Could Moonlight rise from the dead?


From Sci-Fi Wire:

The recent vampire craze born of Twilight and True Blood came a bit too late to save CBS’ Moonlight: The vampire detective series was canceled after one season. But it won a Saturn Award for best series on DVD last week, and executive producer Harry Werksman offered fans some hope that a Moonlight movie could offer some closure.

A movie is not out of the question, though, because lead actor O’Loughlin has told Werksman he’s still interested. “I know I talked to Alex just a couple weeks ago, after Three Rivers got picked up, and I was congratulating him,” he said. “He’s like, ‘When are we going to do the movie?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, man. Any time you’re ready.'”

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  1. Hey Ladies I just checked that website and it appears Moonlight is Nbr 1. It has 417 votes at 27.3% and Trueblood is 23% with 360 votes. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Day time in Australia 3.46pm Saturday afternoon. True Blood 25%, Moonlight 22%. Take a lot to beat Buffy

  3. Areen’t we the night owles!! 🙂 🙂
    Scroll up a few comments and you will find where I posted the link to vote.

    Thanks, we need all we can get, we’er closing in on True Blood, so hope all will go back and vote again. After several days you can vote again or with another email address or from another computer.

    We’re going nuts over at Moonlightdreams voting our little hearts out. Reminds us all of the days when we were fighting for season two!!

    Thanks for your support.

  4. wubbywubbymelinda.
    Would vote again on tvsquad. I went there and couldn;t find where to vote. Can you post a link please.

    1. go to TV Squad and input the word ‘VAMPIRE’ it will take you to the selected voting place.

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    Cherie, boy you are so right about those eyes, absolutely awesome!!!
    Don’t forget to keep voting at tvsquad for our Moonlight. It’s #2 as of tonight. You can vote about once a week. Polls are so much fun and it keeps our Moonlight out there in the spotlight for all to see!!! 🙂 🙂

  6. I am a Moonlight supporter and I want the whole deal. I want the return of the weekly show and a movie too!! Moonlight was a superb show that packed it all and I feel sure with alot of us (the fans) pulling for it and it cbs and the writers get it they can pull all the cast back. I watch True Blood but Moonlight is the #1. I own the dvd of the first season and watch it daily. Vampires are in. Alex in full vampire…… those eyes and the way he sniffs the air, the turn of his head when he gets a wiff of something Oh Yeah, I want the whole thing as do most fans. Just kepp up the chatting.

  7. Hi HEATHER, I agree with you concerning showing all the sex on TV, Hbo and Showtime are the ones that do that. I did not need that in Moonlight , The way Mick would look at Beth and the way the scenes were when Beth drank the potion and got so close to Mick. Oh boy what a show. I did not need anymore sex than that. signed Hopeful

    1. Thanks for the backup … too often the public is drawn to foul graphics and language provided by Hollywood to the extend that without it the show does stimulate them. Moonlight was great to provide a great cast and story, without the gore.


  9. It all began with Moonlight and CBS was too stupid to recognize what it started! A movie would be great but only if the original cast comes back and the screenplay includes answers to all the unanswered questions.

    1. Technically it started with Blood Ties…

  10. Speaking of a lot of advertising, anyone noticed how ;much CBS is advertising TR!?!?!!?!?

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    Don’t forget to go to tvsqyad and vote there too. Totally different poll.

    Moonlight is behind in 4th place, come on ladies!!!!

  12. I do like other vamp shows. Not long bought Blood Ties. Have all the Buffy and Angel DVD’s also. Read all the Twilight books, order one of the Bllod series that Blood Ties came from.
    I do watch True Blood on the internet, but not my cup of tea. I think I will like Vampire Diaries better.
    I dislike the very southern accent. Nudity doesn’t really bother me. The blood and gore is a little over the top.Eric and that cellar business. I just prefer Moonlight, lets face it 7000 peolple can;t be wrong. I would go for ML. B.T, Angel, Buffy then True Blood in that order, but then that is me.

