Hawaii Five-0 1.16 E Malama Recap

The episode begins at an FBI safe house with a witness against Drug cartel kingpin Erin Brenner. The witness’s name is Julie and a final attempt on her life is made before she can testify later that day. The Federal Marshall guarding her is killed by two assassins dressed as HPD SWAT officers. The 5-0 team goes in to establish why contact has been lost, in a remote jungle area of Hawaii. Danno is unable to go because his ex wife and daughter get carjacked at gunpoint right as this all goes down.

The remaining members investigate and see that Julie put up a fight by burning her attackers via lighter and hairspray and then dived out a window, injuring herself. They also find the bodies of two HPD officers in the trunk of the car the assailants used. They go on the hunt. Yeah.. the return of Commando McGarrett!

Steve and Chin Ho manage to find Julie in the vast jungle. Chino Ho escorts her to the courthouse and Steve decides to stay behind and take care of the cop killers who are after her. Steve manages to get one of them but the other tracks down Julie and Chin Ho and pursues them. In a scuffle Chin Ho loses his gun and his phone but he and McGarrett meet up again after taking out two more assassins. Steve advises that there will be one more assassin (team of 4) and they need to be on guard.

Kono manages to identify the fourth gunman as a woman, one of Brenner’s lawyers and in a sweet move she kicks said assassins’s ass. I loved the appreciative look on Steve’s face.

All ends well as Julie testifies. A GREAT episode! 4 stars… plus props for getting a vampire (Lorena-True Blood) and a werewolf (Jules-Vampires Diaries) in the same show…

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  1. I totally agree with Tammy: Alex is the best actor ever. He is the best actor in the world! :heart:

  2. Loved this episode also. Tiffany, did you do a recap for Powa Maka Moana which was on 2/14/11? I don’t remember seeing it? It was the one about the pirates abducting the kids on spring break. I don’t remember seeing it. Where can I find it because I love reading them. Thanks!

    1. I didn’t do one. Haven’t even seen it yet actually.

  3. um, came cross tv guide.com (it works)http://www.tvguide.com/news/fall-tv-schedule-1005618.aspx “Fall 2011 TV Scorecard: Which Shows Are Returning? Which Aren’t?”
    1st list “Renewed” and then “Looking Good” Hawaii Five-0 listed.(its of course A-Z listed).
    also, http://www.tvguide.com/listings/?keyword=alex+o‘loughlin its list shows alex is in. between today to march 4., w/ day date & time, “syfy” channel showing “Moonlight” & “Spike” channel “The Shield”, and movie-wise… “HBO2e”(thats they’ve got it) “Whiteout”.:angel:

  4. ok.. i tried to post this yesterday and yet well… anyways it was to correct a goof on on what i originally posted as to webpg right http://www.youtube.com/embed/m8v2wMakfTM
    , just to wrong one. it does go w/ ““BEHIND-THE-SCENES: “HAWAII FIVE-0″ STUNTS! “(clip)…..
    again I’m sorry for the goof up…

  5. ok… check http://www.hawaiifive0.net there are 3 things…

    check it out! what do u think? : :whistle:

    1. almost forgot… “SPOILERS – “CHAMP BOX” & SEASON 2 PICK-UP HINT? ” .

  6. check out http://www.hawaiifive0.net... r/ is there is a new interview w/ alex & daniel.
    look for…
    “New” Hawaii Five-0 : “alex o’loughlin & daniel dae kim” interviews”
    it includes mention of steve’s sis maryann..also other thing too… check it out. ::whistle:

    o’ and I may be mis-q yet possibly u might be able to catch in on youtube w/ same heading.

    check it out, and um, let me know what u think if u would.. ok?
    and yup I am rushing typing again… ouch finger cramp… :angel:

  7. Tiffany can you tell me if there was or will be or is a CD with the music from Moonlight as I just heard a song on the radio oldies station that immediately brought to mind the scene of Mick throwing the chair through the window and his band playing at the party and I think it was used in the show. thanks.

    1. I don’t think a soundtrack was released.

    2. sonjaMMK I too ws looking for a soundtrack. I did find on the internet all the songs and which episod they were in. love them!!! 🙂

  8. This was a very suspenseful episode! Alex was great as usual. Ditto for the rest of the cast.

  9. Rosemary, thanks for the link to the great interview. Alex is such a character. I think he said thongs which is what we used to call them when I was younger. Now thongs are underwear and we call them flip flops. Great episode. Now we know he looks great in camouflage too. I know we all know how hard Alex works and what long days he puts in even though he is in paradise. Not all play. But how I would love to wrestle with him. Sigh. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

    1. Laura, hey glad to help. and as to thongs…tongs… which ever one may say it and remember originally of it….. um, when u think about it… a lot of things of as to we use to know and that of well… even that of well were of and now are again w/ yet too now like had never before…. it for sure mind trip on the mind and then some.

      ok i may for sure be somewhat showing my age a bit when I say as to short shorts became hot pants to daisy dukes thanks to dukes of hazzard (tv series). and as to the men’s… a guy dressed up is nice indeed… and too a guy in t- and jeans is too. and um, well yes thats my story and i’m sticking to it… :angel:
      wrestling-wise…only sort of wrestled 1 guy, my brother, and yup brother ego run-a-muck he had.and still, w/3 fair warnings too… in short a sisterly loving version of a chockhold or aka window dressing only.
      anyways… thanks for letting me know.

