks and I’ve just come back.

Hollywood News March 31 2010 – Talking about the Pilot of Hawaii Five O



I’ve had so many rejections over the years, I just go, ‘Oh, whatever.’ People go, ‘Oh my God, The Back-up Plan you’re on the billboard with Jennifer Lopez!’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah. It’s fantastic. But what are you saying?’ And they go, ‘Oh this is going to make you a big star!’ But brother, you don’t know what’s going to happen. I could end up unemployed.

I started at the bottom. I was washing dishes at this tiny restaurant, getting yelled at by the old Italian owner, to pay for the classes I was taking at night, learning how a camera worked and how to break down a script. That was a long time ago.

From there, it was a general progression. I became an extra, a background artist. I did a couple commercials as a background artist, then a couple commercials as a lead – so I worked my way up. But I’m glad I did it that way because I have an appreciation for what I have.  April 26 2010



It’s amazing. I feel really, I feel blessed to be here and love.… You know, this is my home now. It feels like, it feels different, like I bought a house now, and I’m all moved in and my dog’s here and I’m like, huh, I’m coming to work now. It’s kind of really dropped in now.

Hawaii News Now  Season 2 Blessing July 11 2011 – Speaking of Hawaii being home



I got hurt pretty bad on the show and I ended up taking painkillers to get to work. I had trouble getting off them. That’s as complicated as it gets.

It was really difficult for me to be away. I’m at work 14 hours every day, and then all of sudden you’re not at work. I got a lot of letters and messages from people saying ‘Where are you?’ or ‘It’s so weird not to see you in the show’. Probably the biggest thing is how responsible for the show I actually feel. I don’t know if that’s my job to feel that way or whatever.

Herald Sun October 17 2012



Like I read Doug Liman’s script, ‘Everest,’ which he’s about to start directing — it’s amazing and it’s invigorating. But it’s also heartbreaking at the same time because it feels so far away from me at the moment.

Australians in Film Awards Dinner 2013- Talking about not being able to do other projects 



Alex O'Loughlin reflection




Maybe 15 years ago I’d say `yeah I want to jump off that building’ but I was 40 a couple of weeks ago so I kind of know my place. There are certain things you don’t try to start doing at 40.

I want to throw a football with my grandkids one day so I’ve got to be smart.

I’ve taken so many physical hits on this show, my back is pretty bad and I’ve got a lot of fixing I’ve got to do. I’ve got to fix my body.

I think if we get through these two seasons and finish with an eighth season I think it would be an incredible feather in all of our caps and something to be proud of so I’m just focused at the moment on getting through seven and making it into eight.

Australian AP October 15 2016



Whether or not I would have admitted it at the time, what I wanted to experience was fame,” he says. “I wanted to make some money, but I wanted to really just be in the running at the higher level. I wanted to be on billboards and I wanted people to go, oh, that’s that guy.

The minute I got a taste of it, I was like, oh, this has nothing to do with anything,” he adds. “I think for me, it was very important to go to the heart of all that stuff and see it from close up to realise that that wasn’t what I wanted

I don’t want to go back to Hollywood. I don’t know what I want to do. I don’t know if I want to keep doing this. Yeah, maybe [I would give up acting]. I don’t know. I’m just being honest.

When I sit back and look at it … I try to get objective and look at the great journey,” he says. “I don’t know what’s up there. I think there’s something bigger there

The Sydney Morning Herald October 27 2016





What does the future hold for Alex? Well he has some more time left before his Hawaii Five O contract is over and hopefully he gets healthy and stays safe. After that no one knows, probably not even Alex.


Wishing Alex the best while he reflects on the past and the future. No matter what he decides to do after the end of season eight (which is still a long way) we want the best for him and those he loves.



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