Alex is MAD and Rightfully So…

After reading about this from Enson Inoue  we thought it should be addressed here as well. It seems an over zealous fan and his wife decided it was their right to hunt down Alex and his family outside their private residence. They took pics of his son playing out front in the driveway. This is such despicable behavior and no matter how big of fan one is, no one has the right to invade anyone else’s private world.

Alex is very generous with  his time and his accessibility to fans and it is sad he is repaid this way. He even has opened himself up to being able to spend some quality time with him annually during the self defense classes he and Egan Inoue host at Egan’s gym. How many celebrities do that? So it is really sad to see this type of behavior from a fan and hopefully Alex will realize this is not the norm for those in the fandom.

On this note, when we took over this site we decided to make it as open as possible which we have. However, we did see that Alex’s address had been published on this site prior to our ownership and we immediately hid those posts. We do not condone stalking. We truly hope all our blog visitors will respect Alex and his family in every way.

Here is what happened in case you missed it:

Enson InoueHad something happen I wanted to talk to you all about. It’s about fans respecting stars and their idols.
Last week we got a call at the Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel from an Alex O’loughlin fan asking if our shop is the shop Alex was at the day before. We answered yes then they asked If we knew when he would be back again. He said his name was Chad from North Carolina and he was on his honeymoon with his wife in Maui and they wanted to get a picture with Alex.
We told Chad that Alex always randomly just pops in so we don’t know when he’ll be in next. We cut the phone and I thought that was the end of that… but it wasn’t
The next day a couple appeared and it was Chad and his wife. He asked Sarah if we knew when Alex was coming in again and Sarah repeated that we didn’t know so they left.
Then today I got a call from Alex saying that a couple showed up outside his residence and began taking pictures of his son who was playing on the driveway. When Alex’s wife confronted them they sped off but not before she snapped this picture of them.
When I saw the picture I couldn’t believe my eyes… It was Chad and his wife.
In my experience I’ve had aggressive fans but nothing like this. I’m baffled that there are fans out there that do not respect the privacy of the the stars. It is sad because Alex treats his fans so kind and yet things like this happen. What Chad did
disregarded Alex’s privacy and I hope it doesn’t discourage Alex from being kind and trusting his fans.
To think I actually considered calling Alex down to the Hilton so they could meet them. Good thing I didn’t.
Chad if you see this, shame on you. No one needs fans like you. Get a life.
Damn I just wish Alex O’loughlin fans would be as cool and respectful as Enson fans.
Please everyone respect our space and privacy. If you’re a real fan you will understand that we have private lives and need space too.
Share this picture and if anyone knows Chad and his wife personally can you let them know that they acted like assholes and that they will NEVER get a picture with Alex now.
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Bet you he wishes he had his own interrogation room at the time…

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