  13. I voted. But I agree, Tru Blood sucks in comparison with Moonlight. But is it on now. Even Buffy is on now on Scifi in Australia anyway. 16 eps is not a lot , Not sure about the advertising, we only had 8 eps on TV over here with no advertising at all. If Hubby hadn’t been doing his usual channel flicking I would never have seen it at all.

  14. I VOTED.. for Moonlight. The only reason True Blood is ahead is HBO does one heck of an advertising job. The show itself sucks when compared to MOONLIGHT. The others, incuding Buffy, doesn’t compare. It wasn’t on TV long enough for anyone to have seen it. CBS didn’t advertise it very well.

    1. I disagree. True Blood is winning awards left and right and has many more viewers than Moonlight did. Many people, myself included, think it is a DARN good show and no the advertising isn’t making us watch every week… that is silly. Both my husband and I adore the show and honestly it would be my top pick, followed by Buffy, in any poll. While I love Moonlight… is not TB or Buffy.

      TB already had a huge fan base in the books and HBO programming is top notch, and yes I have never seen such a killer ad campaign… heck they had Harley Davidson advertising for them on billboards, but the story and show are what keeps people watching.

      No reason for Moonlighters to bash a perfectly good show just because it isn’t Moonlight. Moonlight fans can also watch and enjoy other vampire shows ya know?

      1. Moonlight is the best. TrueBlood is really nothing but blood, sex and nudity which increases the viewer audience because of people greater need for this type of show. HBO has spent maximum dollar to put this show in front of the world and the world has an enormous appetite for ‘X’ or ‘R’ rated. I personally would rather use an imagination rather than have to all ot shown and demostrated on TV. Hollywood is only to glad to supply the scenic and graphic. That is the draw for the show, not the story (my opinion)

      2. Heather, has in escaped your notice that NINE books.. yes NINE books, have been written about the this saga? I would call that a story.

      3. No, it has not escaped me that there are numerous books on Snooky but that doesn’t make them good or a classic (or a great story). I like shows that my entire family can watch without the nudity, excessive blood, orgies, and foul language usage. Moonlight filled that void. I am aware that Alex doesn’t have a problem posing nude as seen in his previous movies. I am aware that he tried out to play Bill on True Blood (and he would have made a better Bill). We are just on different wave lengths when it comes to ‘some’ entertainment.

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    There is another voting poll going on at TV Squad “What’s the deal with Vampires these days” and Moonlight is #4.

    It sure could use some more votes.

    Please go and vote for our Moonlight!!

  16. A movie? Oh heck yes!!!!!!!!! But hey Nancy I am with you . We still need season 2 and all the same cast. They are what made the show in the first place. A movie is a good thing and they could make several of those to. I read a interview that Alex gave saying how he liked playing a vampire since something from when he was young. Let me tell you I need my daily Alex fix too. But when Alex sniffs the air or turns his head and those vampire eyes seem to look right at you…… What can I say ……yeah you can bite me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually I have already been bitten, Moonlight bitten. I also know that I am not the only one out there. We must continue to beg and kepp the interest up. I want more MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. would love a movie would see it as many times as possible. Alex is great would watch him in anything I sure hope this really happens.

  18. I would love a moonlight movie. I would see it over and over and if i could not get anyone to see it with me again i would go alone. I already told my friend she has to see it wilh me if if happens at least once or maybe twice. I miss moonlight……If this happens WOuld be fantastic—sorry to ramble…will still watch Alex in anything.

  19. Is everyone aware there is a petition on the website “petitiononline” to bring Moonlight back? If you go to that website and put Moonlight in search it will bring up all the petitions. I went over and did my part but a lot more signatures are needed. Please check it out and give your support.

  20. Moonlight is so so much better than True Blood. If any network wants to compete with HBO should pick Moonlight. True Blood is kind of corny. Besides, Alex is way better looking and very seductive vampire.

  21. Thanks for the link.
    I did my bit and voted for Moonlight

  22. Just went to the site and voted for Moonlight. Come on we need more votes it was 12% a few min. ago.

    1. Where on do you vote?…definitely want this show back!!!!

  23. Come on ladies, get over to that website and vote for our show!! Right now we are at 11% next to the bottom. Buffy, Trueblood and Angel are the top 3. Now we all know Moonlight is better than anyone of those. Let’s get those numbers up!!!

