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Yes, we know it is Wednesday and we typically would have a fanart post today, but we decided to provide you the next part of the new fan fic we introduced yesterday instead. These fan fic stories also include some fanart so it seemed to fit. Our full fanart post will return next week but in the meantime if you have not started reading Blind Justice yet, you are missing out. You can catch the first part here.

If you have been reading you know the first part left Steve in a dire situation after reading a situation wrong. In the second part below, Steve is dealing with repercussions from that decision and is left fighting for his life. What went wrong and will Steve even make it long enough to make it to the hospital? What will the team and especially Danny do if they lose their fearless leader? Delve in below to find out.



Part 2


His team was still crouched behind a squad vehicle. There were huge orange flares as the windows exploded. A fiery cloud ripped the entire building apart from the inside, the bulk of the explosion shooting through the roof. The blast hurled them backward, showering them with debris and breathing a searing gust of air over them. Slowly they picked themselves up from the ground, coughing.

 Danny immediately yelled, “STEVE!”

The warehouse had disappeared; there was only smoke, fire, and a huge crater.

Steve lay on the ground in front of this disaster, motionless, face up and all bloody..

Hawaii Five 0 fan fiction fanart

“We need an ambulance, God dammit, somebody help us, please!” Danny desperately hollered out.

Minutes later, Steve was put on a stretcher and rushed into the ambulance. Danny was with him. Totally helpless, unable to think straight. He recalled the moment of the explosion again and again. One of the EMT techs started cataloguing Steve’s injuries while the other was monitoring his vital functions and trying to stabilize Steve. He indicated at the fixed and dilated pupils, fluctuating blood pressure and the heavily accelerated pulse.

Carefully, Danny covered Steve’s left hand with both of his, “You’re not going to die, hear me? You’re going to make it. Stay with me pal, stay with me, Goddammit!” His voice trailed off.

Hawaii Five 0 fan fiction fanart

Danny was running in circles in the waiting area. He’d been waiting for ages it seemed but it couldn’t be more than 10 minutes or so. Just as Chin and Kono arrived, he was losing it and grabbed the arm of a passing nurse.

“Excuse me, Steve McGarrett, where is he?”

“He’s with Dr. Anderson. Over there, but you can’t ..”

He was already gone.

Through the window in the ER door, he could see Steve’s still form.

A team of medical personnel surrounded the gurney. A nurse was cutting off the last of Steve’s clothes. He was intubated and an IV drip was in place.

Danny felt sick to the core. It was all so surreal. The man in there, couldn’t be Steve. It had to be a stranger. This person was badly burned, broken and so very damaged.

From afar, Danny heard someone barking orders.

A woman’s face appeared in front of him. “What the hell you’re doing in here?”

He let himself be led back to the waiting area where Chin was leaning against the wall talking to Kono. As soon as Danny appeared, both hurried over to him.

“How’s he?” Chin demanded and got a blank look as an answer. Kono turned to the nurse.

“Tell me he’ll live.”

The nurse gave her a professional smile, friendly, yet completely meaningless.

“We’re doing our best.” Then she turned away.

Chin looked at Danny, again.



“Are we losing him?”


“Are you sure?”

Danny remained silent.

No, he wasn’t sure at all. But he stubbornly clung to that no, because that was the only way this could end. There was simply no way Steve McGarrett could die on him. No way.


Stay tuned for Part 3 tomorrow


Story and fanart credit writingcreature

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  1. omg…the visuals really add to this story!! i hope Steve pulls through! And i love that Kono and Chin are still with us:)))))

  2. I love this, it so good and I am totally into this story! ??

    1. Glad you are enjoying it!

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