Alex O’Loughlin- A Sharp Dressed Man Poll


As the week goes on and the excitement builds towards the Sunset on the Beach event, we thought we would look back on Alex’s choice of suit color to walk the red carpet in. One thing that Alex O’Loughlin fans will agree on is that he looks good in any color but do you have a favorite? Do you think he does? What color do you think he will wear Friday night?


Lets look back at the last six season’s red carpet suits.


Season 1

Alex O'Loughlin SOTB Season 1


Season 2

Alex O'Loughlin SOTB Season 2


Season 3

Alex O'Loughlin SOTB Season 3


Season 4

Alex O'Loughlin SOTB Season 4


Season 5

Alex O'Loughlin SOTB Season 5


Season 6

Alex O'loughlin SOTB season 6
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So from the photos, he tends to lean towards a darker hue (black or dark blue) but one never knows what mood he will be in this year. One thing for sure though is there sure is nothing like a sharp dressed man and Alex always dresses sharp for the red carpet events.


Wonder what he will be wearing this year. Maybe he will go completely different and show up in white with a black shirt. Who knows…


However, to have a little fun we thought we would include a poll so now it is your turn. What is your favorite color suit on Alex?


What Color Suit for Alex?

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