  24. I logged into even voted for tv programme most looking forward to it coming back. But couldn’t find fav vamp show.
    Can someone be kind enough to copy paste the web address to that particular thread.

  25. LOGIN TO TV.COM (current addition) and vote for MOONLIGHT as the VAMPIRE best show.


  27. Hi Moonlight Lovers, I am very disappointed that someone would use curse words on our web sight. I hope everyone agrees with me. If it is allowed thats all we will get.

    1. Totally agree.


  29. Definitely – Tiffany – Like I said, the efforts for the “Moonlight” movie are applauded and respected but we need to focus on the “now”, not “what might happen”. Movie deals fall through just as quickly as the ink dries on the written scripts so while we all anxiously wait for further info on a movie, let’s also turn our attention to October and “Three Rivers”. CBS is beginning to show more lenghty promos for it, and I, for one, can’t wait! Also, thanks to Tiffany for always keeping us up to date and the new forum site is awesome, hope everyone gives it a shot. 🙂

    1. I have never been into medical shows though I do plan on watching this series. I am looking forward to “Back Up Plan more that Three Rivers. I loved Moonlight because I like fantasy, romance, drama with a little PI thrown in. I just want Moonlight back. I have run out of Vampire shows to buy/rent/watch. When compared to Moonlight, they all of the other Vampire series/shows fell way short. I checked on SCIFI (SYFY) and they have no re-runs schedule with Moonlight. I will keep pestering the writers and stations for Moonlight.

  30. i love moonlight, and i don’t just want a movie, i want the series to be started up again. i can’t believe they dropped this show after only one season! oh and i noticed the discussion about the possibilities of werewolves in the movie…. is this speculation about them in the movie?

  31. Hi all, just MHO, I don’t think any of us will let Alex down where TR is concerned, it’s the only place we can see him on the TV now unless SyFy puts Moonlight back on the air which is very possible.

    I just believe that a Moonlight movie is where we will all get our Moonlight back. Movie’s are not a replacement for a weekly TV show, but it is sure a great place to see our Mick/Beth, Josef and the gang.

    I am just a true Moonlight die hard and will not give up hope for our Movie, just remember, we got the DVD’s and Moonlight on SyFy, so I believe we can get our movie too, ESPECIALLY since the leading man wants to make the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I agree with Aussie – there is a place for a “Moonlight” movie but we need to remember that although Alex may be in agreement for a movie – he has moved on to a new venture called
    “Three Rivers” and as fans of Alex, we need to make sure this is a success. It’s disheartening to read that some fans have doubts about “Three Rivers” making it and being a success. Don’t count it out before it’s been given a chance. Remember, the “Moonlight” movie is not a definite, yet, “Three Rivers” is definite and will be airing in October. To those who pushed for a “Moonlight” movie, well done, but now is time to also put that same effort into making “Three Rivers” a success. If we’re not on board to support Alex in this venture, we have only ourselves to blame if it fails. We can’t let Alex down, he deserves this chance to succeed.

    1. JoJo, I agree. 😉 I am putting my efforts into TR and TBUP, those are sure things. Seeing Alex act again is more important than what project it is he chooses.


  33. When something comes along, like Moonlight, and it is really working, someone (&^%$#@) usually takes it off the air, nearly every time! When it is a horrible show we are forced to watch it over and over again, suffering, because nothing is on the other stations. Moonlight should be brought back asap! Wherever those Neilson boxes have been hiding, someone should really let use ‘regular’ viewers have them for a while! Stop giving them to prudes that don’tlike vampires and stand on their quicksand pit of high moral ground, claiming how bad it is to watch these great shows! They vote good shows like this one down and leave US, the paying audience, out in the cold. They probably don’t even stay at home long enough to actually watch any of the shows!

