Alex O’Loughlin Whimsical FanArt Day


It is Wednesday once more and this should be the last Wednesday before Alex goes back to work to get Season 8 started. Although there has been no official start date or news about the Blessing that we know of, that is expected to be released anytime now. It seems as if some of the people that work on the show that were elsewhere are back in Hawaii this week and prepping for the start. This is all speculation at this time, however, or let’s call it an educated guess based on what has occurred in the previous seasons.

Meanwhile, what we do know for sure is we have some new fanart for you! The muses have been active across the fandom so we can once again present some great stuff from the creators. Here you go!




First we will start with Monika. She has created a combination of Alex’s most famous, and what many will say his best roles. You have to wonder if being an actor sometimes has one feeling this way- split down the middle. However, since Alex has not taken on numerous different roles at once, he probably does not have to deal with it as much as those that do many movies a year. He has said himself he has a bible of McGarrett in his head and is able to drop into that anytime. Therefore, his other roles are probably a distant memory by now. (or at least for him)

That was the deep thought part of the piece, otherwise it is just some really nice depiction(s) of his profile. You choose.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz




Next we have Sonja who sent Mick to Hawaii. Surely, he does not mind, as although the sun shines bright there, it did in LA, too.  It just might be time for a little vacation. The shadows along the water as the sun sets is perfect timing for a vampire to appear. The burnt edges of the piece also give it a really nice flair of fire which reflects nicely on the vampire life. This is a very nicely thought out creation, not to mention his eyes are once again so intense in it.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Sonja (Sonni)




Next, there is a nice manip from Gaby. In it, present day Steve is reflecting back to World War 2 and what things might have been like when Pearl Harbor was attacked. His pensive stare makes one wonder if he feels that kind of enemy would be easier than the complex ones of today. The clouds could also symbolize he could be in a dream state, so once again Gaby provides a multi-dimensional piece and it is best to use your imagination. That is what makes art fun, after all. As everyone sees through different lenses. Only the creator actually knows what was meant by the original creation but the onlooker can make it anything they want it to be. Deep! or not….? you decide.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit H50Europe




From Silvia, we pulled from the gallery again.  This time we chose one that seemed appropriate at the time. With the sun setting on the hiatus, Alex, along with the hiatus beard, begin to take note that it is time to go back to work soon. Another season awaits his fans so he is hopefully enjoying his final days of his time off.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Silvia from the gallery




We did a very simple looking sketch piece on a take from the famous Carlotta Moye photoshoot. Since yesterday was National Sunglasses Day, we were inspired. This has always been one of our favorite photoshoots that Alex did as it produced some iconic shots. It also must be a favorite of his as he uses one of the shots as a profile pic on his Facebook page.

alex o'loughlin carlootta moye photoshoot edit





That’s another wall of the fanart gallery in the books. Once again, we hope you enjoyed the pieces. We will be skipping next week for numerous reasons but should be back the week after. In the meantime, we did add all the fanart from our past posts for you in our gallery. These new ones will also be included soon.  









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