Alex is McGarrett Once Again

Some great shots of Alex were captured today by NinjAloha50 on Twitter so check them out. What do you think of how Steve is looking this season so far? Looks like that new liver will not hold him back long.


Alex O'loughlin and Scott Caan on set

Alex O'loughlin behind the scenes

Alex O'loughlin shooting Hawaii Five O

Alex O'loughlin stopping traffic

Alex O'loughlin talking to his wife on set

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  1. Always look amazing on set, love to see those pics, really can,t wait for new season to start being from Portugal it Will start later on sadly not at same as usa ?

    1. Yes that has to be hard. Maybe you can watch it online.

      1. Oh yes gladly I found a live stream of CBS so I hope to see it at same time as usa ?

      2. That is great and glad you can join in on the live fun and aloha.

  2. AOLO, I am sorry that you are trying to keep this site active and still open to fans so you post Alex related news or show related news lately, but I have noticed in a while, Im the only one who post comments here, other fans seem to have bailed this site. Is not fair as you try to do your best , it is like Im the only one posting and there are no posts from other people or fans, is like Im talking to myself, no interaction with anyone else.

    1. Cinthia, thank you for your concern and posting. There has been a considerable lull between the site posts based on time restraints but that seems to have changed now.

      Based on the stats that we see on the back end there are still over 1000 visits a month to our site. We are happy with that to start with and based on knowing what we do about running fan sites it takes time for participation and to spread the word.

      Again thank you for posting. We will continue to post regularly now and if you want to tell other Alex fans that you know that we are back and they can freely post and comment that would be great.

    2. Cinthia, Also another thought is a lot of people are more active on social media these days than actual wordpress sites which we also have a strong presence in. WE assure you though the visitors keep coming and it is only getting better so keep on commenting especially now with the contest. YOU could be the big winner.

  3. I guess that when they shot those scenes I bet that it had been quite a while for Steve and Danny to go back into real action as if you are recovering from a liver transplant, you cant be out and running and stuff like that so I bet from the recovery phase to go back into work for both of tehm probably it had taken like 4 mos or so.

    1. You are probably right. Peter had said that the season premier would pick up right after the transplant with no time lag and saw another BTS pic of Alex bandaged up around the middle area so who knows. It probably is some sort of time lapse though as that would make sense.

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