Introducing The Alex O’Loughlin Fun Zone

We are starting a new category here that has been inspired by our newest collaboration partner, “Becoming_Bryna” and it called the Fun Zone. This  will be a place to add creative fan art, funny gifs, fan made videos, or even when Alex himself decides it is time to lighten everyone’s day with a funny face or two.


We will also add things like polls, contests and just overall fun stuff. We even have  plans for the future that you will find unique and has not been done in the past on other Alex fan sites so make sure you bookmark our site and visit often to make sure you do not miss anything.


Also if you want to become one of our collaboration partners, contact us and let us know. If you are an Alex fan and have a talent for fan art, do videos,  like to write or whatever, we will be happy to welcome you aboard. It is our belief that everyone has different talents so why not show them off.


Now check out a few fun and imaginative movie posters  starring Alex O’Loughlin instead of whomever…thanks to Becoming_Bryna.


Alex O'loughlin in Bourne Legacy Alex O'loughlin in Vantage Point



Alex O'loughlin in a few good men

Movie poster creatives credit Becoming_Bryna



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