  34. Hi All,
    Not sure if a resurrection of the Moonlight series is the way to go. As we know Alex is a very talented actor and deserves the opportunity to show this in new and varied characters. No one wants to see him type cast and pigeon holed into the one genre. Remember what happened to David Borneauz (Angel from Buffy). Yes it was Buffy and Angel that brought him to everyone’s attention but when the shows ended so did his career seem to end. It took a very long time for him to come back in ‘Bones’.

    I know that Alex will do a fantastic job on ‘Three Rivers’ and we should all be there to support him in this show which I believe definitely has a place on network television. ER has gone and that was a wonderful successful show which developed many good actors – eg George Clooney. Give Alex and CBS a go with Three Rivers as I hope CBS will give the show.

    I definitely feel that there is a place for Moonllight as a feature film as the scope would be so much greater as a movie rather than a television show. This would give Alex and the rest of the Moonlight cast an opportunity to resurrect the characters on the big screen. Bigger budget and less censorship to worry about. A feature film could then have a sequel once the fans show how much they love the first movie at the box office.

    Everyone needs to give ‘Three Rivers’ a fair go and support Alex as the wonderful actor he is.

    Go Arod.

  35. Please CBS were complete idiots when the cancelled Moonlight they were very aware that the Vampire Craze was just beginning, Imeasn everyone else was aware….True Blood was about to strat on HBO and Twilight the books were already a huge success and the movie head already been filmed..please they could have been the innovative network that started it all instead of a whimpy network that they has no imagination….I really hope Three Rivers is sucessful but I have my doubts, we’ll see….Now a Moonlight movie would be hugh if they don’t wait too long….

  36. A movie is wonderful news, however I want more. I want CBA or Sci Fi to wake up and do another season. If we all keep writing and keep emailing some time they have to listen. There is nothing like Moonlight. Lets all keep the pressure on . Write to: Mr. Joel Silver, Excutive Producer & President, Silver Pictures, C/O Warner Bros. Studios, 4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank, CA 91522. Thanks everyone!! 🙂

  37. oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh me god can wait to hear about moonlight movie i miss so much this movie i am very happy now this is the best news i eve heart i love alex soooo much good luckk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxeverythink now is woonderful


    Please let it be true that someone is seriously thinking about making a followup motion picture of Moonlight. This would be a fantastic way to further eleborate on all the unanswered questions that were left out then when CBS cancelled the series.

    The movie should definitely have the same actors as the entire cast complemented each other beautifully.

    I loved reading Stephanie Myers Vampire books and enjoyed Twilight however it is a very young concept and watching Alex on Moonlight brought the whole Vampire genre to a more real and adult level. No monsters and gouls like in ‘Buffy The vampire Slayer’ just good story telling, drama, action and romance. Something for everyone.

    Please let it be true that someone will write a movie script to allow Mick St John, Beth and Josef to come to life on the big screen. Gasp – Gasp, sorry , the thought of it was making it impossible for me to catch my breath properly.

    There are so many interesting aspects of Moonlight that can be drawn upon to make a fantastic feature film and of course, so much more scope when you are not dealing with the restrictions imposed by TV viewing.

    I will be keeping a watchful eye and hoping to hear that this in not just a rumour and that we can look forward to seeing Alex on the big screen as Mick St John !!!!!!

    Alex (Arod) forever !!!!!

  39. It would be sooooooooo fantastic to see a moonlight movie or movies however the case maybe. We must not forget that Alex is working on a new project now and this also needs all of our support, anything Alex does will be wonderful, can’t wait for the Backup Plan to be released, but just like all the other moonlight fans out there I would so love a movie or two to tie up all the loose ends that the tv series left. I am sure if they made a series of moonlight movies they would be better than twilight,, MOONLIGHT FOREVER..!!!!!!

  40. Thanks Natalie, will check it out.

  41. Best Buy has Moonlight DVD for $18.99 now. Saw it in the Sunday paper Best Buy ad.

  42. WOW do I miss Moonlight. Saw it on CBS and lost track but found it on Sci-Fi. Bought the DVD so could watch it over and over. Please bring it back. TV has to way to many BAD shows there is nothing to watch. Moonlight was the BEST. Bring it back!!!!