  10. carrie & mary ann…. out of the interviews that Alex has done where he is relaxed as in that one… for sure be nice of if well interviews go like that & there was the guide book to follow right?
    as to tongs/flip flops… around here always kicking back &/or beach-wise flip flops. and as to “tongs”.. i hadn’t heard that sorry to say like 5 years, spoke to couple of my cousins. yet hope soon will again talk w/ them. good thing such a thing as phone cards right?

    um, as to Grace and um, that of well her chock hold Alex… yet now don’t get too upset w/ me and yet, & in fun…. um well…. a cute photo that um, would well….:whistle: and yes only a gentle hold only too! right?:angel: what do u think?
    thanks for posting back to me…

    1. o’ almost forgot… happy valentines day to everyone…. :heart:

  11. ROSEMARY – thanks for sharing. I loved the begining, I didn’t know what she was talking about either. He said in Aussie they call them TONGS not thongs. Back in my days growing up in Ohio we called them tongs also, Jealous of the part were Grace says he loves to wrestal. OMG OMG OMG…… can you just imagine!!! Amber is such a lucky girl…….. 😀

  12. The episodes just keep getting better and better. This one was really action packed. I was glued to the edge of my seat.. Loved Alex when he went into comando mode. Danny played it good with his personal business to take care of. The little girl that plays his daughter is so cute. Can’t wait for next week. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  13. Rosemary,thank you for the link. I love those kind of interviews when Alex is so relaxed and funny. Of course, I love Alex anyway at all. Dressed,, undressed, funny, sad, mad and passionate. But that was fun. Thanks again

  14. SHIRLEY: I agree with you about the endless bunch of stuff they had to do in the jungle to “get the bad guy:” cheezzzz! :bandit: Build a log raft, and all kind of gadgets from phones to guns to lord know what :woot: I WANT MY ALEXY AND DRESSED (OR UNDRESSED) MORE!!! I don’t consider myself a complete dummy…but pLEASE put in the storelines that are easier to follow and S L O W E R in talking to each other!!! Love them all anyway :love: :heart:

  15. alex looks hot in anything clothes wise that is :heart: :angel: :love: :kiss: 🙂

  16. action packed .. hold onto your seat and then some, w/ seat belts not. right?

    um, came across this on youtube.com … its an interview w/ ET Canada Uncut that was back in nov 2010… it shows Alex relax, layed back as they say, and for sure his sense of humor …
    check it out.
    “Hawaii Five-0: Alex O’Loughlin – ET Canada Uncut “:whistle:
    um, let me know what you think.. ok? o’ and I tried to find anything on “ET Canada Uncut” and yet so far… well, um, if any of you happen to of well… if you would.. please let me know.. and thanks. enjoy. :angel:

    1. Thanks for the link Rosemary. This is a great interview with Alex–so relaxed and natural. I love his comments about the “thong.” He actually had to WEAR one?? I’d have loved to be a fly on the wall for that one 😉

  17. Did anyone else notice the BAD guys drove a Ford; whereas OUR guys only drive Chevy! Thought that was kinda funny.

  18. What every one else said ..The show ended to soon ..Loved Alex in navy seal getup… :heart: :love:

  19. OMG…Was this the best episode or what? Let me first say that I really did love Danny in this episode, I love how he was so cool walking out of the restaurant 😆 And as for Steve when he went into commando mode, I went into overheat mode. :woot: Who did not think that was the sexiest thing seeing him in action like that. :love: .I love Alex he is the best actor ever :heart:

  20. It was a jam packed with action show. I thought the talk to calm down Danno was part of the teamship the cast is displaying on the show. Kono was the luck of the draw got to the woman first, I see no harm in that. I see no glitch in the writing. I take it at face value and don’t pick bones. It was good to see Steve using his military training, even Chin was impressed that he found all that out by one rock, once a Navy Seal always one. The two storylines were good. But on the day CHin Ho was the real hero saving the witness so she could testify, and getting the hugs. The look on the crooks face when Julie walked into the court room, he knew his numbers were up.

  21. I’m with MaryE, y’all said everything I would have said, thank you ladies. Now I’m thinking…..Alex in camouflage……I’m still thinking…BIG SIGH.

  22. Looking at that photo above of Chin and Steve, all I could think of was a caption, “Oh no, that damn smoke monster again.” LOL

    Anyway, the episode was good in that, as you say, everyone got their chops in. However, the writing on this show is not up to par with the acting talent. Steve can make a vine rope and hoist a 300 lb. log and then hold onto it while taking a call from Dano and whispering, because, of course, the other assassin is out there, instead of not taking the call. And I can’t remember, did it ring or just vibrate? Because if it rang, jeez, do you really think a Navy Seal would be out there with assassins running around and have his cell on ring? And Kono somehow can get to the 4th assassin quicker than Steve and Chin even though she’s not in the building and they are–come on. If we wrote this stuff and submitted it, we’d be laughed out quicker than you can say, “Book ’em, Dano.”

  23. Love your comments Ladies and agree with them all!!!!

  24. I agree with Cheri, this episode had it all! I wanted more after it was over! Excellent show. And I think Danny is the best guy in the world; Scott Caan does an excellent job with this role.

  25. This was a very action-packed episode! Alex makes a very convincing SEAL–so much so that they must have a real SEAL consulting for the show. Everyone in the cast got their licks in. Chin saved the day. Kono kicked butt! Danny got to put Step-Stan in his place. And another vampire actor makes it into H5O–I love it! 😀

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