Behind The Scenes with Alex O’Loughlin


On the season 6 Hawaii Five O DVD that was released yesterday there is a special feature where Alex takes you on a short tour of the set. Alex is his usual charming self and pretty funny as he introduces you to some of the team that make the show a success behind the scenes. Meet his makeup team, a couple of the directors, grips, one of the sound guys, and so much more.

This is just one special feature in the jam packed extras  that are included within the DVD. Of course we can not share all the extras with you as CBS would not be thrilled nor would it be fair to the production team that worked hard to put the DVD together. With that being said we have included this little gem below for you to get an idea of all the fun that is included.  We also shared the gag reel yesterday and we also might include a deleted scene here and there in the future. However, to get the whole package you have to buy it which you really should as it is worth it!

Now on with the show


Behind The Scenes with Alex O’Loughlin



Video Credit CBS Studios Season 6 Hawaii Five O DVD


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