  43. i WROTE TO CBS AND SCIFI. Moonlight is missing from SCIFI line up , why? I hear great rumors that CBS is thinking about picking up Moonlight for either a 2nd season or a movie… please tell me there is truth in this. This Vampire series was the best to come along and the story needs to continue. It is a fantasy that the family can watch. The stars and writers, collectively, made this the best told Vampire Story. I have bought (since Moonlight) BLOOD TIES (season I and watched season II on internet), NICK KNIGHT, FOREVER KNIGHT, , TWILIGHT, TRUE BLOOD (True Blood really sucks as a show), and INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE, just to get my “good Vampire” fix, but none can compare or satisfy. Please respond and tell me who I can contact to add my views about getting a 2nd chance with Moonlight. Look, it even got the best DVD award, what is SCIFI or CBS waiting for? I stopped watching SCIFI when they canceled Stargate Atlantis until they brought forth MOOONLIGHT. Give the public what they crave.

  44. Yes a dream come true–some of us have been fighting for it from the day MOONLIGHT was canceled—and don’t confuse us with the WingNuts out there and we all KNOW who they are and where they hung out at!
    If it wasn’t for us all running over and requesting a MOONLIGHT dvd at Amazon etc we would NOT have gotten the DVD–there was no plans for it–now it’s won the SATURN Award for best DVD of a Series!
    We got THIS far–we are still fighting and in an ADULT manner, not goofieness that makes Hollywood shake their heads.
    Keep writeing everyone, keep telling everyone you want this….if they think there is money in it they are doing it! JUST LIKE THE DVD!
    Alex wants to do it, he’s expressed that. Jason has too,
    Like the STAR TREK crowd before us when it was canceled WE can make them take notice.
    But if we sit on our behinds wishing and hopeing its history!

  45. OMG!! That would be a dream come true!.

  46. Oh, and Jeanne… I am doing the Hap, Hap, HAPPY DANCE right now too!

  47. Wow, I guess a lot of fans are all on here right now! I do want to emphasize to CBS or whoever (hopefully) makes the movie that we LOVE Alex, but Moonligh was NOT an actor-centric show! The case was great! Beth and Josef (Sophia and Jason Dohring) were perfect balances and triggers for Alex’s character. LOVE it!

  48. I agree with the comments about keeping “Moonlight” in the form that we all loved. No need to add characters such as werewolves or other fluff just to make a movie. “Moonlight” was about so much more than that. I also agree that for a “Moonlight” movie to be true to the television show, it MUST have all the cast members on board, no substitutes for “Beth”,
    “Josef”, or “Logan”. I would rather not have a “Moonlight” movie if it’s not going to be done properly. Hopefully, the original writers and producers will get involved to “keep it real” so the movie will be what we all want it to be and will give us the closure that all “Moonlight” fans want and deserve. Like a death in a family – – we all need closure to move on and by moving on, I am referring to the support that Alex will need from all of us for “Three Rivers”. I think we can have both – a great movie and a successful new TV show. JMO.

  49. Could this long awaited dream actually become a reality? Is this in the realm of possibilities? I don’t want to get my hopes up yet. I am trying to remain calm but focused until more concrete evidence has been presented. But I am on the verge of hysteria from happiness that there is a chance of seeing my gorgeous sexy hunk again in the role that made me fall in love with him. Please, Please powers that be dont let us down. And please include if at all possible the original cast.Alex if this is your wish may it come true for you in waves and waves of success and I will be the first in line for a ticket and probably repeats!!


  51. · Edit

    Hallelujah. Have just got to add my two cents to all the above. Yes, a Moonlight movie would be so great. I must watch my Moonlight DVD’s every single night..and when I can’t , I have got to look at the You Tube videos…What is it about Alex’s face that needs to be seen so much. I don’t know , but I simply must see him. It absolutely makes my day. More Alex O’Loughlin,,,,PLEASE.

