Alex O’Loughlin and Travis Stork Swap Roles

Alex on Three Rivers

Alex on Three Rivers

Alex O’Loughlin, the hunky star of CBS’s new medical drama, Three Rivers, will be checking in to the syndicated talk show, The Doctors, this Friday, October 2, to discuss organ donation, which is the theme of Alex’s show. Then, The Doctors™ hunky real life surgeon and former Bachelor, Dr. Travis Stork, will return the favor, guest-starring as an anesthesiologist alongside Alex in a pivotal scene to air on Three Rivers later this fall. It is Travis’ first acting role.

Acting is a lot harder than I thought it would be,” says Travis. “I definitely prefer being a doctor.”

On the fictitious Three Rivers hospital set, Travis says he was impressed by “how realistic everything was. I felt like I was in an actual hospital.”

Fortunately, he didn’t attempt to remove any actors’ actual organs.


Thanks to Three Rivers Blogspot and The Doctors Web site for the leads!

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  1. All this info on Alex is making me soooo jealous we got nothing going on here in UK. Does anybody have an idea IF and WHEN us Brits are gonna get to see Three Rivers we are starving here.

  2. I cannot believe Alex is gonna be on The Doctors!!! I’ve been watching The Doctors for several weeks and I find this show fabulously informing. And now that the gorgeous Alex O’Laughlin is going to be on it, thats gonna be the best episode ever!!!! I can’t wait! Setting my dvr so I can watch it over and over. And the fact that Travis is going to be on Three Rivers sounds exciting… Whoever thought of this idea has struck gold with me.

  3. If it was me looking for the info, I did find it after all. But thanks anyway, Natalie. Can’t wait to see Alex again this Fri and of course, oh happy day, on Sunday’s premiere of TR. Alex was just beyond all wonders on the Bonnie Hunt show. It was awesome in every way. Love that adorable man.

  4. Yea, I can’t wait to see Alex on ” The Doctor’s” this coming Friday. That’s is so AWESOME! I also can’t wait to see him on Sunday, Octorber 4th in the premier of “Three Rivers”….double AWESOME!!!

  5. Doctor when is 3 Rivers showing in the U.K. ?

  6. ComentarioMe gustaria saber si esta serie se podra ver en España . Yo soy donante de organo vvo, y me interesa saber como se trata este tema ,me paece ,por lo que he leido ,una serie muy interesante.

  7. thanks for the info on alex i will tape it

  8. Thanks for the photos, I enjoyed them completely. Ands thanks for the heads up on Alex appearing on The Doctors on Friday.

  9. Great info!! Two hunks on the same screen is double pleasure especially if Alex is one of them!! Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hi Barbara, I saw your comments on the TV Guide Magazine website asking about where you can find The Doctors, here is the link for local times for U.S. and Canada

      1. Hi Natalie!! You are a doll for providing that info because I sure needed it, but I am gonna have to fess up. That wasnt me on that website unfortunately. But hopefully that Barbara will get the info. Thanks Hon!!

  10. In the Bay Area, California, the Doctors are on twice a day. Cable Ch. 6 at 12 pm and Ch 2 at 4 pm. Alex on twice is nice. 🙂

  11. Thank you so much for the heads up on Alex appearing on The Doctors on Friday! So exciting he, TR, and organ donation are getting publicity!!!! I will set my Tivo!!!! 🙂

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