Mick St. John laid to rest?

Mick St. John and Beth Turner

Despite valiant efforts from die-hard fans to bring the beloved but short-lived series back to life on the small or big screen, Alex O’Loughlin says that story is over.

“That’s a [executive producer] Joel Silver question, but as far as I know, no. It’s done. It’s over. Mick St. John has been laid to rest,” he tells TVGuide.com.

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  1. Damn it i wanted him to go on and fall for his reporter girl finally it is still nice to see that he will be in something else i never worked Thursday nights on purpose so i can watch Moonlight what a pity

  2. O myyyy..i was sooo hoping that wouldnt be the answer!! but i ahve to admit that 3 rivers is amaziinnngggg

  3. Jackie, there may be several ways to answer a question but Alex is under no obligation to say anything other than what he WANTS to say. I feel that he IS trying to bury Moonlight a little so that people will give his new show a chance. Nothing wrong with that.. Moonlight is past and TR is future… for now anyway. Dwelling on the past is not a good thing for an actor or their fan base.

    Have you noticed that every time Alex makes a comment that clearly shows he has moved on.. we get Moonlight fans saying that he is nothing but a Nina Tassler puppet and that he can’t REALLY mean it. This is not the first comment he has made along these lines… he has made MANY comments that show he is trying to get his fans to let go of Moonlight and several were made well before Three Rivers. His old girlfriend even ranted on MySpace about fanatic Moonlight fans not letting go… where do you suppose she heard all of it from???

    I think he is being a gentlemen with his comments but the message is loud and clear… he has MOVED on and so should we.

  4. Jackie you sure said a mouth full, all true I might admit. Alex has had several interviews in the past month all of which it Moonlight was mentioned, and it was, he made it very clear that the reason for it’s cancellation was all because of behind the scenes problems and NOT due to any actor issues. BUT WE ALL KNOW THAT ANYWAY !!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Just one more comment to Linda. I want to apologize to Linda for saying I didn’t use the word “negative.” Clearly I did. It’s late and I’m tired preparing for my trip and I forgot that I used the word, but I stand by everything I’ve said. Linda is entitled to her opinion just as I’m entitled to mine.

  6. Linda, I respectfully have to disagree with you. There are several ways to answer a question. Alex could have said, “You know I don’t know but if the opportunity came along to play the role of Mick St. John and Joel was in charge, I’d be there.” or “You know, we can keep the faith and maybe it might happen.” or “You know I’ve learned in life that anything can happen. We’ll just have to wait and see.” Instead he flatly stated that it’s Joel Silver question but as far as he knew, it was done, over and laid to rest. On another interview, Alex stated that he wasn’t sure that a movie version of Moonlight would be true to the series. Now where did that come from? If that isn’t a polite pan, I don’t know what is. You call it being realistic Linda. I call it a tactic to redirect the focus of fans on his new series. It is obvious he does not want to answer anymore questions about Moonlight. And Linda, negativism was your word, not mine. When Moonlight was canceled, I wanted to know what really happened behind the scenes. As to the rest of my speculations, Linda is right up to a point. No one will ever know exactly what was said in secret meetings at CBS. When Moonlight was canceled, there was a gigantic firestorm, afterward, on the internet. When the dust settled, facts started appearing. Nina Tassler is the driving force behind all the crime dramas on CBS. If one CSI is good, why not have two or three more. Her success with creating crime dramas is how she reached her prominence at CBS. It is reported that she wanted the producers to change the format of Moonlight and make it a CSI drama. I guess it might have been called CSI Moonlight. Just speculating Linda. Joel Silver(coward that he is)along with the rest of the producers, writers and cast vigorously opposed the change. Again, I’m speculating, but I’m betting Ms. Tassler was less than happy with the resistance she was getting. Alex even stated in an interview that CBS wanted to change the direction of the show and all who were with the show were against doing it. Also she had three crime dramas waiting in the wings ready to go(Eleventh Hour, The Mentalist and I can’t remember the third one but it’s out there on the net). The article I read stated she had personal involvement in creating these shows. CBS needed the time slots. Would you keep a show with a group of people who don’t want to be team players? A mathematician who liked Moonlight wrote an article stating that Ms. Tassler was less than truthful when she stated the show had low ratings. Moonlight was sandwiched between Ghost Whisperer and Numbers. It was implausible for a show that won the People’s Choice Award for Best Drama and be between two shows that had high ratings and suddenly show a significant drop. Hmm….wonder what everyone was watching for an hour before they turned their televisions back to Numbers? Another article documented that Moonlight was nominated for an Emmy for Best Drama. It also stated, it had a nomination for Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actor. The article suggested Ms. Tassler timed her cancellation announcement before the Emmy nominations were announced. The article stated that if a show is canceled, nominations for that show are dropped. Turns out, according to the article, that a network executive canceled a show a few years ago and it won five Emmy’s. The executive ended up having egg all over his face. If this article is true, and Moonlight won some Emmys, I’m guessing Ms. Tassler wouldn’t wear egg very well. I saw a picture of Ms. Tassler with Alex at a CBS Party. The caption referred to her as his Boss. That’s how I know she’s his boss. When everyone was hoping that another network would pick up Moonlight, like for instance CW or the SYFY channel, Ms. Tassler said, “I don’t think so.” Could it be that CBS didn’t want a popular show to go to another network and be competition? That’s what the article suggested. One article alone doesn;t mean much but combined they don’t paint a pretty picture. I have worked with people in executive positions for almost 26 years. Money, power, ego and self-interest are their usual motivation for what they do and sometimes not in that order. Ms. Tassler is very powerful and I’m sure used to getting what she wants. Moonlight got canceled because of behind the scenes politics-not for low ratings. And Linda, that is definitely not speculation on my part. Ladies, it’s all out there on the net. If anyone is interested, start googling CBS, Moonlight, or Nina Tassler. Linda, if you reply to this email, please don’t think me a coward because I don’t reply. I’m going on vacation for the next three weeks and I don’t intend on getting anywhere near a computer during that time. I also don’t intend on saying anymore about this subject. Everyone can draw their own conclusions. I’m leaving tomorrow but one thing’s for sure, I will definitely not miss the premier of Three Rivers!