  52. Welcome Josephine Reid. If you would like to go to another thread on tis sight We still believe in vampires and Moonlight, all us folks there ae writing to prominent people connected to Moonlight to try and make it become a reality. We all long for answers to all the questions left after the series ended.
    I am Ustralian, but mostly the other ladies are American, so join us we welcome all, You can se the thread in hte top right hand column.

  53. That to me would be a dream come true, heres hoping.

  54. I commented on the website. But bring it on. Of course Alex is in for it it was his show, He felt it so much when it was cancelled, didn’t have work for 10 months. Let’s face it Mick St John couldn’t be played by anyone bur ALex, Sophia is beth, abd Jason is Josef, the rest are not so important, okay Dyann David is Logan. But I could liver with someone else playing Ben Talbot and Lt Carl if those two not available, and Coraline if her character weas necessary in hte stloryline, But can;t see DA Ben as a Werewolf.. The story is about vamps andf humns, let Jacob form Twilight series have wereewolves i.n welll actually if you read the books you find out that they are actually shpe shifters, would cgoose the wolf for their shifting to.

    1. I agree about all of the characters. They need to be the same w/o them the story would be Moonlight. Dyann David (Logan) is now involved with a series ‘Stargate Universe’. Jason is involved in another series (not yet picked up that I know of). I can’t see the story line changing to all the weired werewolf, this is a definite love story between human & vampire and should remain. True Blood has gone off the rock with the gothic, nude, shift-changer, dragon head demon and it sucks. Blood ties takes in that the weird too. I just love MOONLIGHT for what it was a conflict between good, evil, love and hate. I really hope they keep it that way too.

      1. Jason’s show on the CW has not been picked up–he’s free and I hear he’s eager to be Josef again in any event!
        As for David Blue, I’m sure he could squeeze enough time in to be our Logan again–I already wrote to his agent about this!
        To heck with werewolves and other stuff–lets get back to basics Mick and Beth!

  55. Can’t wait to see Alex in more projects – he’s a diamond in the rough. Get ready world — here comes a really good looking guy who just happens to also be a really good actor. And guess what? He’s not a celebrity snob but everyone who meets him likes him – other celebs, cast and crews he works with, adoring fans. He’s got the whole super pkg. going for him. Bring on the “Moonlight” movie — I’ll be there enjoying the great storyline and acting by all the original cast members. Love you Alex – stay as sweet as you are.

  56. A huge grin, A happy heart, This is awesome news! 🙂 I’m seriously lost for words but mega hopeful! 🙂

    Like I always say,
    I stopped using the word never….. 🙂

  57. LOVE MOONLIGHT—and now after the DVD my daughter & her family are hooked ,she’s like “WHY WAS THIS TAKEN OFF THE AIR????!!!!!”

  58. OMG OMG OMG, This is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How do we need to flood with begging and pleading for this to happen?????
    Sounds like our man is ready more than ever.
    Could we dare to hope for more than one?!?!?!?!
    I’m so excited!!!

  59. A “possible” Moonlight movie is wonderful but it’s still just an idea, not yet a reality. My fear is that people may focus on “what might be” instead of “what is”, – a possible movie or a definite weekly show. I am wondering, as fans of Alex, how we can achieve both. I would hate to think that more people are interested in the past, rather that the present. The past being the fact that Moonlight has been cancelled and that Three Rivers is now. How can we have both? I feel that there are still a lot of people out there not really willing to give Three Rivers any chance because they are still angered by the cancellation of Moonlight. Alex is going to need all of our support for any of his projects to succeed, whether it be in the form of TV or movies. Let’s do all we can to make sure that both succeed.


  61. Not trying to lure anyone away from this site, but please also go over to the SCI-FI WIRE to post as well…Plus writing letter to the Powers That Be now for this Moonlight movie to happen is extremely important…They may be considering it; love the fact that Alex is still asking about this movie, so he is all excited as we are… However, them thinking about it and our voicing it loud and clear that we want it is the real step to be taken…

    I would like to point out that I have researched the addresses of those, including Joel Silver & the actors agents, who we need to contact with sincere, respectful snail mail letters…so please check them out, if you so desire, to write over at the “We Still Believe In Vampires & Moonlight” thread on this site’s Permalinks…

    We all seem to long for the Moonlight completion, we all seem to desire the same goal, so now would you care to make the effort to see it through? I so hope so….

