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The next part of Blind Justice is here and as you will see there has been a time jump in the story. Last you knew Steve was fighting for his life and had just been taken into the ambulance while Danny looked on. If you are new to the story, there is still time to catch up as the prior parts are linked at the bottom, so check that area first.

If you are not new and have been waiting to see what happens, then here you go. In this part  Steve is awake but he is not able to see. While dealing with that new info, he has a visitor who he accepts with open arms. Who is it and what does she want?




Part 3


Hawaii Five 0 fan fiction fanart

Ten days later

He felt like a diver reaching the surface in slow motion. His body felt numb. He heard muffled sounds. Bleep, bleep, bleep, a steady rhythm, a voice from far away. He forced his eyes open to find out where he was. But nothing happened; he was still surrounded by darkness. Okay, maybe it was in the middle of the night, he told himself. Maybe he was still asleep and dreaming. Another try, nothing. He moaned loudly, his throat felt sore.

Danny almost jumped out of his skin at the sound, put his cell phone aside and turned around.

“Steve, it’s me Danny. You’re in the hospital. Everything’s fine.”

No, nothing was fine. He felt no pain but this was because he was doped up with pain killers for sure.

“I … I … my eyes,” he croaked. He could hardly speak. His throat felt raw.

“Kono and Chin just left. They will be glad to hear you’re back.”

Steve tried again. “My eyes.”

Slowly he lifted his hand, wanting to touch his face.

Danny stopped him gently.

“It’s ok Steve, you’re eyes are covered with gauze pads. That’s why you can’t see. Do you remember the explosion?”

The explosion, the explosion, the explosion echoed in Steve’s head. And while Danny kept on talking Steve’s mind drifted away. Suddenly he found himself back on the street in front of the warehouse. Though he knew what was happening, he wasn’t able to move.

KA BOOM! He was blinded by the light and the detonation knocked him off his feet. And then blackness took him.

“…the doctor said it’ll take time,” his partner told him. But Steve was too tired to listen any longer. He fell in a deep, dreamless sleep.

Few days later

Steve sat upright in his bed. His eyes were still covered. He had suffered severe injuries from the explosion – and not only in the face. There were four broken ribs and his spleen had to be removed.

Danny and the others had paid him a visit, today, talking too loudly, too cheerfully, telling him how lucky he was to be alive. Yes, he was alive but at what cost? A few minutes ago, he had sent the Governor away. He wasn’t in the mood for small talk. He wasn’t in the mood for anything. A nurse had brought some food on a tray and from the sound of it had placed it in front of him.

Ever tried eating with your eyes closed? No, why should you? He barked a laugh. He felt despair and anger bubbling inside, gritted his teeth and clenched his right hand into a fist. He could do this. He was a SEAL, goddammit, he would deal with … whatever … when it was necessary. He drew a breath through his teeth and swallowed hard, tilting his head back.

“Excuse me, Sir!” a thin voice said.

He jerked his head around in the direction of the voice and snapped, “Who is it?”

“I … I’m Maggie. I heard you’re an ex-navy-seal? Never seen one before in real life, so is it true what they say?”

Steve calmed down a little. His visitor was obvious a kid. He lifted one side of his mouth in a lopsided attempt at a reassuring smile.

“Yes Maggie it’s true.”

He heard her coming closer to his bed.

A cold tiny hand touched his lower arm. It startled him.

“What happened to you, sir?”

He gave her a weak smile.

“You are a very curious little lady, aren’t you?”

She giggled, “Actually I’m eleven and I spend a lot of time here. See, I have leukemia. And there’s nothing much to do around here.”



Stay tuned for Part 4 next week


Story and fanart credit writingcreature



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  1. Net week? Something to look forward to!

  2. Next week?? arghhhh lol…i work at a hospital and have a nephew who’s in remission from neuroblastoma so that last part…right…in…the…feels…whew this is going to be a tear jerker isn’t it? Thanks writing creature for entertaining us as we wait for Season 8 to commence!

  3. I remember jack lord been blinded .I hope we see alex o’loughin episode here in England

    1. Yes good point and remember this one is just a fan fiction though and this is not a real episode. Thanks for reading.

  4. Next week is to long, lol I wish this were a book so I could continue. This is really good. Kodos writing creature I love it.

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