  8. oh nooooo !!!! i don’t want it to be over .. i miss moonlight soooo mutch 🙁 alex suits that part so well.. i really hope this is a joke.. it has to be a movie… to end the story.. all fans need a ending.. a happy one i hope 🙂

  9. For a “Moonlight” movie to become a reality – there were many factors that had to come together and unfortuately, for whatever reason or reasons there may be – conflicting schedules for the entire cast, committments that cannot be broken, etc. those may be the reason for the decision not to go ahead with a “Moonlight” movie. I do not think that there was a lack of interest or anything negative said or done from Alex or the other cast members as suggested – Alex has always been “Moonlight’s” biggest supporter – it was his baby, it is just not in the cards – Alex is now focusing all his attention to “Three Rivers”, as he should – as we all should. Remember, it is about Alex and what is happening now, not what was or could have been or should have been, i.e. “Moonlight” All the efforts put forth for anything
    involving “Moonlight” have obviously failed, sad to say, but they have failed. Yes, people are still talking about “Moonlight” as Jackie mentioned, but for different reasons. Those who have let go and moved on are saying just that, move on and then there are others who will never move on. We need to remember that this should be about Alex and what he is doing now – that is “Three Rivers” – not something that has been cancelled for awhile now, with no obvious signs of any type of return in any format.

  10. Jackie, Alex has never “panned” Moonlight, so please don’t attach this negativism to him.
    He is just trying to be realistic. As to the rest of your post, they are your own speculations.
    Incidentally, I don’t think we’ll be hearing from Joel Silver anytime soon. IMO, he’s too
    much of a coward to weigh in on the situation.

  11. CBS made a really BIG mistake canceling Moonlight. Vamps are so in, and I am sure they know it. Still I am looking forward to Three Rivers, I really enjoy his acting. I frequently watch Moonlight and never tire of seeing him on screen… I wish him great success with the new show and Back Up Plan with JLO. Can’t wait for that to come out.

  12. Ladies, remember Nina Tassler. She’s the one who announced Moonlight was being canceled. Well, she just happens to be Alex’s new boss. If you all have been following the the interviews, articles, etc,(and I know you have) it hasn’t been until recently that Alex has started playing down the the idea of a Moonlight movie or anything Moonlight coming back. His comments are getting more negative as the premier of Three Rivers gets closer. Coincidence? I’m sitting here right now watching Alex on The Doctors. You can tell he is definitely excited about what he is doing and is aware of the impact Three Rivers will have on organ donation. He just said he is almost an ambassador for organ donation. You can see he is focused on making a relivent contribution. That’s cool! BUT, I believe that he is being instructed by CBS(Tassler) to play down Moonlight and he probably wants people to concentrate on what he is doing now. I get it. Tassler was the principle person at CBS who wanted to change the show’s format. CBS all but admitted it was embarrassed it canceled Moonlight. With Three Rivers about to debut, It must be really embarrassing for the fans to still be talking about Moonlight. The drama & controversy behind the scenes of Moonlight is what made it the slick, intelligent, sophisticated and witty drama it was. It was well produced, written, directed and acted. I say let the drama & controversy continue. I wouldn’t give up just yet ladies. We haven’t heard from Joel Silver yet. Let’s see what he has to say. And if I were going to give Alex any advice, I would tell him not be so quick about panning Moonlight. That was his break through role that brought him to our attention.

  13. Say it isn’t so! Maybe if Joel Silver gets together with the writers and presents Alex with a script, he’ll do the movie. I’m still going to hope. You never know. Thanks Tiffany.

  14. Im confused, I knolw the show had beenb cancelled, but the are the “Movie” talks over??
    I was soooooooooo looking forward to seeing Moonlight as a movie. i am very disappointed , however…. we do get to see our ALex on CBS starting Sunday. I can not wait for Three Rivers. I’m posting it on my facebook page to remind all to watch it this Sunday.

    I’;ll just have to continue watching my Moonlight DVD over and over!!!

  15. That too bad 🙁
    It would have been nice to see that wonderful story come to an end properly.
    But i’m also very proud of Alex for everything else he has going on and for many more wonderful projects to come for him.
    He ( Mick) will always have a special place in my heart. xoxo

  16. We don’t need to worry. Alex’s versatileness allows him to be a lot of characters. Mick is just one of the many amazing ones he can play. Mick will always be alive in our hearts and amaginations. So see, he isn’t laid to rest. It isn’t over, not if you can dream a little dream.
    I tell you. God gave us all a way to keep things alive, in our minds. So just keep on dreaming and Mick will keep on living. And then sit back and enjoy Alex be another great one. God Bless his abilities. love lule

  17. Never ladi completely to rest in out hearts. And mevere say die.

  18. Makes me very sad, but I guess we saw that one coming … URGH!!

  19. It’s a shame, it was a very good series. It must be comforting because it allowed us to know the beautiful and talented Alex O Loughlin …

  20. ohh NO! what happened to movie idea? I was hoping to see him on the big screen as “Mick st John” 🙁 never mind looking forward to watch TR & TBUP…..

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