Hawaii Five 0 Na la ‘ilio Gif-fable Moments


This past week’s episode has provided Alex fans many things including emotional moments, funny moments, action moments, and now what we have coined gif-fable moments. Unlike the season premiere where there was less emotion and a lot of fire, the second episode had many expressions and activities that were just perfect for gifs. Here are the ones of Alex including some sweet ones of him and Eddie (who we have fallen in love with very quickly).


As we mentioned we all loved Eddie. It is really hard not too. He is not only sweet and lovable but he is a really good actor. Here are the McEddie moments that caught our heart from the start.


alex o'loughlin compassion


alex o'loughlin meets-eddie



Looks like there has been a love connection made

alex o'loughlin love connection


alex o'loughlin dog talk


alex o'loughlin pets-dog



Next -many gun moments, each one different in approach than the other makes for an enjoyable watch

alex o'loughlin through door


alex o'loughlin gun approach

alex o'loughlin clearing

lex o'loughlin approach



The McGarrett strut is hard to resist 

alex o'loughlin sexy-strut


Then there is the stance

alex o'loughlin stance


And urgency and force 

alex o'loughlin urgency


Alex showing the many different emotions of Steve never gets old – his facial acting has always been a strong part of his repertoire. 

alex o'loughlin frustration

alex o'loughlin solemn-thought


alex o'loughlin interesting

alex o'loughlin sorry


alex o'loughlin phoecall


Having a hard time choosing what beverage to enjoy

alex o'loughlin wine

alex o'loughlin drinking coffee


No Eddie here

alex o'loughlin searching



Leaving everyone with a smile 🙂 

alex o'loughlin smile




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