Three Rivers Pilot Fliming Inside Former Brownsville Hospital

A new article on gives us some new details about the Three Rivers pilot although Alex is not mentioned. It is being filmed in the Brownsville Tri-County Hospital that closed after financial difficulty.

A call for local actors and actresses is listed on The Pittsburgh Film Office Web site.


Also check out this article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

The questions then become whether “Three Rivers” will get picked up as a series by CBS, and, if it is, if the show will be entirely produced in Pittsburgh.

A pilot episode, which typically shoots for about 12 days, does not guarantee a series. If “Three Rivers” is not picked up as a series, it probably will never air on TV — unsold pilots generally disappear into studio vaults.

Until they know whether “Three Rivers” has a future beyond the pilot, producers won’t commit to a filming location for additional episodes. CBS will announce its fall schedule on May 20.

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