    1. This morning I visited the SciFi Wire site, and am just wondering if anyone can explain to me why it is that Moonlight is #1 on the SciFi list of popular shows, but it is glaringly missing from their schedule!?!! I did a schedule search and it came up zero!

  62. Oh happy day! That would be wonderful. With the success of Twilight, they’d be crazy not to.
    Right? Here’s hoping they do.

  63. I am so ready.. fingers crossed they do it sooner than later.. course I am not sure I could stand just one movie.. can’t we hope and pray for multiple movies… like Twilight? Ok.. selfish.. Iam being selfish.. I am also jumping up and down with anticipation…


    Also if Three Rivers doesn’t make it. (hope it does, not jinxing).. can moonlight take its place..???? Wouldn’t that be wonderful??? Selfish again.. shame on me!!

  64. Woooo, hoooooooo!!! Movie…Movie…Moviesssss…Can’t wait to hear more about a Moonlight movie. If we hear that they’ve ordered a script, we know that they are serious, until then, the fight goes on.

  65. Hi Moonlight Lovers, My dream is when we get the Moonlight movie and it makes such a hit (they must advertise it like they did Twilight) they will make sequels so we can have our Mick and Beth more and more. signed hopeful

  66. If they make the movie, I will be first in line to see it. (Actually, my entire family will be there with me). After Twilight (very lame movie), Moonlight will be refreshing to see. I am tired of buying all the other Vampre DVD’s (Twilight, Kindred, the Embrace, Nick Knight, Forever Knight, Interview with a Vampire, Blood Ties) and coming away feeling empty longing for Moonlight fix. I keep searching for a replacement but none are forthcoming. I have a hard time watching CBS since the cancel. Of course, I have the same problem with SCIFI when they canceled Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis even when they did rerun Moonlight. Suggestion, pick up a pen and write to CBS and Joel Silver (again) and lets push for a movie or 2nd season.

  67. Oh my god!!!! 🙂

    I’m O’loughlin’s fan of south-korea.
    Moonlight movie!!! Wow!!
    Soooo happy!

  68. Please make a movie answering someof the questins that were never answered due to the cancelling of “Moonlight”. It was such a great tv show which CBS never pushed and advertised the show. The writing of the show was great along with the actors. it wasn’t only
    a show about vampires but he had good story lines and acting with a great love story.
    Please bring back the weekly shows and if not, please make a movie with the same actors picking up where the series left off.

    1. god if they made a movie and answered all the unanswered questions (the big one for me is what the hell happened to Coraline) then I would be willing to stand in a line for DAYS just to get a ticket to see it! i would see that movie in a heartbeat. if Alex did that movie then maybe they would start making the series again (maybe.) i would love to see alex on the big screen as the sexy vampire that we all have come to love. lets hope this isnt just a rumor…..

    2. I agree. There was a lot un finished.


    Oh dear, my screech just caused the cat to dive under the couch, the dogs to think we’re being invaded and are now barking wildly at…….er……nothing, and the horses next to the house are charging off……

    I must tone down my enthusiasm.

    Oh hell……….

  70. oh my god this soooooo good!!!! i’m so glad alex is still ready to do a movie, and im so glad someone is actually thinking of producing one!!!!!!! wow this just made my day!!! 😀

    1. I second that thought. It would be wonderful! I never saw the show on CBS and became a fan after seeing it on SciFi channel. Wish I had known about it before and was shocked that it was cancelled ESPECIALLY after the Twilight/True Blood/Vampire Diaries craze. There was DEFINITELY (and still is) room for Moonlight on television.

    2. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best news I’ve heard in a LONG time!

      1. I sure hope it’s true. I really miss Moonlight, and it was left unfinished. There were things going on like the bit with the DA and in an earlier episode, Beth had kept that vile that made her all happy and stuff, plus I want to know what went on behind the closed door of the last episode. Did they finally do it or what?

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