Moonlight Returns April 25th!

On April 25th Moonlight returns with one of four new episodes!!! In order to make sure that the show gets picked for a second season we need to tune in and support the show! We need our weekly Alex O’Loughlin fix!

Check out the fan video below in honor of Moonlight’s return:

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  1. YES! We’re almost there! Just three more weeks!

  2. Finally, the wait is almost over!

  3. I LUV Alex O’loughlin…he’s SO hot! Step aside, Beth.

  4. I hear ya Hanna. We didnt even get half the series. We only got about a half dozen episosdes. I can;t even bring myself to watch the tv show that is in moonlight’s old tv spot! I dont give a shit how good or bad it is. I will never know.

  5. well god its about time! wat realli pisses me off, tho, is that they wouldnt even sho reruns! i mean us fans are like dyin from show starvation out here!!!!

  6. I lvoe Moonlight and I want it back!!!!!

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