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Since it’s been a while since we have hosted a fan fiction and since it is hiatus, we figured this would be a good time for one. Over the last couple of years we have had a few different types of story lines and this one is no exception. Thanks to the combo team of Peggy and Bryna, we will be bringing you SEAL of Approval . Hope you like it. It will take some real imagination for you to enter this AU, but if you kick back and let your imagination wonder along with Peggy, who wrote it, you will likely enjoy it a lot.

Here is a short synopsis: What if someone could change what they are? Literally. Well, Steve McGarrett has that ability. See exactly how as you dive into the first part of the story.


Part 1


seal of approval fan fiction


He glides through the water, the freedom of open sea before him exhilarating.  He takes in the sights and sounds, grateful for each and every one of them.  Moving quickly, he kicks toward the shore, knowing there are things to be done.  Things he wishes he could avoid but knows he must tell them.  He hasn’t shared this secret with anyone.  Not his parents; his sister; Cath; no one.  It’s all become too much though, and he needs to tell someone.  So, he’d made the decision to tell Danny and the kids.  Danny has been there for him for the last eight years; always has his back; has never betrayed him and has shared some of the deepest, darkest secrets with him.  They’ve faced death together and come out stronger than they were before.  He’s trusted Danny with his life almost from the beginning, but with this secret?  He fears anyone knowing this.  Not only because they would swear he’s crazy but because it’s just plain impossible.  Well, so they would say.  But it’s not.  It’s very possible and he’s proof.  And that’s the biggest reason he’s never told anyone.  If it ever got out, he’d be locked up for the rest of his life, so he’s kept it to himself with some great losses due to keeping it.

He can’t think of that now.  He needs to get out of the water and take care of business.  Gliding up to the shallows, as soon as he can feel the bottom, he changes position, stands and runs out and onto the beach.  Grabbing his towel, he wraps it around his waist and heads inside.  Moving quickly, he showers and dresses, surprised he hasn’t received a call.  Unusual that he can get through his entire morning routine without catching a case.  He checks his phone again to be sure and there are no messages.  Looks like it might be a slow day.  Just old cases.  He smiles, thinking how perfect this is.  He hopes things can stay quiet for the next few days, giving him the time he needs.  Grabbing his badge, gun and keys, he’s out the door, a big smile on his face and anticipation in his heart.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


“Okay, something’s wrong with bossman.”  Kono laughs, gathering up the empty plate lunch containers.

“Why you say that?”  Steve asks, innocence on his face.

“Oh, come on, Steve.  You just bought lunch for the team.  When have you EVER done that before?”  Danny teases.

“I figured it was time.  Okay?”  He counters.

“All right.  Who’s gonna call for an ambulance?  I think Steven here is very sick.  He’s delusional!”  Danny continues.

“Whoa, whoa.  I’m not sick.  Give it a rest, Danno.”

They all laugh as they head back to their prospective work.  Steve goes into his office, followed seconds later by Danny.

“So, what’ this big secret?”

“You are so impatient.  You’ll find out tomorrow.  You and the kids.”

“Okay.  So I know it’s not some big, bloody secret you’ve been holding onto.  If you’re including the kids, it has to be no more than a PG rating.”  He smiles, sitting down across the desk.

“Yes, Danny, it’s PG-rated.  Don’t worry.  I won’t expose Charlie to any bloody war stories…just yet.”  He smiles big, a twinkle in his eyes.

“Don’t you tease about that, Steven.  I don’t want him to hear ANY of our war stories…and you know what I’m talking about.”  He states, emphatically.

“Okay, okay.  I got it.”  He leans back in his chair, fingertip to fingertip in front of his face.  “You like animals, don’t you?”

Danny gives him a questioning look.  “Yeah.  You know I love dogs.  Why would you ask that?  No.  No, no, Steve.  You didn’t get my kids a dog, did you?  You remember what happened to the last one I got her, don’t you?  Rachel didn’t want it getting all over the furniture and so she gave it away.  Well, took it to the pound to be more precise.  She will never allow them to have a dog and I can’t have one.  I’m never home!”

“I was just asking a question.  Don’t get your panties in a bunch.  I did not get them a dog.  Don’t worry.”

“Then why ask about animals?  Huh?  Unless this big secret has to do with animals.  Wait.  Are you getting a behind-the-scenes tour of the zoo?  Is that what this is?”

“Stop.  Just stop.  You will never figure it out in a million years so don’t hurt yourself trying.  You will just have to wait until tomorrow.”  Steve has a look of superiority on his face.

“Don’t look so smug, Steven.  It’s not a good look on you.”  Danny stands and walks out of the office.  Steve just smiles after him, knowing this is going to blow his mind.


To Be Continued…


Story by P_Street_7609

Fan Art by Becoming_Bryna



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    I need to know what’s the big secret that Steve needs to tell?

  2. OMG I want to know. How will I sleep tonight trying to figure this out. Lol More please quickly! ??

  3. Adorei a história,e pelo jeito vai ser segredo mesmo, isso é bem coisa do Steve.

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